Sunday, April 8, 2012

I Am a Socialist

I am typing this on my laptop computer while a video renders on my high-powered (water-cooled no less) video production computer. These are *my* computers and I use them to earn money. I also own several video cameras, a bunch of sound equipment, a car I use to drive to video shoots, and a bunch of other assorted tools of my trade, which is telling stories as text and as moving pictures.

Socialism is an economic system were the workers own the means of production. I own my means of production.

Ergo, I am a socialist.

Republicans do not like this. They want workers to kowtow to richies who own everything. They're even trying to get rid of the mortgage interest deduction so it is harder for us to buy our own homes instead of renting from them. Those Republicans are sad people, aren't they?

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