Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Nine Free and Easy Ways to Look Your Best in a Video Interview or Chat

I do a fair number of remote video interviews (like this one) these days. They’re getting to be rather common. One day you’ll be called on for a video interview. Or you’ll just decide you want to look your best in a video chat session or simple “talking head” video production. Assuming you already have a webcam and microphone, whether they’re built into a laptop or clipped to the top of a monitor, you already have the equipment you need. Now what you need are these simple tricks that will make you look your best, even over a not-so-good Internet chat connection. READ THE REST...

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  1. I'm debating whether I should buy that external webcam to replace my current webcam that's on my acer aspire v3 772g. The quality itself is already good but would it make a noticeable difference in terms of price Robin?

    What are your personal experiences with the logitech? Any one you would suggest? My budget is $70 for youtube open box reviews.