Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Democracy, The God That Failed

 If American working people demand a living wage, the richies will move jobs offshore. But if working people don't get a living wage, they can't buy anything made by companies the richies own or control, which will also make the richies mad.
Boo, American working people!
And boo, Democrats. The tea party is the only way to go. I know this because saying good things about the teapers and the Republican Party they now control make the Bradenton Herald unlikely to remove a comment. 
Meanwhile, you silly working people... even if you're retired now you are no good. And that silly Democracy and representative government thing? Not good. A prominent Austrian School guy -- I'm talking about the same Austrian School of Economics that Ryan, Fox screamers, and even some of the more literate tea party people hold dear -- wrote a book titled Introduction to Democracy, The God That Failed.
Yes, I'm talking about Hans-Hermann Hoppe. He's not as well-known as von Haystack or von Misery, but he hates people who do useful work at least as much as they ever have, which makes him at least as pure.  
Note the publication date of said book: 2001. It took a while for its wisdom to be translated into English and for it to become known in non-academic America.
Boo, Democrats. Boo, working people. And working-class retirees. Yay, teapartarians! And yay to the vons and other lords to whom we should turn in our time of need instead of counting noses to select our leaders.

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