Friday, May 11, 2012

Watching Netflix Commit Suicide

Netflix is dying a slow, painful death. 

A few years ago, Netflix was a great source for little-known, quirky movies, and had an extensive inventory of both new and old major films. Today? I search for this one and that one, and come up blank. Gran Torino? No got -- and that's strange, because I watched Gran Torino originally on a Netflix DVD. Or maybe it was streamed. Either way, Netflix had it.

Bobcat Goldthwait's "God Bless America?" I may be jumping the gun on this one. It's still on pay per view (and, if you are not a Good American, on many torrent servers).  

New movies, old movies. Redbox has many new ones and none of the old ones. 

Netflix used to tease us with a "That one's only on DVD, nyah, nyah, nyah" notice on a lot of movies. Now they don't even bother to do that. All they give us nowadays is a list of irrelevant titles, often old TV series, instead of what we want. Look for Clint Eastwood's "Bronco Billy" and you get recommendations for kids. movies Beethoven's Big Break  and Bo on the Go

And the fabled Netflix recommendation software? They seem to have stopped using it, because their recommendations are way worse than they used to be. 

Maybe we'll try Amazon's movie service or even (shudder) Blockbuster's, although the time when we returned DVDs to Blockbuster and they charged us for them is still in our memories, so maybe not Blockbuster. 

Oh, well. It was nice to know you, Netflix. Sorry to see you go. 


  1. Sounds like an UI problem. Are you searching through the Wii or other streaming app, or have you cancelled the DVD portion of your account? I see all those movies when searching on the website.

  2. I search through the Netflix website. We canceled the DVD portion of the account when they wanted another $8/month for it. Still, until about two weeks ago, if something was only available on DVD they told us it was there and tried an upsell. Now I have no evidence that Netflix still carries many movies I want in any format. So if they still have those movies they sure aren't telling us...