Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Beyond the Occupy Movement, There Will be Violence

Right now we have the Occupy pseudo-hippies, full of idealism and nonviolence and doing those stupid "mic checks," which is a bunch of crap. If you ask me, if you want to be in the Rainbow Family (which is like an older, hipper, less commercial, more open and more fun version of Burning Man, and has lots of small, regional weekend-type gatherings in addition to big ones) you should go to a Rainbow gathering and get naked and find someone who wants to make love with you or get stoned or both. You want to truly change America, you need to be way more hard core than that.

So the Occupy stuff is kind of dying away and the RRRs (Reactionary Republican Rat-bastards) seem to think they're winning, nyuck nyuck nyuck, and they're wrong, because every year a few more older guys realize that it's the Republicans they, themselves, voted into office who are screwing them over and making it legal, through "deregulation," for their bosses to move jobs to China and for the banks to take their houses while doctors and hospitals dun them for medical bills they run up because without jobs they have no medical insurance and no money.       

When *these* guys get seriously riled, you want to pay attention. These are the people who have rifles in their closets that can take a deer -- or you -- down at 100, 200, 300 yards. Or, if they don't have one, they can buy it for around $400, or if they're in an urban setting they might get a pistol-caliber carbine instead, and still be deadly out to 100 yards and have something they can carry in a suitcase or even a laptop bag, since some of that class of rifle can fold down to only 16" or 18" long. 

Suddenly, if you are an RRR you can't ignore the 99%, because these post-Occupy protesters can kill you. Or kidnap your family members for ransom. Or cart off all the good stuff from your house while you're at work, and since these will be older, often white men who aren't what cops are programmed to look for, who know how to drive trucks, who own suits, and who generally can blend in where there's money. So they'll get away with it. 

And they own guns and have often had military training and practice, and even without that, they go to gun ranges and practice, something your drug-fueled criminal doesn't do. 

Some blue-collar guy up in Michigan or Indiana or some other rust belt state will start it off. He's been out of work for a couple of years, he's lost his house, his wife has left him, and he'll only have half a tank in his Ford pickup when he takes down a few Republican politicians or richies. Then he'll probably get caught, and his defense attorney will explain why his client did what he did. Who knows? The lawyer might even talk about Castle Doctrines and Stand Your Ground laws, because our (anti)hero is shooting people who have demonstrably ruined his life.  

Then someone else will do the same thing. And another, and another, and before you know it, it'll be a movement. 

There can be sex in the story, because lots of women have been laid off and have no money and might like a little adventure, too.

The thing is, if you put a lot of Americans into situations where they have nothing to lose, and all they see in front of them is poverty and death, why *shouldn't* they take direct action against the people who have ruined their lives.

DIRECT ACTION is the book title. You just read the summary. This is *fiction*, people, just like Bobcat's movie. Do not try this at home. Firearms are dangerous and should not be handled without proper instruction, and if you kill members of the 1% you *will* be hunted down and killed or imprisoned.  

Yes, I know execs at BP and other companies have skated safety regs to increase their profits, and have killed dozens of us without getting arrested or punished. But let one of us raise a hand against any of them, and...

When you see the book, around this time next year, please buy it. Thank you. 

This essay started as a response to Bobcat Goldthwait: Let’s kill all the mean people!

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