Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Expats Helping Thai Kids -- By Paying for Toilets

This is one of those crazy rich/poor divides in our world. If you're reading this on a computer, chances are you have a toilet and really don't think about it. To you, a toilet is taken for granted. A nice, modern porcelain toilet that flushes when you want it to and never (or hardly ever) clogs. Now look at the picture to the left of these words. That's a toilet structure for a school in Thailand that is shared by 200 students, and is far enough away from the school building that in rainy weather (at least half the time) the kids get soaked running to or from it. What's really amazing, though, is just how little money it takes, by American standards, to build six sanitary modern toilets for the Bahn Bonsaharastutis school. Think $3226 US, more or less. And all that's missing at this point is just over $1600. But I'm going to shut up now. Learn the rest from my brother Greg, who lives with his (Thai) wife Teena in Chiang Mai, and is the one spearheading this fund drive on his blog...

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