15 Innovative Kitchen Window Shelf Ideas for a More Unique-Looking Space

15 Innovative Kitchen Window Shelf Ideas

Having a kitchen window shelf means getting a number of pleasant benefits.

Below are what you’ll get from installing one on your kitchen window.

a. Effective Storage

Using the space in front of your kitchen window gives you more effective storage. If your sink is by the window, you can get immediate access to it. Also, installing a window shelf eliminates the need to use spaces in other parts of the kitchen.

b. Enhanced Aesthetics

Kitchen window shelves can be decorative additions to a kitchen. If they’re creatively designed, they can improve the aesthetics of the space. Even if they are not, they can be used to show off some decorative items like stylish dishware.

c. Ease of Access

You can get easy access to kitchen-related items by having kitchen window shelves. By storing your things by the window, you can easily get them instead of running around your kitchen. It promotes efficiency, which is excellent.

d. Money Saving Benefits

You can save money by installing kitchen window shelves instead of cabinets. Cabinets are more expensive than shelves, after all.

e. More Organized Looks

Kitchen window shelves can make a kitchen look more organized. They make sure that there’s less clutter in the kitchen. A kitchen will look a lot tidier with this type of shelf installed in it.

The following kitchen window shelves will give you some very nice ideas if you want some additional storage on your window.

Check them out and decide whether you’d love to use them as inspirations for your kitchen design. Have a fun read.

1. White Super Long Floating Kitchen Wall Shelves Put Against Soft Brown Window Trims

white super long floating kitchen wall shelves put against soft brown window trims
white super long floating kitchen wall shelves put against soft brown window trims. image © hoedemakerpfeiffer.com

The dark wood floor and the antique dining chairs in this kitchen and dining room gifted it its rustic soul.

The wooden table bought from David Smith in Seattle helped accomplish the task. The super long floating kitchen window shelves try to bring balance into the room.

The shelves add a speck of modernity to the kitchen’s design. It reflects the white walls of the kitchen, too. Its function is decorative instead of fully functional.

The shelves are used to showcase the beauty of decorative kitchen items such as plates, teapots, bowls, and more. The way they are put against small windows with wooden frames is so pleasant.

The manner in which the shelves contrast against the soft brown window trims makes the kitchen beautiful. The contrast is strong and clear but not overwhelming.

How the shelves almost evenly separate the upper and lower parts of the windows is so awesome.

The shelves are bright white in color, making them easily distinguishable. The natural concrete countertop below them won’t be mistaken as a part of them. The countertop is grey in color, after all.

The combination of the shelves and the soft brown windows is captivating. It creates a look that immediately captivates the eyes. Many would find it hard to deny the charm.

2. A Glass Kitchen Window Shelf Adds a Modern Look to an Eclectic Space

a glass kitchen window shelf adds a modern look to an eclectic space
a glass kitchen window shelf adds a modern look to an eclectic space. image © jenniferashtoninteriors.com

A glass kitchen window shelf can add a modern look to a kitchen. It suits the eclectic style of this kitchen. The kitchen hosts items from various materials, and the glass shelf fits in effortlessly.

This transparent glass window shelf creates nice light effects when it reflects the light. Fortunately, it doesn’t look awkward being surrounded by rustic wooden shelves, a seemingly stone countertop, and more. The shelf itself is decorative in nature.

It’s used to showcase the beauty of potted plants. Its clear surface highlights the beauty of the decorative plants better. It blocks so little of the potted plants, maximizing their potential to be beautiful.

A glass window shelf is a versatile storage unit. It fits various designs. That’s why it is a fitting addition to this eclectic kitchen.

Better yet, a glass kitchen window shelf like this one is very easy to clean. It’s easier to clean compared to other shelves. You can easily clean it by wiping it with a damp cloth.

There’s no doubt that a glass window shelf is a low-maintenance shelf. It stays clean for a long time, and it’s easy to care for it.

It’s said that a glass window shelf brings elegance into a kitchen as well. It explains why there’s a speck of an elegant look in this eclectic kitchen.

3. A Pair of Long Brown Wooden Shelves Decorate a Wide Clear Window

a pair of long brown wooden shelves decorate a wide clear window
a pair of long brown wooden shelves decorate a wide clear window. image © amylaudesign.com

This pair of long brown wooden window shelves are creative additions to the modern kitchen they’re in. They break the flow of modernity in the kitchen. It’s because they have a quite traditional look, being made of wood and all.

The window the shelves are on is quite big. It’s an expanse of glass. It’s identical to the big glass window on the other side.

The long wooden shelves add a traditional touch to the modern glass window with metal frames.

The window shelves are seemingly mounted onto the window’s metal frames. The way the shelves and the frames join together looks so sleek. It gives the kitchen a clean and well-designed look.

It’s great that the wooden shelves have a character on their own. They don’t lose their individuality in the middle of stainless-steel appliances and flat-panel wooden cabinets. They stand out in their own way.

These shelves are decorative ones. They’re used to display beautiful items such as decorative bowls. The existence of the window shelves easily decorates the wide clear glass window, making it attractive.

4. A Beach-style Kitchen Deserves Built-in Window Shelves

a beach-style kitchen deserves built-in window shelves
a beach-style kitchen deserves built-in window shelves. image © evensarc.com

A few kitchen window shelves can become appropriate additions to beach-style kitchens. These built-in window shelves are among them.

The color is one of the main reasons the kitchen deserves these built-in window shelves.

Beach-style kitchens love these colors: white, blue, and red. Thus, these built-in window shelves are brilliant additions to their kitchen. The dark gray subway tile backsplash contrasts elegantly against these window shelves.

The window shelves also provide the same elegant contrast against the black countertops. These countertops are covered in sandstone that has the look of bluestone. It’s called Pietra del Cardoso. It’s more durable than bluestone and has more resistance to staining.

The darker colors in the kitchen help draw attention to the bright white window shelves. These colors include the colors of the walnut butcher block island countertop and the Douglas Fir floor.

Built-in kitchen window shelves are known to provide display space in addition to added storage. They’re used to display decorative bowls, plates, and more in this kitchen.

It’s fantastic that the shelves blend in with the surroundings seamlessly.

These built-in kitchen window shelves look like parts of the kitchen. This creates a coherent decor in the kitchen. Thanks to them, there’s a smooth-looking transition between parts of the kitchen.

5. Hanging Kitchen Window Shelf Units Make a Cooking Space Look Sophisticated

hanging kitchen window shelf units make a cooking space look sophisticated
hanging kitchen window shelf units make a cooking space look sophisticated. image © ador-homes.com

Hanging kitchen window shelves like these ones add a sophisticated look to a kitchen. These hanging window shelves were custom fabricated. The middle shelf unit has a concealed support.

The concealed support is said to stop underneath the shelf within the metal. An electrical mechanism is also incorporated into some of the posts. Thanks to it, the shelf units can run LED tape lights.

The LED lights are recessed into the bottoms of the shelf units. In addition to the lights, the shelves have 1/2″ thick brass supports that are used to hang them.

In terms of looks, the shelves easily give an innovative look to the window area of the kitchen.

How the shelves aren’t mounted on the wall gives the kitchen an unusual look. It makes the cooking space look dynamic. Furthermore, it gives the window area in the kitchen a distinct personality.

The fact that these shelves provide a lot of extra storage is just a bonus. So is the fact that they help organize clutter. They help make the kitchen look more like an open space as well.

The unorthodox design of the shelves brings excellent sophistication to the kitchen. These shelves are sophisticated items that refuse to let the farmhouse kitchen stay traditional.

These hanging window shelves add modernity to the kitchen, and it works really well.

6. An Industrial Kitchen Welcomes Shiny Metal Window Shelves

an industrial kitchen welcomes shiny metal window shelves
an industrial kitchen welcomes shiny metal window shelves. image © aharchitecture.com

Every industrial kitchen needs shelves that complement its style. This industrial kitchen gets what it needs. It comes in the form of shiny metal kitchen window shelves.

The metal shelves are in varying sizes. The industrial kitchen welcomes them with open hands. After all, metal furniture is an effective way to bring a strong industrial vibe to a kitchen.

Dark tone materials pair well with metal shelves. This kind of pairing exists in this kitchen. The dark countertop and black dining chairs are among the many that abide by this industrial style rule.

The kitchen island with a wooden countertop is among the best partners of the metal shelves as well. Wood and metal combinations are among the key parts of industrial kitchens, after all.

The stainless-steel appliances resonate well with the metal window shelves. They contribute to making the kitchen look like an industrial space. The exposed air duct helps make this a reality as well.

A casual atmosphere is born in this kitchen. It’s thanks to the metal window shelves and other things they get paired with. This atmosphere makes it feel relaxing to spend time in this industrial kitchen.

7. The Size Contradiction of a Long Wooden Shelf for a Small Kitchen Window

the size contradiction of a long wooden shelf for a small kitchen window
the size contradiction of a long wooden shelf for a small kitchen window. image © stapransdesign.com

The window of this kitchen isn’t too big. However, it brings enough natural light into the kitchen despite the small size. It gets a long wooden window shelf.

The size contradiction between the small kitchen window and the long wooden shelf is interesting to see. The shelf extends beyond the window area and onto the wall. Once it reaches the end of the wall, it still extends to the other kitchen wall.

The L-shaped kitchen window shelf connects the window with the walls. It makes a statement that the window is a part of everything in the kitchen. Three smaller shelves can be seen above the long window shelf.

It’s lovely to see the very light and soft color of the wooden window shelf. This color contrasts against the black frames of the window. The contrast looks relatively modern and uplifting.

It’s relieving to see the wooden window shelf gets to be in the perfect kitchen for it. The limestone counters and the hickory floor make it look like an important part of the space. It’s because their colors are incredibly similar.

The similarity of the colors helps create a cohesive design in the kitchen. The window shelf is a perfect addition to the small window and the entire kitchen itself.

8. Overly Long Ivory Shelves Were Put Against Black Kitchen Windows

overly long ivory shelves were put against black kitchen windows
overly long ivory shelves were put against black kitchen windows. image © mhouseinc.com

Thanks to its overly long ivory window shelves, this eat-in kitchen looks very interesting. The window shelves are hard to ignore. Their great lengths make them really stand out in the contemporary kitchen.

The overly long window shelves are put against kitchen windows with black frames. The resulting combination looks quite modern. It’s great that there are three windows in total.

The fact that there is more than one window helps highlight the lengths of the shelves. It makes them even more noticeable. Thus, the window shelves become decorative additions to the kitchen.

It’s true that these long window shelves are used to display decorative plates, teapots, bowls, and more. However, they themselves are quite decorative in nature. There’s a secret behind why these shelves don’t flex.

These overly long ivory window shelves are supported by the frames of the windows every 2 feet. The windows themselves are the same size, and they have around 24″ between them.

The distance between the windows, their same sizes, and the way the shelves are installed make the kitchen look well-organized. The Carrara marble mosaic backsplash that joins them makes the contemporary kitchen look even better.

9. A Pair of Short Stainless-steel Shelves for a Small Kitchen Window

a pair of short stainless-steel shelves for a small kitchen window
a pair of short stainless-steel shelves for a small kitchen window. image © mhouseinc.com

Short window shelves are always the best for a small window in a minimalist kitchen. When the kitchen design is modern, it’s a good idea to use stainless-steel shelves. These are the shelves that will help make a kitchen look more stylish.

Stainless-steel shelves don’t rust easily as well. They’re great additions to a kitchen, an area that often deals with water. These shelves don’t need too much pampering since you don’t need to worry about them rusting.

The sizes of these window shelves are appropriate for the kitchen. This kitchen is very minimalist in design and doesn’t need an overly long shelf. The size of this kitchen isn’t that big, after all.

Their sizes are appropriate for the small windows, too. The way these window shelves float makes them look like natural parts of the window and the wall around it. It gives the modern kitchen a sleek and flowing design.

There are customized iron rods that are built in to the floating shelves. These rods support them. This way, they stay firm as they float on the window and wall.

It’s nice to see the stainless-steel shelves are paired with the window’s wood casing. It’s an exciting pairing of different materials. It adds value to the kitchen’s design.

10. L-shaped Steel Window Shelves Enhance the Aesthetics of a Contemporary Kitchen

l-shaped steel window shelves enhance the aesthetics of a contemporary kitchen
l-shaped steel window shelves enhance the aesthetics of a contemporary kitchen. image © laurarobertsdesign.com

It’s hard not to agree that these L-shaped steel window shelves are fascinating. They effortlessly enhance the aesthetics of the contemporary kitchen they’re installed in.

They appear to be hung from the ceiling and effectively decorate the kitchen windows.

Thanks to these shelves, the kitchen windows don’t look like regular windows. The shelves make it look like the windows have many layers. It’s an enchanting view to feast your eyes on.

These steel shelves seem to be black in color. Their dark color creates a modern contrast as they’re put against the white kitchen walls.

They function nicely as spaces to display attractive items, including what seem to be golden pans and kettles.

Two sides of the walls benefit from the installation of these shelves. The L-shaped shelving makes the area look intricately designed. The design doesn’t look simple in the slightest.

A number of stainless-steel appliances resonate well with these shelves. Although not made of metal, the concrete countertops pair nicely with them as well. The modern look that they create is hard not to adore.

The black steel window shelves look fantastic alongside the black backsplash as well. The similarity of their color makes them pair quite nicely.

In short, it’s undoubtedly that this L-shaped steel shelving improves the kitchen’s looks to great extents.

11. Thick, Long, and Shiny Metal Shelves Connect Kitchen Windows and a Blue Backsplash

thick, long, and shiny metal shelves connect kitchen windows and a blue backsplash
thick, long, and shiny metal shelves connect kitchen windows and a blue backsplash. image © ibidesigns.com

Sophistication is what these thick, long, and shiny metal window shelves bring to the kitchen. However, it’s not the only thing. The shelves add a tender look to the interior of the cooking space as well.

Their thickness makes them easily distinguishable. It gives them a strong presence in the kitchen and makes them look firm and dependable both as storage spaces and decorations as well.

Very long, these shelves connect the windows and the blue backsplash between them. They draw decorative lines that unite the windows and the glass tile backsplash. Silver and blue pair well, so the shelves and backsplash look nice together.

These shiny shelves make the kitchen look classy. Silver is a color that represents classiness, after all. The atmosphere created by the addition of these shelves is a light one full of hope.

You won’t feel depressed in this kitchen. It’s partly thanks to the effect of the shelves’ shiny silver color. The blue backsplash the window shelves are combined with plays a role in ensuring this.

Installed in a white kitchen, the kitchen window shelves don’t have an overwhelming presence. Their color allows them to stay elegant, and the elegance travels in the kitchen and increases its value.

12. A Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Approves a Dark Fixed Bracket Window Shelf

a modern farmhouse kitchen approves a dark fixed bracket window shelf
a modern farmhouse kitchen approves a dark fixed bracket window shelf. image © cuppettkilpatrick.com

The stark contrast between these dark fixed bracket window shelves and the wall behind them is a pleasant one to see.

The wall is bright white, while the window shelf seems to be pitch black in color. The contrast makes the farmhouse kitchen look really modern.

The window shelf supports the weight of decorative bowls and other items with no trouble. It’s paired with black and white wall lights. Black and white really dominate the wall the shelf is attached to.

This fixed bracket shelf doesn’t seem awkward, being surrounded by a gray cabinet, dark chairs, and a brown wooden floor. It looks incredibly cool being put near a gray cabinet painted using Benjamin Moore’s Dolphin.

A lot of benefits are guaranteed by this window shelf. First of all, fixed bracket shelves suit any style. This modern farmhouse eat-in kitchen gets a shelf that perfectly suits its style.

This kind of shelf can bear much heavier loads, too. It’s stronger than floating shelves. In terms of function, it’s certainly very dependable.

A fixed bracket shelf is known to create a striking feature in a kitchen as well. It doesn’t look plain and uninteresting in any way. No wonder this kitchen’s wall looks so lovely with this shelf on it.

13. Protruding Built-in Kitchen Shelves on Single Pane Aluminum Windows

protruding built-in kitchen shelves on single pane aluminum windows
protruding built-in kitchen shelves on single pane aluminum windows. image © tas construction

There’s no denying that these protruding built-in window shelves have striking appearances. Their design isn’t too complicated, but it works. They easily become the focal points of the kitchen.

Thanks to these shelves, the single pane aluminum windows avoid looking too plain. In the kitchen, the shelves serve a decorative purpose. They’re there to display various white decorative items.

The bright color of the decorations is matched by a bright white backsplash. The subway tiles are from Ann Sacks. A fire clay sink from Rohl joins the fun, too, since it’s in a similar color.

The wood countertop disrupted all the bright sparks created by the decorations, backsplash, and sink. Its brown color breaks the white flow in the kitchen. The wood color pairs nicely with the light brown color of the protruding shelves.

Flat-panel cabinets painted using Benjamin Moore’s Sweet Pear go well with the protruding window shelves. The cabinets’ color is so soft. So is the color of the shelves, which represent light-colored wood.

These protruding shelves go with everything in the kitchen. All of them collectively give the kitchen a soft and very enchanting look.

14. Piping Window Shelves Give a Kitchen a Unique Character

piping window shelves give a kitchen a unique character
piping window shelves give a kitchen a unique character. image © kaleidoscope design build, llc

As far as shelving goes, piping window shelves are among the most appealing. They give a kitchen a very unique character. The pipes that support the shelves make them look exceptional. Not all people use this kind of shelving.

These piping window shelves suit the kitchen’s transitional style. It’s used together with other different materials. These include a unique cabinet whose one side is made of wood planks.

The way the black pipes supporting the shelves are installed on white window frames creates a modern contrast. The wooden floor and solid beech butcher block islands help the shelves give the kitchen a transitional soul.

A white Corian solid surface countertop works really well with the piping shelves. Together, they make the kitchen look bright and sophisticated. Still, the piping shelves are the most unique-looking of all.

The piping window shelves bring industrial vibes to the transitional kitchen as well. Practicality is one of the primary benefits that it offers. However, the character that it adds to the kitchen is the best thing it brings into the kitchen.

15. A Stainless Fixed Bracket Window Shelf is a Fitting Addition to a Farmhouse Kitchen

a stainless fixed bracket window shelf is a fitting addition to a farmhouse kitchen
a stainless fixed bracket window shelf is a fitting addition to a farmhouse kitchen. image © beckerarchitects.com

Sure, this stainless fixed bracket window shelf isn’t the most decorative one. But it serves its purpose just fine. It adds storage to the window, and it suits the window flawlessly.

The window is small and quite simple in design. The stainless window shelf mirrors this without fail. Its small size and simplicity of the design really make it a brilliant pair for the window.

The shelf and window frame’s light colors make them pop when natural light pierces through. It helps that they’re put against a grey wall. The wall creates a backdrop for the window and shelf to pop effectively.

Cabinets used in the kitchen are even darker in color. They help the window shelf shine. It doesn’t leave the decorative flowers in a pot below unnoticed as it shines.

The fixed brackets that support the shelf make it very firm. It’s just a pleasant bonus. After all, the shelves offer a lot visually despite being a bit too simple in terms of design.

The simplicity of this kitchen window shelf makes it an excellent addition to the farmhouse kitchen. A farmhouse kitchen doesn’t need window shelves that look too fancy.

This stainless fixed bracket window shelf is a very fitting addition to the kitchen it’s a part of.


Now that you’ve seen a number of window shelves, it’s your turn to design your own. As you design your very own kitchen window shelf, remember that you can do so without having to limit yourself.

Although it’s called a kitchen window shelf, it doesn’t have to fit the size of the window. The length can be much longer than the width of your window. It can be much shorter, too, if you like it so.

One important thing to note is to pay attention to the mechanism. Do you know the weight you want your kitchen window shelf to bear?

If it’s quite light, you can use a floating shelf that’s mounted to the wall or window frames. You can opt for fixed bracket shelves, piping shelves, or hanging shelves if it’s quite heavy.

With that said, happy experimenting with designing your own kitchen window shelves.