Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Shawn Tyson sentenced to life in prison for murders of 2 British tourists in Sarasota

This is a case that's gotten much news exposure here in the part of Florida S. of Tampa Bay, and is often used as an example by white racists of how unfair life is to them, considering that their darling George Zimmerman is being castigated for killing a black person, how dare the liberal media and the ni***r African Muslim President stick up for the dead one, who deserved to die. Not because he was black, but because.... Argh!

Anyway, this case, where a black teenage idiot shot two British tourists is different because the police actually investigated the murder, arrested the murderer, and he was prosecuted and found guilty. Young Shawn should have claimed he was an informal neighborhood watch dude and saw two drunk strangers, right? And that he stood his ground and shot them because they were scary, which is just fine under Florida law.
Read the Sarasota Herald  Tribune story about Shawn Tyson.

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