Saturday, April 14, 2012

How George Zimmerman Made Florida Look Like a Bad Place to Live

It's sad that the Sanford Police and the local State's Attorney didn't investigate this murder until the RevAl and Jesse circus came to town. If the police and prosecutors had done their jobs, this would have been an inside-the-paper local story, period. But no. They carried on a Sanford tradition of ignoring crimes, up to and including murders, by whites against blacks.
I know, the blacks are all racists etc. etc., but somehow the loser black kid (and he was WAY more of a loser than Trayvon) in Sarasota who killed two British tourists got arrested, tried, and put away for life, even though he could have said, correctly, that the Brits didn't belong in his neighborhood. 

The thing is, people in the rest of the world are starting to think Florida is even ditizier and more dangerous than it was during Miami Vice days. Since Zimmerman and a whole bunch of tightie whities who support him claim he didn't shoot Trayvon because he was black, that means we are all in danger from people like him if they decide they don't like our looks or our clothing. And if we wander into the wrong neighborhood in a sleepy town like Sarasota, we risk a local thug shooting us. 
Knowing about these crimes, would YOU visit Florida? Or move here or retire here? A lot of people are asking themselves that question and answering "No."
Part of the reason for that negative image of Florida is the horrifying amount of racism shown by posters on the Bradenton Herald website and other news sites around the state. If I had known there were so many behind-the-times people in this state, I would not have moved here. 
I suspect that a lot of people are looking at recent crime news coming out of this state and are thinking that if they want to retire someplace low-cost and low-key, maybe they should give up on Florida and check out New Mexico instead. Pleasant climate, low cost of living, and if your hands or wrists are hurting, you can legally smoke a joint before bedtime to help you get to sleep.
Sounds nice, doesn't it? :)

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