Monday, February 4, 2013

Cut Big Data Down to Small Data and Save Big Bucks

A visualization created by IBM of Wikipedia edits.
At multiple terabytes in size, the text and images
of Wikipedia are a classic example of big data.
Big Data was one of the buzziest buzzwords of 2012, and is buzzing only a little less in 2013. An awful lot of money is being flung at Big Data. That's nice for companies that have an unlimited supply of cash, which yours probably does not. Let's face it: Big Data is useful if you're trying to determine what happened to the universe 17 milliseconds after the Big Bang. Big Data is useful in a business sense for Wal~Mart, which handles over one million customer transactions per hour. Big Data is also fine for the U.S. government, which owns six of the world's 10 biggest supercomputers. Now let's look at your business. How many supercomputers do you own? Probably none. So instead of seeing how Big your Data can be, you are probably better off cutting your data down to size. Let's look at some ways of doing that -- and how you'll save a Big Bunch of Bucks in the process.

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