Saturday, March 9, 2013

Here's what the GOP needs to do to join the 21st Century

 1) Replace Romneycare with a single-payer health system modeled on the VA, with plenty of allowance for private medical care since not all doctors or patients will want to use that system.

2) Tax unearned income at a higher rate than income earned from Real Work.

3) Figure out how to support people whose jobs are going away because of outsourcing and automation.

4) Raise the minimum wage.

5) Agitate for better DoD shopping; lower procurement costs. (Talk about waste! Oy!)

6) Basically, when it comes to a choice between curing a sick kid and putting more money in a rich man's pocket, come down on the kid's side, not the rich man's.
Don't do these things, GOP, and you're telling Americans that you are not interested in us. And if you're not interested in us, why should we be interested in you?