Thursday, August 23, 2012

Maybe Hurricane Isaac's Coming. And Maybe Not.

Our local newsers are all in full-throated weather cry: "Hurricane Isaac's coming! A hurricane is coming! Keep your TV on every second of the day and night! We have the latest hurricane news!" My, my. Isn't that special. Hurricane Isaac's tracking a little more WEST than it was a few hours ago. Republicans, who are about to convene in Tampa, are nearly as scared of Hurricane Isaac as they are of George Soros. And for all I know, they're blaming hurricane Isaac on Obama. Indeed, I'd be surprised if they weren't. :)

And the Democrats are worrying about this here hurricane messing them up in Charlotte, too, which it just might. I gotta say, if I was the weather god in charge of this part of the Earth, I'd have my hurricane mess up both groups just for a laugh. Yeah!

But seriously, folks, neither the "official" suncoast weather station nor the one with the country music weatherman have any more of an idea where this hurricane's going to hit than you do. We need to wait and see what happens when it hits Cuba, which will be sometime Saturday. Until then, all local (Tampa/Sarasota) hurricane predictions are meaningless. The news crowd will stay breathless and hope to have a record audience anyway. 


I'm happy for them. But I won't go into a flurry of hurricane prep until Sunday or Monday, assuming hurricane preparation is warranted at all.

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