Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Online Coupons: You Always Win at This Game

I was about to buy some RAM. Nothing fancy, just 8GB of DDR3 for a common-as mud HP desktop. My wife asked, “Have you looked for coupons?” I had not. So she did. And she found several paste-in-the-code “online coupons” that cut the cost of my RAM in half. We’re talking major brand goodies here, from a “world famous” retailer, complete with full warranty. I had to try three different coupon offers before I found one whose code worked. So what? I saved $25 in return for about three minutes of searching anjd pasting. You, too, can do this on all kind of parts and peripherals, sometimes even on complete laptops and desktops. The amount of money you can save is crazy — to the point where is no excuse for not couponing online. READ THE REST... 

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