17 Enticing Sage Green Siding Inspirations for a More Subtly Colored yet Stunning Exterior

17 Enticing Sage Green Siding Inspirations

Pale and sometimes a bit greyish in color, sage green sidings are ones that can promote harmony, among other things.

Here are some nice things about these sidings that are worth noting.

a. Personality

Even though sometimes it looks a bit like a neutral-colored siding, a sage green siding can offer more personality than taupe or beige sidings. As sage green expresses wisdom, a siding in this color can create a dignified personality that makes it look more classy than other sidings.

b. Closeness to the Nature

A sage green siding is an excellent choice for a home that’s surrounded by nature since its color is like the reflection, although sometimes not a completely identical one, of the leaves and the grass. This is the kind of siding that can bring the outdoors in.

c. Flexibility

A neutral and calming color that flows nicely with almost any home style, sage green can be used on the sidings of almost all homes. Coming in varying saturations and lightness, it can be paired with many other colors as well.

d. Trendiness

Sage green is considered the new neutral, and people are said to often feel safe with neutral colors. According to experts, this trend may not pass anytime soon. Thus, a sage green siding will always be a trendy option for quite a long time.

As a bonus, the director of color marketing at the famous Sherwin Williams stated that, being a more muted green shade, sage green creates a calming effect in virtually any space in the home.

Here are some enticing sidings you can get inspired by if a sage green siding is what you’d love to grace your exterior.

1. A Cedar Shake Siding Painted Using Sherwin Williams Sage Green Light #2851

a cedar shake siding painted using sherwin williams sage green light #2851
a cedar shake siding painted using sherwin williams sage green light #2851. image © vanslumber.com

Fade and stain resistant, this Trex porch gets something that matches its remarkable properties when it comes to resistance to certain undesirable things.

The sage green siding becomes the poster boy of the exterior, along with a red door painted using Benjamin Moore’s Country Redwood.

Although it’s clearly stated that the siding is a cedar shake one painted using Sherwin Williams’ Sage Green Light #2851 stain color, the designers also stated that the siding is in a custom color that was formulated to match CertainTeed Cedar Impressions Spruce color. Either way, the color stands out quite easily on the porch.

The dynamics between the sage green siding, the white trims, and the red Therma-Tru door provides such a creative color combination that looks both united, fresh, and commanding for the porch.

The combination of the three adds a lovely spark to the traditional porch, preventing it from looking too plain.

The neutral stone wall installed by Liebeck Masonry on another side of the porch proves compatible with the sage green, white, and red side of the space.

The colorful combination of the three is balanced by the neutral color of the wall, making sure that the porch doesn’t overwhelm anyone spending time at it with too much intensity.

2. An Eastern White Cedar Sage Green Siding Beautifies a Victorian Exterior

an eastern white cedar sage green siding beautifies a victorian exterior
an eastern white cedar sage green siding beautifies a victorian exterior. image © archstudioinc.com

A suiting Victorian house really well, this pre-stained sage green siding is a fitting addition to the property whose exteriors it graces gently.

An Eastern White cedar siding with a full-body 2-coat Cabot stain in a sage green color the designers have called either “Sagebrush” or “Wild Sage”, the siding plays a key role in defining the exterior’s identity.

In one of the most universally liked colors, the sage green siding beautifies the exterior of the Victorian house in a very effortless manner.

Thanks to the siding, the house blends in with its surrounding majestically since the exterior dominated by sage green resonates with the grass and leaves all around the property.

A beautiful color in itself, the beautiful sage green color that possesses the outer surface of the house is an excellent addition to the ornate mid-sized wood exterior home.

The color of the gambrel roof that shades the house goes extremely well with the sage green siding as well.

Yet another thing worth mentioning is the fact that the trims, which the designers stated as being colored using Kelley Moore’s Swiss Coffee, don’t look awkward being used together with the sage green stain.

In fact, they look perfect alongside each other, never failing to beautify the exterior of the Victorian house.

3. SW Sage Green Light for a Timeless-looking Siding

sw sage green light for a timeless-looking siding
sw sage green light for a timeless-looking siding. image © bstdesigner.com

The way this mid-sized sage green two-story house with a flat roof blends in with the earth and plants surrounding it is simply fantastic.

With a sage green siding painted using Sherwin Williams’ Sage Green Light combined with a trellis and fascia painted using Sherwin Williams’ Rookwood Medium Brown, the house finds no trouble fitting in.

While the sage green siding of this house resonates with all the leaves around, the brown trellis and facia resonate with the color of the soil, which seems to have some amounts of mulch on it.

In a way, this makes the house look like a part of nature itself.

The sage green and brown used to paint the house help give the property a timeless look.

This is a combination of colors that many people in different eras would consider eye-pleasing despite being quite simple and not flashy at all. Beauty in simplicity is a real thing, after all.

The brightest in the vicinity, Sherwin Williams’ Classical White, was used to paint the window trims to help bring variety into the scheme.

Better yet, it complements the timeless color scheme used to give the house its identity with little to no trouble, earning itself a place as important as sage green and brown in the organization of colors that grace the house.

4. Benjamin Moore Saybrook Sage Gives a Green Siding a Calm yet Enchanting Charm

benjamin moore saybrook sage gives a green siding a calm yet enchanting charm
benjamin moore saybrook sage gives a green siding a calm yet enchanting charm. image © eddieriderdesigns.com

It’s not hard to see that sage green isn’t the brightest or most cheerful color that will forcefully draw people’s attention.

It’s a really calm color, but it’s what gives it its enchanting charm. The way this looks so calm yet abundant with enchanting charm is evidence of this.

The designer didn’t keep the paperwork regarding the paint product used to paint the siding, but according to him, it could be Benjamin Moore’s Saybrook Sage. It’s a really soft color that excellently suits the porch ipe wood decking.

The two colors are like a natural pairing, not looking awkward in the slightest around one another.

Ipe is usually brown or deep red, but it grays out over time, and in the end, as its original color fades, it becomes an excellent match for a soft color like sage green.

Both form a perfect backdrop for red geraniums in clay pots, which give sharp contrasts to the siding and flooring.

What makes the sage green siding a right siding for the porch is the fact that it was built using natural cedar shingles.

It’s a fitting pair for all the natural things used on the porch, most notably the wood flooring, the clay pots, and the geraniums.

It’s a siding that won’t fail to make this kind of porch look enchantingly charming.

5. A Sage Green James Hardie Lap Siding Combined with White Trims for an Eye-pleasing Exterior

a sage green james hardie lap siding combined with white trims for an eye-pleasing exterior
a sage green james hardie lap siding combined with white trims for an eye-pleasing exterior. image © mdsidingpro.com

Eye-pleasing is an adjective that describes this sage green James Hardie lap siding very well.

Green is a color that’s the easiest for our eyes to perceive, whereas the sleekness, crispness, and smoothness of the white trims frame the siding effectively while looking so alluring themselves. This combo is, without a doubt, a beautiful one.

Having a quite soft look, the sage green siding of this exterior is a more than appropriate option for the traditional property as it blends with the nature surrounding it, mimicking traditional houses in the old times.

The siding was used to replace a vinyl siding, which peeled and cracked before eventually getting replaced.

The Mountain Sage James Hardie siding looks so good being combined with walls of red bricks in addition to Arctic White trims.

Green has always been a good pair with red, as evidenced by the relationship between holly and berries. That’s why the pairing of the two on the exterior of this two-story house looks so natural.

As lap sidings are very durable, the exterior of this traditional property will not be so feeble when harsh weathers arrive in the vicinity.

How it resists rotting and is virtually maintenance-free makes a lap siding an even more desirable thing to install on every side of any house.

6. A Sage Green Vinyl Siding Gracing the Sides of a Large House

a sage green vinyl siding gracing the sides of a large house
a sage green vinyl siding gracing the sides of a large house. image © alphawindows.com

Gracing every side of this large house is a sage green vinyl siding, whose calming and soothing color can distract the minds of its beholders from undesirable things.

Made of vinyl, this siding can retain its sage green color for very long periods of time. Its eco-friendly nature makes it highly preferable for many, including the owner of this house.

Known to easily enhance the curb appeal of exteriors, this siding effortlessly gives the exterior it’s on a lovely face to be so proud of. Strong on top of beautiful, this is the kind of siding whose durability is undoubted.

Even better than the fact that vinyl sidings are durable is the fact that it doesn’t need pampering every so often. It won’t demand your attention since its low-maintenance nature forbids it from doing so.

Add to that the convenient fact that vinyl sidings are super easy to install, and you’ll get one of the best sidings that the market has to offer.

The ability to resist mold and mildew is even included in a vinyl siding’s arsenal, making it the kind of siding that offers excellent hygiene on top of great quality.

When it comes to offering visual and functional benefits, a sage green vinyl siding won’t lose too many other sidings.

7. A Green Siding was Painted Using Mountain Sage JH50-30

a green siding was painted using mountain sage jh50-30
a green siding was painted using mountain sage jh50-30. image © mihomes.com

Every porch needs to offer a refreshing atmosphere that helps calm the minds of those spending time in it. After all, it’s supposed to be a place for gathering and enjoying a happy time.

The Mountain Sage JH50-30 color this green siding has can help turn that into reality with very little to no trouble whatsoever.

Used on the exterior of a traditional porch, the siding is in a color that’s considered to be able to restore energy, making it one that’s a fitting choice for a space where people are supposed to be able to replenish their energy like a porch.

Often associated with healing and tranquility, the color can easily create a refreshing atmosphere on the porch.

Despite not being the most elegant color, sage green also exudes some sparks of elegance, which benefits the porch visually. Not the brightest shade of green, it’s a cool-toned color that prevents a porch from feeling too hot as well.

Although this siding isn’t in the brightest and most cheerful of colors, it can still bring life to the porch quite easily. It does so while still being able to make anyone spending time on the porch feel grounded.

Anxious feelings and nervousness will instantly go away when one enjoys a time on a porch with a sage green siding like this.

8. A James Hardie Cedarmill Siding Makes a Minimalist Yet Alluring Exterior

a james hardie cedarmill siding makes a minimalist yet alluring exterior
a james hardie cedarmill siding makes a minimalist yet alluring exterior. image © sidinggroup.com

Sage green is a pretty versatile color, which means that it suits various house styles, including one with a modern exterior like this.

One of the things that make this James Hardie Cedarmill siding look so captivating is the fact that it looks so smooth. It can drown you in a sea of calmness.

In a color that represents wisdom, the siding makes the exterior look dignified and appear like one that can calmly let other colors in the vicinity willingly admit that it has a strong presence.

Despite being a color with such a significant presence, it isn’t one that makes the exterior it’s used on stand out in an unpleasant way.

The effect that the color creates comes in the form of a minimalist look that, despite being simple, has a quite alluring appearance.

The dignified look that the two-story property has, thanks to the use of sage green on its exterior, helps people living at it feel secure and rested as well.

A peaceful ambiance is also present at this minimalist yet charming house, one that lets you spend time in the piece at the property.

There’s a reason why the exterior welcomes the energy of the surrounding nature in as well, and it’s because its sage green façade is one that always speaks of nature and ecology, among other things.

9. A Craftsman Exterior Looks Great with a CertainTeed Thistle Green Siding

a craftsman exterior looks great with a certainteed thistle green siding
a craftsman exterior looks great with a certainteed thistle green siding. image © alairhomes.com

Being the kind of siding that offers excellent versatility in terms of its suitability with house styles, this CertainTeed thistle sage green siding looks terrific on the craftsman exterior it’s a big part of.

It works really well being put together with multicolored stone walls on the exterior, combining to create a naturally gorgeous appearance.

The sage green siding doesn’t contrast too much against the gambrel roof that provides shades for the one-story house. Instead, the two create a color scheme that’s perfect for a craftsman’s house.

After all, it’s said that when a craftsman’s house has a brown roof, the body of the house should be either orange, yellow or sage green like this one.

Highly durable, the CertainTeed siding becomes a solid protector of the house’s exterior.

The fact that the way it was colored involved the use of the best technique and materials means that it has a solid color that won’t fade for a very long time.

A CertainTeed thistle siding can easily rejuvenate a craftsman’s exterior appearance while easily enhancing its performance and protection.

How it’s almost maintenance-free makes it a beautiful siding that’s very convenient to have for many years ahead.

10. A Sherwin Williams Clary Sage #6178 Green Siding Looks Flawless for a Classic Exterior

a sherwin williams clary sage #6178 green siding looks flawless for a classic exterior
a sherwin williams clary sage #6178 green siding looks flawless for a classic exterior. image © greenbelt construction

Light and approachable, Sherwin Williams’ Clary Sage is the perfect color to paint the siding of this classic exterior. Its approachable nature enables it to easily welcome people to the house.

The color’s neutral and cool look gives the siding a soft appearance that captivates without having to be overly assertive.

Darker shades of green can be too dramatic for many people, and Clary Sage is a perfect option for people who agree with this.

Instead of creating a dramatic feel, this color comes off as soft and inviting, making it perfect to be used on the façade of a house.

Many agree that Clary Sage is a true sage, making it an excellent choice for those who’d love to have sage green as the color of their sidings. The soft and inviting presence of the color helps the exterior siding be on exude class.

Incredibly, this sage green siding offers a relaxing feeling without making one feel tired.

It’s a siding that never looks boring, making it a great source of inspiration for those wanting to paint their sidings in a darker shade of sage green.

11. A James Hardie Fiber Cement Sage Green Siding Makes a Sturdy and Cool Traditional Exterior

a james hardie fiber cement sage green siding makes a sturdy and cool traditional exterior
a james hardie fiber cement sage green siding makes a sturdy and cool traditional exterior. image © goodguyscontracting.com

Sidings are supposed to be sturdy, and speaking of sturdy sidings, fiber cement sidings are among the best.

This James Hardie fiber cement siding is one of the toughest in the market, making it very resistant to damage. One can rest assured when having this kind of siding covering the exterior of their property.

Effective is the manner in which the Mountain Sage color of the siding gives the exterior of the house a cool appearance.

What’s better is how the sturdy and cool siding is built using a product that’s guaranteed to be long-lasting, just like other products James Hardie makes available in the market.

Able to help keep installation costs low, this kind of siding won’t rob a homeowner of their budget.

Even with the easiness of installation, this type of siding always looks and stays in form, as evidenced by this mid-sized classic three-story home with a shingle roof.

A fiber cement siding can withstand heavy winds and other elemental threats as a sturdy exterior wall cover. A cool shade of green, the color of the siding reflects this exterior’s traditional style as well.

Offering a lot of alluring prospects to the exterior, this sturdy and cool siding is a fitting one for virtually any traditional house.

12. A Bright Exterior is Created by the Use of a Vinyl Shake Sage Green Siding

a bright exterior is created by the use of a vinyl shake sage green siding
a bright exterior is created by the use of a vinyl shake sage green siding. image © incrediblehomeimprovements.com

The color of this sage green siding is obviously on the brighter side, turning it into more of a neutral. The white trims and garage door on one side of the exterior are excellent companions to the siding.

They combine to form a bright exterior that never lets anyone looking at them have a bad day.

The mission-style front door in dark brown and the Boral stone veneer in country ledgestone style don’t look out of place being surrounded by the siding.

It means that the siding is quite versatile, going well when put together with various other colors, textures, and materials.

Affordability is one of this type of siding’s forte, making it a better option than many wooden shake siding products, whose major drawbacks are said to be their costs.

This mid-sized home with a hip roof gets a top-quality siding in its hands as the vinyl shake siding got installed on its exterior walls.

Do not let the affordable cost of this kind of siding deceive you as it is actually quite durable, having durability as one of its major features.

Instant curb appeal is almost always a guarantee with vinyl shake sidings, as indicated by how appealing the siding is despite not being too extravagant in terms of looks.

13. A James Hardie Artisan Siding in Sage Green Makes a Homey Residence

a james hardie artisan siding in sage green makes a homey residence
a james hardie artisan siding in sage green makes a homey residence. image © jameshardie.com

A very dark sage green, this James Hardie Artisan siding is one that never tries to stand out in the environment it’s a part of.

The exposed soil on the front yard indicates that the house never tries to be an extravagant building but a residence the owners can easily call home instead.

Paired with exposed bricks below, the siding states that the exterior it’s a part of wants to be as humble as possible while still looking marvelous nonetheless.

The brown wooden siding at the top proves an excellent pair to the sage green one, reflecting the soil and leaves surrounding the craftsman’s house.

An Artisan siding, the siding is extremely durable, so the two-story home gets a lot of benefits when it comes to sturdiness.

A siding that resists mold, humidity, moisture, and even weather extremes is a must-have product for anyone looking for a siding that can offer almost everything.

Flexibility is definitely one of the strong points of this siding, and how it’s known to perform well over time and the way it never looks out of place in its vicinity makes it an excellent siding to have.

Connecting the property to its surrounding, the siding is one that makes the craftsman’s home a homey place to live in.

14. A Vertical Sherwin Williams Sage #2860 Green Siding Looks Unique and Classic

a vertical sherwin williams sage #2860 green siding looks unique and classic
a vertical sherwin williams sage #2860 green siding looks unique and classic. image © jarman-homes.com

Setting this siding apart from many other sage green sidings is the fact that it’s a vertical instead of a horizontal one.

That in itself gives the exterior a quite unique look as it seems that many people prefer horizontal sage green sidings more.

The soft color of this siding is fitted with the exterior’s traditional style majestically.

Combined with the vertical siding are Bucks County country ledgestone sidings and pillars with mortar joints, which are appropriate additions to the traditional exterior.

Used all over the sidings of the home’s exterior is Sherwin Williams’ Pacer White, a softer white that blends nicely with the sage green and other surrounding colors.

Painted using Sherwin Williams’ Sage #2860, the siding works nicely with the Shadow Black shingle roof shading the house.

Born from the combination of the two is a natural look made possible by colors that look rather extremely muted but don’t look dull in the slightest.

Since green is considered a classic color, the use of the sage green vertical siding makes the exterior look classic in addition to giving it a unique look.

The use of stone on parts of the exterior helps define its identity, a unique and classic-looking traditional exterior.

15. Prefinished Hardie Shingle Sidings are Brilliant Additions to a Contemporary House

prefinished hardie shingle sidings are brilliant additions to a contemporary house
prefinished hardie shingle sidings are brilliant additions to a contemporary house. image © jzerrer.com

As far as affordability goes, shingles are said to be among the more affordable materials to choose from.

Shingle sidings are among the brilliant additions to a contemporary house, offering simpler and quicker installation processes. It can be easily set up to cover an exterior, saving a lot of unnecessary energy in the process.

This is a contemporary take on the famous Arts and Crafts style; these prefinished Hardie Shingle sidings look softly gorgeous.

Installed on a large two-story home’s exterior, the sidings contribute a lot to making the exterior look imposing without becoming too intimidating in the least.

The extreme toughness of the siding makes it an important part of the exterior. It’s needed to keep the property together when it’s under extreme conditions.

Able to withstand around 150 MPH winds, the siding keeps anyone calm inside, never being fazed by the presence of even extreme things such as hailstorms.

Said to be Class A fire resistant, shingles form sidings that won’t catch fire easily, making it easy for anyone who has such sidings to rest assured.

Ease of repair or replacing comes in the package when you install a shingle siding. It won’t cause you too much trouble to tear it down, replace or simply repair it.

16. When Sage Green Sidings Meet a Terracotta Metal Roof

when sage green sidings meet a terracotta metal roof
when sage green sidings meet a terracotta metal roof. image © stanton homes

A craftsman-style home that is a version of Le Chalet Vert, this large and timeless home with a green-colored exterior is one that never ceases to amaze.

Painted using Color Plus Mountain Sage, the siding of this property meets a terracotta metal roof that helps make it jump out against the beautiful scenery that creates a serene atmosphere all around.

The sage green siding doesn’t take too much effort to get along well with the terracotta roof, as the two easily work together to enhance the home’s aesthetics. They do so while staying calm without having to beg for anyone’s attention.

A proven classic combo, the combination of sage green and terracotta on the exterior of this home is loved by many. It always succeeds at adding a classic-looking façade to varying properties.

Thrown into the mix, the Cambridge Red shutters need no time to be a part of the color scheme and start amazing anyone feasting their eyes on it.

Welcomed as supporters of the green and red combo are ledge stone columns that fit into the classic color scheme of the exterior.

These stone columns don’t look awkward in the company of the sage green siding, terracotta roof, and red shutters that dominate the exterior to great extents.

17. A Concrete Fiberboard Sage Green Siding Offers a Lot of Designing Freedom

a concrete fiberboard sage green siding offers a lot of designing freedom
a concrete fiberboard sage green siding offers a lot of designing freedom. image © thompsonremodeling.com

Almost completely sage green in color, this rustic exterior is one of the exteriors with the highest amount of dedication towards the color.

The owners of the mountain-style home it’s a part of seeming to be fond of sage green, and the fact that the exterior is almost completely covered in sage green concrete fiberboard is indicative of this.

Made of concrete fiberboard, the siding offers a lot of design freedom to anyone who decides to use it. How one of the sidings on the exterior of this rustic home has a diagonal pattern instead of horizontal or vertical is proof of this.

The wish of the homeowners for the home to blend with the nature that surrounds it was realized thanks to the flexibility of the siding.

The end result is nothing short of spectacular, as the siding faces no trouble in connecting to the natural surroundings.

It’s majorly thanks to the sage green color of the siding since the color faces no difficulties resonating with the grass and all the trees the home is surrounded by.

The way the home is almost completely camouflaged by the sage green siding is one of the most pleasantly staggering things about it.


Sage green sidings are fantastic, and if you’d love to add them to your exterior, you should note that sage green works exceptionally well with grey and white. It works well with other colors, but it’s a perfect pair for these two.

Sage green and crisp white can create a perfect pair that gives birth to a calm, muted yet enticing look.

Another color that works really well with this shade of green is muted red. You’ve seen a combination of the two colors in one or two of the exteriors we’ve listed. You’ve probably realized just how well they go with one another.

However, there are no problems when the idea of combining a sage green siding with other colors doesn’t feel too exciting. An exterior whose surface is practically 99% sage green in color doesn’t look uninteresting at all.

The flexibility of sage green is such that you’ll almost always benefit from using a siding in this color regardless of your choice to use it as a standalone color on your exterior or pair it with others.

You don’t need to worry too much about covering your home with sage green siding since it’s a very versatile color.