Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Good All-Around Vacuum for $20.

$20 Dirt Devil Versa
Clean Stick Vac
This is a Dirt Devil vacuum. It comes in several colors. Ours is red. You can use it as a hand vac, upright floor vac, for keyboard or ceiling fan cleaning, even for vacuuming a husband's t-shirt after trimming his hair and beard. 

We had one of these that my wife said got something in it that made it smell bad, so she got a new one when her attempts to clean the smell away failed. 

Terri the Terrorist
Terrier sheds. A lot. 

The thing only cost $20 at Target. It's great for for picking up dog hair on either hard floors or our little bit of outdoor-type thin carpet. I have no idea if it would be good on thick carpet. But hey. $20. Not overly loud, does all we need, seems as durable as the $100+ vacuums we've had in the recent past.

It's not as durable as the indestructible Hoovers, Electroluxes, and Kirbys  moms had, that weighed about 300 pounds, cost a month's salary, and sounded like they could propel your house into orbit. But plenty good for people like us -- and probably even for a house with children. And, as I said, good enough for picking up lots of dog hair. W00F!  

(This is an unpaid endorsement. We have one of these and like it.)

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