Friday, February 21, 2014

Operating Systems Get Less Important Every Day

Last month I posted this article: Cross-Platform Applications Save Time, Therefore Money. This month, let’s ask a related question: “If we use the same programs in all the operating systems we own, does it still matter which operating system we use?” My answer: “Your operating system choice matters less every day.”

I’ve read article after article that said you needed Windows if you wanted to run Microsoft Office. This is no longer true. Microsoft now touts “Office when and where you need it” via, which I’ve tested successfully in Chrome and Firefox browsers, in Linux, Windows, Android, and Mac. So if I ever decide to stop using Google OfficeOpenOffice or LibreOffice, it won’t be a major task for me to switch to Microsoft Office. It won’t even be expensive: Microsoft Office online costs nothing. That’s right. It’s as free as Google Office, OpenOffice or LibreOffice for individual users. 

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