Wednesday, December 26, 2012

If MySQL falters, what do you replace it with?

The MySQL relational database serves as a back end for millions of websites, and powers millions of non-Internet data-handling applications. In 2009 ownership of MySQL passed to Oracle when it bought Sun, which had acquired MySQL the previous year. Since then developers and IT managers have worried that Oracle would someday cease support for MySQL because it competes with the company's profitable proprietary database products. This fear may be justified. In August, Alex Williams wrote at TechCrunch, "Oracle is holding back test cases in the latest release of MySQL. It’s a move that has all the markings of the company’s continued efforts to further close up the open source software and alienate the MySQL developer community." We tried to get Oracle to rebut that accusation, but multiple emails and phone calls did not get a response. Does this mean it's time to move from MySQL to another open source database – and if so, which one? READ THE REST

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