Saturday, March 9, 2013

Here's what the GOP needs to do to join the 21st Century

 1) Replace Romneycare with a single-payer health system modeled on the VA, with plenty of allowance for private medical care since not all doctors or patients will want to use that system.

2) Tax unearned income at a higher rate than income earned from Real Work.

3) Figure out how to support people whose jobs are going away because of outsourcing and automation.

4) Raise the minimum wage.

5) Agitate for better DoD shopping; lower procurement costs. (Talk about waste! Oy!)

6) Basically, when it comes to a choice between curing a sick kid and putting more money in a rich man's pocket, come down on the kid's side, not the rich man's.
Don't do these things, GOP, and you're telling Americans that you are not interested in us. And if you're not interested in us, why should we be interested in you?

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  1. I am not a GOP supporter (nor a Democrat supporter), but most people, including me, strongly disagree with what you say must be done to demonstrate a party is interested in the people. Obamacare is proving already to be a disaster, raising medical and health insurance costs, and costing many people their jobs. Most people would not be satisfied with a VA medical type system (including me, and I have spent many years dealing with this system). I think medical care from the VA is generally dreadful in comparison to private medical care. What government does, it usually screws up. Take, for instance, the situation in the UK: their system, which served to some degree as a model for the Democrat medical control system (Obamacare) is literally falling apart. Check out this new article:
    Push for better DoD buying? We should slash their budgets. We need to re-define what defense means. It means defending America against invaders, not placing well over 1000 military basis throughout the world, intruding on sovereignty and starting useless expensive wars that usually get screwed up. Besides our invasion of Granada some thirty years ago, what war has the US won since WWII? Zip, but we managed to screw up a lot of countries and kill huge numbers of civilians (and we're still doing it).
    Raise the minimum wage? Why not just pay everybody in the country twenty bucks an hour. Looking past the little band aid making some people happy for a short time, legislating wages only lowers the value of the dollar and increase costs. And then there will be more unemployment. That is a spiral that will not end. We need to end all government controls on wages and let the market provide. It will.
    We are seeing the emergence of a new way of thinking based on the Austrian School of Economics (Mises) that provides people with greater freedom and less government. Many of those supporting this school of thought are still in the GOP, but only because there is no good alternative. The Democrat party should be renamed the Socialist Party, which more clearly defines them.