Saturday, October 3, 2015

My recumbent trike "tools, gear, and stuff" bag

I see specialty bike-stuff bags for $50 up into the $100s. Um.... yeah. I have this one hung on the horizontal bar and velcro straps on the back of my mesh seat. Fits nicely, looks like it belongs -- and was only $16 from Amazon. It's rugged, too. The "weight weenies" might complain that this weighs a whole 13 oz. empty and a couple of pounds when it's loaded with a spare tube, a patch kit, a CO2 inflator, a "backup" pump, basic road tools and parts, and some low-sugar (diabetes guy) healthy snacks.

There are a million ways to carry things on your bike or trike -- and a lot of the best and most cost-effective ones don't say "bike" or "trike" on them at the store.  

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