Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A note for expatriate Cubans who hate Fidel Castro

A note for expatriate Cubans who hate Fidel Castro: revolutions don't happen because a majority of a country's people don't feel they're oppressed enough. It's quite the opposite. If you had treated the workers decently instead of being Batista's tools, Cuba would be a free country today.

Republicans and Teapers: Take note of this. Socialist revolutions (or revolutions that claim to be socialist) only happen where people like you create a society unjust enough that its citizens are willing to risk death to overthrow it. Look at Venezuela. Life there before Chavez was wonderful for Venezuelan richies, but lousy for most average people. That's what gives a Chevez an opening, like it or not. 
Those of you who want to have a perfect libertarian state with not a dime of your "treasure" ever going to a person less fortunate than yourself are fomenting revolution. What you dearly want in our poor country will, if enacted, create a major positive feedback loop http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/P...   
Is that what you really want, along with the dictator (either left wing or right wing) whose rule will inevitably result from your actions?

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  1. But today workers in socialist Cuba are in a far worse situations than those in Batista times, and we still don't see another revolution.