Tuesday, October 27, 2015

A practical bike helmet visor for less than $8

Yes, it can be done. It's easy. All you need is a "sports visor" with a fairly wide built-in headband that uses velcro to adjust it for different head sizes. And some velcro-type material that's "hook" on one side and "eye" on the other, which should cost you $2 at most & is available at most hobby and fabric stores.

And, of course, your helmet:

 This is how we want our  finished helmet + visor to look.

Front view with the visor attached

This is how we adjust the visor to fit the helmet -- and this is where our additional velcro comes into play. We attach the velcro to the visor's built-in velcro (at both ends). And there you are, probably after a little fiddling around to get it to fit just right.

Another possibility is to use the velcro-type material 

(which probably is *not* real Velcro but an imitation) and some fabric glue to fasten the velcro to the helmet and the visor's headband. Once again, some fiddling around is likely needed to get everything in the right place -- which for this visor and most popular helmets is on the sides of the helmet.

Another alternative: Spend $35 or more for a spiffy, premade visor setup from DaBrim or a similar supplier. 

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