Monday, February 22, 2016

Every recumbent Trike Needs a Walking Cane

Maybe not every one, but mine does. I recently spent a couple of weeks in Manatee Memorial Hospital after a bit of congestive heart failure (which is what killed James Brown and damn near got me). They didn't exactly release me, either. It was more of  medical parole. They wanted to send me to a rehab joint, but I whined that I wouldn't have the equipment there I needed to do video work, and I'd sleep better in my own bed, and so on, until we came to a compromise: I could go home, but they'd send a nurse and a home health care worker over twice a week to make sure I wasn't driving, was doing my physical therapy (but not too much of it), and generally being a Good Little Patient. They even gave me a walker so I could limp around like an invalid. Which... hmm... I guess I am.

I still have my recumbent trike, though, and while I hardly have any balance it doesn't take any to ride -- until I get someplace where I might want to dismount and walk around, for which I need at least a cane, which I had slung on the rear cargo rack, a totally inconvenient location. It was the (bike-riding) physical therapist who suggested the side-of-the-mesh-seat mounting point. It's working out really well, Cheryl. Thank you!

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