Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Koch Brothers Talk Back

Isn't it a shame the way the wonderful Koch Brothers are constantly slammed in the liberal media? After all, they're just a pair of ordinary American billionaires, sons of a wealthy man who helped fund the John Birch Society. All they want is to enjoy their money, pay no taxes, destroy the environment, and have everybody tip their hats and say, "Love you, master," and step into the gutter when they pass on the sidewalk. Considering what wonderful patriots these gentlemen are -- I can find no evidence that either one served in America's military even though the draft was in full swing when they turned 18, so they didn't need to serve their country to prove their patriotism, oh no no no -- it is shocking to see how many Americans are down on them. But don't despair, Koch lovers! They have their own website,, where they castigate the poor souls (often leftist scum journalists) who don't give the wonderful Koches their due in modern America! Heil David Koch! Heil Charles Koch! Long may they wave!

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