Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Is the American Dream Over?

When I was a child my father worked and my mother only worked part-time. Her real occupation was being a housewife. A real one. In Orange County, no less. This was normal back then.

Dad worked. Mom was in the PTA and volunteered and organized things. So we had an organized society with neighborhood parties and dances and such. It was very nice.

 We went to the beach (15 miles away) a lot. There was always a Mom and a station wagon that would take you, and my neighborhood tended to go to 16th St. in Newport Beach, so if you missed the Mom who brought you, you could usually find another one from near your house to take you home, and if you didn't find any neighborhood moms you could call home using things we used to have called pay phones, and sooner or later a station wagon would be dispatched to come get you.

 Realize: the house and the station wagon and another car were all bought on one Dad salary. It would often stretch to a boat or airplane, too.

Nowadays? Both adults work and everyone is miserable.

 The American dream? It's right out there with the flying cars, which we were all going to have someday, and our $5 Pan American reservations on Moon flights. My dad got me one so that I could go. He figured he'd be too old; that he was lucky to have gone from a ride in a barnstorming biplane in Ohio to witnessing the ribbon-cutting at the San Onofre nuclear power plant and becoming a licensed pilot himself.

And ham radio. He was big on ham radio.

 There are a lot of things today that are better than they were then, but a lot are not, and my children have life harder than I did when I was young.

Our damn government is now owned by rich people who live someplace else, not by us, and they run the country to make it better for themselves and worse for us, because we are "the help" in their eyes; an expense, not an asset.

 Even Richard Nixon was more on our side than the current crop of politicians.

 My older brother moved to Thailand a few years ago. He says it's more optimistic there. I don't doubt it.

The USA has the same natural resources we had 50 years ago, and our people aren't dumber, but we have let the richies have all the money, and the rest of us seem to have a little less money and a little less power every year.

 It's sad, isn't it?