12 Gorgeous Cedar Patio Covers That Will Absolutely Inspire You

12 Gorgeous Cedar Patio Covers

Installing a cedar patio cover is a beneficial thing to do. Here are a number of benefits you can get by doing so.

a. Better Insulation

A cedar patio cover is a naturally very insulation. It’s known to be able to provide better insulation than covers made of other materials.

b. Great Resistance to the Weathers

It’s quite widely known that cedar patio covers can resist strong winds. They can also resist heavy weather,s hail, snowstorms, and heavy rain. They’re very solid patio covers.

c. Longevity

A cedar patio cover can last very long if installed and maintained properly. It can be expected to last for even 30 years. It can even last longer if the area it’s used in has the right conditions.

Note that this kind of patio cover is known to last 10 longer than roofs made of common materials. Anyways, it’s a really long-lasting patio cover.

d. Tremendous Natural Strength

Since cedar has a reputation for being very flexible and strong, a cedar patio cover offers tremendous natural strength to homeowners. The durability of this kind of cover can increase the strength of a patio’s roof structure.

e. Natural Charm and Resistance to Various Damages

The natural charm of a cedar patio cover can add a nice rustic look to a patio. Additionally, it resists UV damage and bugs very well. It naturally resists rot and moisture as well. All these things make it an appropriate cover for a constantly exposed patio.

The aforementioned benefits are really alluring.

Below are some patio cover designs you can check out. These designs may inspire you to design and install your own cedar patio cover.

1. Medium Brown Stained Cedar Patio Cover Looks Classy, Hovering Over a Traditional Outdoor Space

medium brown stained cedar patio cover looks classy, hovering over a traditional outdoor space
medium brown stained cedar patio cover looks classy, hovering over a traditional outdoor space. image © weiszselection.com

This stained cedar patio cover is supported by pillars of Oklahoma Stone. The combination of stone and wood gives the patio a very traditional look. The natural materials don’t let the space lose its traditional charm.

The cedar patio cover is quite large in size. It hovers over the traditional patio. The dimension of the overhead structure is 23′ X 23′, making it looks majestic.

The leuders limestone countertops that accompany the cedar patio cover with stone pillars add elegance to the space. They’re not too flashy. However, they exude elegance and class. It really increases the value of the patio.

Made of cedar, the patio cover itself is rather dark in color. It was stained using a medium brown color from Ready Seal. The color is now called pecan, though.

The medium brown color of the cedar patio cover makes the structure look strong and reliable. Its solid and earth-like color makes it look very natural and makes a statement that the patio is indeed a traditional gathering area.

The deep and relaxing hue of the medium brown cedar patio cover creates a pleasant atmosphere on the patio. It makes it feel lovely to spend time in the covered outdoor area.

2. A Gable-style Cedar Patio Cover for a Craftsman Property

a gable-style cedar patio cover for a craftsman property
a gable-style cedar patio cover for a craftsman property. image © timberlinepatiocovers.com

Beautiful is a word that can describe this gable-style cedar patio cover very well. It exudes the natural beauty that cedar has. The design is actually quite simple. The simplicity suits the craftsman style of the home.

The craftsman style is one that’s associated with clean angles and simple lines, after all. The cedar-wrapped beams and posts at this patio represent this concept flawlessly. Their big sizes make it very visible and commanding.

The cedar patio cover is a perfect addition to the craftsman’s home for another reason. The craftsman style is for celebrating natural beauty, after all. Thus, its design roots in anything natural, including wood.

A cedar patio cover is perfect for a home in this style. In the case of this patio, it’s great that the cedar cover is so beautiful. It doesn’t just suit the property but also makes it look appealing.

Interestingly, this cedar patio cover has heaters as well. The heaters are from Infratech. These heaters make gathering and having fun on the patio feel even better.

The way this cedar patio cover contrasts against the green plants and the home’s main siding makes it pleasantly visible. It makes it a fitting and exciting addition to the craftsman’s house.

3. A Solid Tongue and Groove Cedar Patio Cover Brightens a Craftsman’s Exterior

a solid tongue and groove cedar patio cover brightens a craftsman's exterior
a solid tongue and groove cedar patio cover brightens a craftsman’s exterior. image © marksbuilders.com

This cedar patio cover pops heavily against the dark grey wall behind. It’s because it has a quite bright natural wood color. Its bright color brightens the craftsman’s exterior effectively.

The cedar patio cover is an almost all-cedar one. After all, even the supporting pillars are cedar as well. The presence of cedar is really strong on this patio.

The bright color of the cedar patio cover brings cheerfulness to the vicinity. The atmosphere of the patio is light, thanks to this cover. It helps make it feel more fun to spend leisure time on the patio.

The tongue and groove system used to keep the cover together makes it really solid. This system ensures a simpler installation. However, it helps create a beautiful, natural-looking ceiling.

Simple yet visually appealing, this tongue and groove cedar patio cover adds interest and dimension to the patio. At the very least, it improves the appearance of the backyard patio.

The recessed can light installed on the ceiling help highlight the beauty of the cedar cover at night. This cedar patio cover is very solid. On top of that, it always looks great, whether during the day or after the night falls.

4. A Cedar Shake Roof Covering a Traditional Patio

a cedar shake roof covering a traditional patio
a cedar shake roof covering a traditional patio. image © periodarchitectureltd.com

With a dimension of about 24′ x 15′, this patio offers quite a lot of covered space for the homeowners to take shades.

This dimension suits a mid-sized backyard patio like this one. It creates ample space just right for happily hanging around with closed ones.

The simple, traditional design of the patio cover creates a lovely traditional look at the covered patio. The flagstone slabs covering the patio ground also help achieve the traditional look.

All these things give the mid-sized backyard patio a timeless look.

This patio’s roof is formed using cedar shakes. The cedar shakes protect a vaulted ceiling with painted beaded boards. These shakes can withstand sunlight quite effectively.

Excellent is the fact cedar has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. When used on the roof like this, it won’t let fungi grow and get dirty easily. You can use it without doing any treatments on it.

Even if you leave your cedar patio roof untreated, you don’t need to worry about excess cracking. It’s a solid material. Excess rotting and warping won’t be a problem as well.

If untreated, a cedar patio cover can weather, though. It’s not always a problem, of course.

At this patio, the cedar roof is a naturally weathering one. It gives a nice weathered look that suits the traditional style of the main home.

5. A Red Cedar Patio Cover Gives an Outdoor Space a Much-needed Rustic Look

a red cedar patio cover gives an outdoor space a much-needed rustic look
a red cedar patio cover gives an outdoor space a much-needed rustic look. image © texasbestfence.com

A rustic look is what this red cedar patio cover gives to the patio. It’s because the patio cover looks very raw. Actually, it was pre-stained using the Wood Defender Leatherwood transparent stain by Standard Paints.

When a transparent stain is used, it means that the stain can highlight the cedar’s grain. It can take advantage of the positive characteristics of the wood. Thus, the wood can show its natural beauty to beholding eyes.

The stain allows this cedar patio cover to retain its raw looks. That’s why it can give the patio the much-needed rustic look.

This kind of stain is popularly used to amplify the existing beauty of cedar. This cedar patio cover gets that benefit.

The material used to build this patio cover is western red cedar. It’s one of the most stable and durable woods the market offers. It has excellent resistance to cupping, shrinking, and warping.

It’s good that this red cedar patio cover is pre-stained. However, even if there were no layers of protective coating on it, it would still be exceptionally durable. It’s thanks to the natural chemicals contained in it.

At this patio, the red cedar patio cover helps form a gable roof. The design complements the rustic style of the patio. Thanks to the cedar cover, the patio gets its rustic appearance.

6. A Bright Cedar Patio Cover Contrasts Gorgeously Against The Grey Exterior

a bright cedar patio cover contrasts gorgeously against the grey exterior
a bright cedar patio cover contrasts gorgeously against the grey exterior. image © timberlinepatiocovers.com

Brown and grey form a natural pairing that always looks good. It’s a tested pairing that doesn’t disappoint in most cases. In the case of this patio, the combination works beautifully.

The big cedar soffit and the sleek cedar ceiling that forms this patio’s cover are just beautiful.

How the pillars and the privacy fence are also cedar means the beauty extends to other parts of the patio. It’s not just the cover that makes this patio look great.

The color of this cedar patio cover is very bright. It’s hard to ignore the wooden patio cover’s gorgeous shine. The natural appearance of this cover really adds aesthetics to the patio.

The wooden furniture used on the patio resonates well with the huge cedar cover. Together, they add gorgeous sparks to the covered gathering space. The pleasant scent of wood must be abundant on this patio.

The way the bright cedar patio cover contrasts against the grey exterior is just gorgeous. The bright color of the patio cover pops in front of the pale color of the exterior.

The grey exterior helps the appealing cedar patio cover boast its natural beauty for everyone to see.

7. A Raw Cedar Patio Cover Exudes the Natural Beauty of Wood

a raw cedar patio cover exudes the natural beauty of wood
a raw cedar patio cover exudes the natural beauty of wood. image © texasdecks.com

A raw cedar cover is always an excellent addition to any patios. It’s even better if it’s paired with a brick exterior. Raw wood and bricks pair together like black and white do.

The bright-colored cedar patio cover extends almost all the way to the floor. It’s thanks to the cedar pillars that support it. The uniformed look of the cover and pillars become a bright and beautiful addition to the patio.

The stone extensions of the pillars look quite similar to the brick wall of the main home. They create a coherent look at the patio. The bright color of the cedar is a perfect pair with the red bricks.

Red looks very pretty next to brighter brown shades. This is what happens on this patio. The vibrancy of the red bricks helps bring out the bright brown cedar’s undertones. As a result, this patio doesn’t look neutral at all.

The combo of red bricks and bright cedar patio cover make the patio full of character. It helps that the bright cedar cover is put at the forefront and lets it exude the natural beauty of wood.

8. A Soft-colored Cedar Patio Cover for an Unflashy yet Elegant Gathering Area

a soft-colored cedar patio cover for an unflashy yet elegant gathering area
a soft-colored cedar patio cover for an unflashy yet elegant gathering area. image © execdevelopers.com

This soft-colored cedar patio cover is definitely unflashy. Still, its dimmed beauty makes the patio look pretty. They say that salvaged wood can add elegant looks to exteriors.

Although it isn’t clear whether this cedar is salvaged or not, the same effect seems to exist here.

The very raw look of the cedar cover brings elegance to the patio. The wood’s soft color and the well-built structure give the patio a classy look.

The grey roof and siding further help the patio obtain its elegant look. Grey has long been known as a color that exudes elegance. The grey stacked stone base pillars create the same effect.

Although simple, this stamped concrete patio never looks dull. Despite its unflashy look, the cedar patio cover does show calm sparks of brilliance. It’s a fascinating addition to an elegant gathering area with a grey exterior.

9. A Cedar Patio Cover Adds a Nice Weathered Look to the Main Home

a cedar patio cover adds a nice weathered look to the main home
a cedar patio cover adds a nice weathered look to the main home. image © maroh enterprises inc.

Instead of becoming a distinct addition to the home, this cedar patio cover blends with it. Its natural brown color looks so similar to the brick wall behind. The brick wall of the main house looks brown instead of red, after all.

The almost matching colors of the home’s exterior wall and the cedar cover create a really cohesive look. The grey roof becomes a nice break between them. The roof, however, doesn’t disrupt the flow of brown in an unpleasant way.

The very small cedar pillars supported by thick stone base pillars look nice as well. They remind you of the combo between the cedar cover and the brick wall behind. These combinations of cedar and earth-based materials look so natural.

Their weathered looks become the identity of the contemporary home. It gives the property a down-to-earth yet enchanting appearance. Better yet, the atmosphere that they create is very homey.

10. A Patio Cover with Cedar Trellis Framing That Connects It with Nature

a patio cover with cedar trellis framing that connects it with nature
a patio cover with cedar trellis framing that connects it with nature. image © nfcarchitect.com

A sustainable, green design doesn’t always have to look like it. This patio that blends in with nature is proof of it. The cedar trellis framing that the patio cover has is enchantingly beautiful.

The stained cedar patio cover is both durable and beautiful. The stain enables the cedar to bring warmth to the patio. In turn, the warm stained cedar cover creates a dramatic and comfortable atmosphere on the patio.

The cedar patio cover is a part of a house full of energy-saving features. These features include a solar array that significantly saves electrical budget. In a way, it allows the home to rely more on nature.

The presence of the cedar patio cover is never faint. It makes the majority of the patio’s overhead structure. Its natural look is a perfect addition to the home as well.

The big contemporary home is surrounded by e beautiful natural scenery. The cedar patio cover fits seamlessly into the scheme.

11. A 2×8 Cedar Joist Patio Cover Withstands the Weather with No Trouble

a 2x8 cedar joist patio cover withstands the weather with no trouble
a 2×8 cedar joist patio cover withstands the weather with no trouble. image © highcraft.net

The atmosphere of this covered patio is really soothing. It’s thanks to the very open design of the patio. The fact that it’s surrounded by a vast grass field definitely helps as well.

This cedar patio cover comes in the form of a pergola that’s attached to the main home. It’s built using 2 x 8 cedar joists combined with 1 x 2 upper shade lath.

The arrangement of the joists and the shade lath spacing were made for better aesthetics.

The way the cedar joists and shade lath were arranged was also meant to increase shade. Note that a part of the patio cover is a dried-in one. It’s waterproof; on this part, the designers used a standing seam metal instead of a shade lath.

Since cedar joists are really strong, this cedar patio cover can withstand the weather with little to no trouble. Also, its sloping surface lets the rain slide off easily. It offers both strength and effective functionality to homeowners.

12. Cedar Slats Make a Nice Cover for an Open Patio

cedar slats make a nice cover for an open patio
cedar slats make a nice cover for an open patio. image © sterlingbrookhomes.com

Cedar slats form the cover of this open patio. They provide a shade for the patio. Even though they cover an open patio, they don’t let anyone on the patio get wet when the rain pours.

Acrylic panels from Regal Plastics have been installed above the cedar arbors. This provides the patio with effective water protection. The cedar patio cover is an important part of a space with a 6″ x 12″ travertine paver.

The travertine paver, Grandbury stone walls, and cedar patio cover all suit the space’s Mediterranean style.

After all, stone details are key parts of any Mediterranean space. This cedar patio cover doesn’t look out of place in the company of the stone walls and paver.

Natural woods are always excellent additions to Mediterranean spaces, after all. That’s why this cedar patio cover blends in nicely with the stone surroundings. The atmosphere this combination gives birth to is warm and inviting.


It’s important to make sure that your patio cover stays in the best condition. You’ve taken close looks at the best cedar patio covers. It’s time for you to learn how to maintain your patio cover.

A cedar patio cover can buckle or degrade without good treatments. These treatments include protective treatments. They can be done for everyone in two or three years. Applying fire and water repellents is one of these treatments.

The next treatment to try is applying algaecides and fungicides. Moss and fungus can still grow on a cedar patio cover. It’s best to keep this kind of cover as dry as possible.

It’s also advisable to finish a cedar patio cover with linseed oil. It’s because this oil is eco-friendly and non-toxic. It can penetrate deep into the cedar’s grain and protect it against any humidity changes.

Linseed oil is among the most recommended oils to be used to finish cedar woods. It’s among the best for a cedar patio cover. It’s due to the fact that the oil can reduce damage caused by sunlight. It can thrive in humid weather as well.

It’s the kind of oil that’s ideal for a patio cover. Make sure you consider finishing your cedar patio cover with this oil to protect it for many years ahead.