Monday, April 16, 2018

Scrolling and Attention (in the Web design sense)

I am a devotee of the Neilsen-Norman Group (think Jakob Neilsen) and their Alertbox newsletter that talks about usability. This is an article from Alertbox.

Summary: People scroll vertically more than they used to, but new eyetracking data shows that they will still look more above the page fold than below it.

People’s behaviors are fairly stable and usability guidelines rarely change over time. But one user behavior that did change since the early days of the web is the tendency to scroll. In the beginning, users rarely scrolled vertically; but by 1997, as long pages became common, most people learned to scroll. However, the information above the fold still received most attention: even as recently as 2010, our eyetracking studies showed that 80% of users’ viewing time was spent above the fold.

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