Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tariffs Were Good for our Founding Fathers...

...and they're good enough for me!

I believe we should once again levy tariffs on all imported goods and services. 20% - 25% should be the minimum, on imports from our "most favored nation" trading partners. 
 I know, I know - this is against the libertarian ethos, as are taxes and being kind to neighbors who have less than you do.   

Suck it, libbies. Our purpose in life is *not* to enrich Austrian vons. Well... maybe *yours* is, but the rest of us find it silly to take economic guidance from central European noblemen who wanted to STAY noble, even if their titles had been deprecated.  Tariffs not only encourage American-based manufacturing and service businesses, but help make up for tax revenue not paid to our local, state, and federal governments when we shop at Great Wal of China Mart and buy items from overseas.  If we do this, many countries will call us imperialists and some will drag our flag in the dust during hateful street demonstrations where they call us "The Great Satan."   They do that already, so what's the difference?  America for Americans! Let's do what's right for *our* country. For a change.

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