16 Exciting Rustic Window Trim Ideas That Will Enhance Your Exterior’s Looks

16 Exciting Rustic Window Trim Ideas

Rustic window trims are defined by ruggedness and natural beauty. They can create a relaxing atmosphere.

They are usually made of wood, and here are some benefits of having them.

a. Natural Beauty

Rustic window trims have natural beauty. Their designs are natural; they can blend with nature seamlessly.

b. Easiness to Find the Materials

It’s so easy to find wood to create rustic window trims. It’s because raw materials are very common. You will find more unfinished and reclaimed wood than glossy or sleek wood.

c. Flexibility

When designing window trims that look rustic, you don’t need to worry too much about perfect lines. You can be flexible because the rustic style doesn’t have predictable patterns or lines. Instead, it allows the character of your trims to stand out.

d. Great Comfort

Having rustic window trims helps promote a comfortable feeling. They make homes feel welcoming. They help make you feel at home.

e. Wholesomeness

It’s known that rustic window trims feel unpretentious. They feel soft and wholesome. They promote designs that are very relaxed and approachable.

If trims in the rustic style interests you, this list may enlighten you. Below are 15 rustic window trims you can get inspiration from.

1. A Rustic Hexagonal Window Trim Gives a Mountain Cabin a Unique Appearance

a rustic hexagonal window trim gives a mountain cabin a unique appearance
a rustic hexagonal window trim gives a mountain cabin a unique appearance. image © mindfuldesignsinc.com

This rustic hexagonal trim doesn’t look like most rustic window trims. It gives the mountain cabin it’s on a unique appearance. The right window trim is for a one-story house with a rustic wooden exterior and a shingle roof.

Hexagonal trims almost look like circular trims but with some corners. They leave almost no wasted spaces. They prevent windows from looking too mundane and uninteresting.

Even though this hexagonal trim looks quite sophisticated, it suits the rustic style. It’s because the hexagon is actually quite a natural shape. It can mostly be found in honeycombs.

The rustic style is all about natural materials. Since this hexagon trim is made of a natural material and has a shape that can be found in nature, it is really rustic. The shape of this wooden trim represents balance and order.

The light color of this rustic wooden trim makes it look raw and natural. It affects the minds of people looking at it. Light wood colors create a feeling of comfort, coziness, and peace.

The combination of the aforementioned things makes this trim amazing. It makes it a unique rustic trim that brings balance to the exterior. Furthermore, it helps make the mountain cabin a cozy, comfortable, and peaceful place to live in.

2. Dark Wood Rustic Window Trims Make a Statement on a Log Exterior

dark wood rustic window trims make a statement on a log exterior
dark wood rustic window trims make a statement on a log exterior. image © window-craft.com

Light-colored log cabins like this usually have a serious character. That’s why dark wood rustic window trims are perfect for this log cabin. It’s because dark brown is a severe and solid color.

These dark brown trims signify stability and protection. It makes the windows look stable and create a safe, protected feeling. The dark wood trims prevent the exterior from looking unserious and childish as well.

Dark wood and its color both represent resilience, too. It makes a statement that the exterior is sturdy and secure. Not all log homes look stable, but this one looks very stable, partly thanks to the trims.

The color of the trims is really down-to-earth. It’s a natural color that represents the earth and nature. Thus, it is appropriate for the rustic style.

The dark wood trims stand out as they’re put against the much lighter log walls. The sharp contrast gives them a solid presence. It’s so strong that it doesn’t feel insignificant in the three-story home.

Dark brown is often seen as a dull color. However, these dark wood trims don’t feel dull at all on this exterior. They really make a strong statement on the log exterior, making the exterior look friendly, well-designed, and well-built.

3. A Large Exterior Looks Extravagant with Polished Wooden Rustic Window Trims

a large exterior looks extravagant with polished wooden rustic window trims
a large exterior looks extravagant with polished wooden rustic window trims. image © destreearchitects.com

It’s okay to polish rustic window trims. This remodeled two-story home with a wooden exterior shows why it’s alright to do so. It shows that polished rustic window trims can make a home look extravagant.

The polished rustic window trims blend nicely with the log walls around them. It’s because they’re in the same color. It appears that the trims are made of logs, just like the walls.

The exterior of this home always looks new and well-maintained, thanks to the polished trims and walls. The way the trims are polished is just right. The trims don’t look too excessively polished and become less attractive.

The polished surfaces of the trims protect them from stains, scratches, and pests. It’s suitable for a rustic exterior. They help the exterior withstand the weather better as well.

The exterior looks warm and feels homely, thanks to the polished surfaces. The polished look makes the exterior looks sleeker and more luxurious, too. Still, they retain their closeness to nature.

The main thing that makes the exterior looks extravagant is the shine. The polished trims don’t look excessively shiny. However, it has enough shine to attract as much attention as it needs to.

4. A Rustic Wooden Arched Window Trim Suits a Stone Exterior Majestically

a rustic wooden arched window trim suits a stone exterior majestically
a rustic wooden arched window trim suits a stone exterior majestically. image © wittconstruction.com

Wood and stones have always been the main materials for rustic homes. This mountain-style home with stone and stucco materials loyally abide by this rule. Its stone exterior easily helps make it look rustic.

The wooden arched window trim majestically suits the stone exterior. The design is flowing. It gives the exterior a look that represents symmetry, freedom, and elegance.

The Black Bear granite stone used on the exterior is an excellent material. It’s chip and scratch-resistant. It suits the rustic style, and it won’t easily get damaged.

The Pella’s Architectural Series windows look fitting on the stone and stucco exterior. The travertine-colored stucco wall pairs well with the wooden trim. There isn’t too much contrast, but the amount is just right.

The subtle contrast adds a classy look to the exterior. This exterior never looks badly designed. The stone walls, the stucco ones, and the wooden trims look well organized.

One can easily imitate the effect created by this exterior. The trick is to use natural cedar to build the window trim. This material is what’s used at this home.

Natural cedar doesn’t warp, swell, shrink or decay. It has a color that goes well with stone walls. It’s perfect for a rustic exterior.

5. Wooden Rustic Window Trims are Fitting Additions to Green Sidings

wooden rustic window trims are fitting additions to green sidings
wooden rustic window trims are fitting additions to green sidings. image © landsenddev.com

These bold rustic window trims are fitting additions to the mountain style exterior they’re on. They’re as natural as they can be. They’re representatives of nature itself, and they pair well with the green sidings behind.

The green color on the sidings of the two-story home was created by experimenting with sage greens and browns.

The custom green color and the dark brown trims look naturally well together. The pair is like trees and leaves but in a different form.

The shingle siding stained using a Sikkens Butternut color combines well with the brown and green parts. The reclaimed rusty roof up top is a brilliant addition to the property. It’s not made of natural material, but it fits in seamlessly.

The pairing of dark brown trims and green sidings is an awesome one. Brown and green never fail to work together, and that’s why. This natural pairing is an ideal one for a rustic style exterior.

How the trims and green siding are rather dark in color turn out great for the home. Thanks to this, the home is evident in its vicinity.

The lighter-colored grass and leaves around the house provide a beautiful contrast against the rustic property.

6. A Pine Rustic Window Trim Brings All the Natural Looks a Mountain-style Exterior Needs

a pine rustic window trim brings all the natural looks a mountain-style exterior needs
a pine rustic window trim brings all the natural looks a mountain-style exterior needs. image © arcollab.net

A raw look is the essence of a rustic style. This pine window trim is the embodiment of that.

It’s a pine trim treated with a bleaching oil finish that doesn’t hide its natural beauty.

The pine trim is paired with a pine siding. With this kind of siding, the protected areas that are under overhands age differently than those with more exposure to rain and the sun.

The bleaching oil applied to the siding, the window, and the trim can moderate the differences.

This kind of trim is easy to build. It’s because pine is very easy to work with. This material has excellent resistance to rot and decay, too.

A pine trim lasts long due to its rot and decay-resistant properties. The aesthetic natural look is a plus point as well. This pine trim’s aesthetic natural look is appropriate for the house’s rustic style.

This siding brings all the natural looks that this mountain style needs to look rustic. The strength of pine makes it a superior material as well. A pine trim is guaranteed to be very durable.

Over time, a pine trim develops a rustic patina. It gives a rustic exterior an even better appearance as time goes by.

7. Rustic Mushroom Wood Window Trims Surrounded by Logs

rustic mushroom wood window trims surrounded by logs
rustic mushroom wood window trims surrounded by logs. image © trestlewood.com

A strong character is what these mushroom wood window trims give to a room. It’s because mushroom wood is said to have its own unique character. This mid-sized kitchen and dining room combo gets a lot of benefits from that.

Mushroom wood is actually a type of reclaimed wood. It’s a type of wood that used to be utilized in mushroom processing facilities. Oftentimes, it has a primitive look that really suits the rustic style.

Another name for mushroom wood is hemlock reclaimed wood. It can give a room an antique and striking appearance. It’s an appearance that will make a rustic room look even more rustic.

These trims are quite extraordinary. They’re made of rare materials, which are pieces of the aforementioned mushroom wood. They combine natural beauty and outstanding sustainability.

Since mushroom wood is crafted by nature, it qualifies as a material for rustic trims. Being crafted by nature itself makes this material very strong. The good thing is that it offers uniqueness, too.

The spots on which mushrooms are used to grow give unique looks to trims made of this wood. These looks cannot be imitated. Thus, the trims always have distinct looks that make them really interesting.

8. A Living Room with Beige Walls Deserves Rustic Knotty Alder Window Trims to Frame Its Windows

a living room with beige walls deserves rustic knotty alder window trims to frame its windows
a living room with beige walls deserves rustic knotty alder window trims to frame its windows. image © centresky.com

Knotty alder window trims are among the best for rustic spaces. This mountain-style living room proves it true. The open concept space has beige walls that contrast elegantly against the wooden window trims.

The large rustic living room with a high ceiling deserves to have the knotty alder trims. Knotty alder is a type of wood whose prevalence of knots gives it a rustic appearance.

The trims are rustic, and they’re great choices for the rustic living room.

Straight grain patterns determine knotty alder’s looks. In terms of color, they look like cherry. The colors range from light honey to darker colors that can reach reddish-brown domains.

The rustic window trims give an informal look to the living room. Note that knotty alder is sometimes called rustic alder as well. There’s no way that these trims don’t look rustic.

The rustic wood species has dramatic grains. They sometimes have closed and open knots, pinholes, bird pecks, small cracks, and mineral streaks. All these things give it a very rustic facade.

These rustic window trims follow the principles behind the room’s design. They promote a sense of presence with very little trouble. They represent the quality of details as well.

The rustic window trims are such aesthetic additions to the open concept living room.

9. A Red Siding and a Dark Brown Rustic Window Trim Make a Really Nice Pair

a red siding and a dark brown rustic window trim make a really nice pair
a red siding and a dark brown rustic window trim make a really nice pair. image © landsenddev.com

Red and brown are such a nice pair. This large two-story exterior with a red siding and a dark brown window trim makes it evident. The window trim adds a rustic appearance to the tall home.

The rustic dark brown trim and the red siding combination are very statement-making. It doesn’t look too flashy, but it doesn’t look too dull at the same time. The two colors look like they would blend together easily.

According to the designer, the red siding was painted using a color called roasted red pepper. This color isn’t a vibrant red. That’s why it works so well when paired with the dark brown trim.

Although not too vibrant, the red siding can bring the brown trim’s warm undertone. The dark brown trim doesn’t look too dull, thanks to the red siding. The siding highlights the trim’s natural character.

The immense depth the dark brown trim carries can promote a sense of calm. It’s a really nice trim for a tall rustic home like this. A rustic home that is surrounded by nature needs a trim for this.

The calming effect it creates combines well with the atmosphere created by nature. Thanks to them, a pleasant ambiance is created at the property.

10. Rustic Reclaimed Lumber Window Trims Add a Nice Weathered Look to an Exterior

rustic reclaimed lumber window trims add a nice weathered look to an exterior
rustic reclaimed lumber window trims add a nice weathered look to an exterior. image © bobgreenspan.com

Weathered looks add some authenticity to rustic exteriors.

This round rustic window trim offers such a look to this rustic home. The rustic window trim has turned grey due to its weathered nature.

The circular shape of the trim represents flexibility. Thanks to it, the trim easily unites with the siding behind it. The same colors that they have helped make them mix more easily.

The rustic window trim isn’t painted. The natural aging wood color that turns grey on its surface gives the exterior a nice rustic look. It looks so special because most wooden surfaces are brown in color.

Made of weathered wood, it creates less waste and fewer watershed toxins. Its natural color, indentations, and imperfections in the form of wear and tears make it unique. They give it a one-of-a-kind appearance.

Reclaimed wood is special due to its strength, too. Reclaimed wood is said to be more stable and durable than wood that’s grown on today’s farm. The reason is that age gives this kind of wood more durability.

The round shape of the weathered rustic window trim gives it a perfectly symmetrical look. Additionally, it makes the exterior look timeless. It’s an excellent shape that fits into the rustic exterior design without much trouble as well.

11. Light-colored Rustic Window Trims Bring a Red Cedar Exterior Closer to Nature

light-colored rustic window trims bring a red cedar exterior closer to nature
light-colored rustic window trims bring a red cedar exterior closer to nature. image © adkgreatcamps.com

It’s always nice to have an exterior of contrasting colors. The proof is a rustic home with a wooden exterior. Its dark green siding and its light-colored rustic window make an attractive combination.

The green siding is actually a western red cedar one. More specifically, it’s constructed using hand-split shakes. An opaque green stain was applied to it, giving it its green color.

The very light-colored window trim is very visible on the dark siding. Its diamond shape makes it look a bit unorthodox. Most windows are rectangular or square-shaped, after all.

All-natural, the trim has a textured surface that makes it so rustic. The fading wood color gives the exterior an aged look that complements its style. The trim guarantees the addition of an antique look to the exterior.

This kind of window trim is an almost no-maintenance one. It frees the owners of the exterior with a clipped gable roof from any maintaining duties. Upon installation, this kind of trim usually needs no further treatments.

Used on an exterior, this trim is left to weather with grace. The more weathered it gets, the better it looks. The resulting timeworn look enhances the aesthetics of the red cedar exterior greatly and brings it closer to nature.

12. Rustic Window Trims That Camouflaged Themselves Behind Raw Wooden Sidings

rustic window trims that camouflaged themselves behind raw wooden sidings
rustic window trims that camouflaged themselves behind raw wooden sidings. image © draperwhite.com

These rustic wooden window trims camouflaged themselves behind raw wooden sidings. Many might not notice them at first glance. However, once you notice them, you’ll find out how well-made they are.

Their raw looks make them excellent choices for the mountain-style exterior. The differing colors on their surfaces make them attractive. Their textures make them not too sleek, but it’s part of their charm.

The patterns and textures on their surfaces actually conceal flaws. They hide any imperfections that exist in them. At the same time, they give them aesthetic looks to boast about.

Stylishness is born from the use of these rustic window trims. The stylish look that these trims offer is one that cannot be imitated. Every rustic window trim is special because the patterns and textures are always different.

The warm tone of the rustic wooden window trims and sidings create a cozy atmosphere in the two-story home. It’s good that these trims are easy to fix as well. Wooden trims are easier to fix compared to trims made of many other materials.

The rustic window trims and the sidings they camouflaged themselves behind provide better insulation. They don’t just look attractively rustic. They’re actually quite useful as well.

13. A Large Three-story Exterior Deserves a Super Large Pentagonal Rustic Window Trim

a large three-story exterior deserves a super large pentagonal rustic window trim
a large three-story exterior deserves a super large pentagonal rustic window trim. image © energy saving windows

Rustic window trims can come in many different forms. After all, the rustic style is one that’s very flexible. It’s not restricted by certain shapes or designs.

This pentagonal rustic window trim takes advantage of that flexibility. It gives the rustic home with a gable roof an unusual-looking window.

The trim has a solid character on the home’s exterior.

The immense size of the pentagonal wooden trim makes it hard to overlook. It’s very easily noticeable. It gives the exterior a centerpiece.

The stone wall surrounding the trim is a lovely pair to it. A stone exterior looks beautiful on its own. However, it becomes even more beautiful and rustic when combined with wood.

A stone exterior and a wooden window trim create a truly calming look. When they’re used together, they make an exterior look so natural.

Somehow, the size of the house justifies the size of the trim as well. The house is a large three-story one. It deserves to have a super large pentagonal rustic trim like this.

14. Big Raw Wooden Trims are Excellent for an Exterior Surrounded by Stones

big raw wooden trims are excellent for an exterior surrounded by stones
big raw wooden trims are excellent for an exterior surrounded by stones. image © landsenddev.com

The raw trims that frame this exterior’s windows are certainly rustic. They don’t need to follow any window styles. They’re neatly designed, but they actually need no certain design identities.

Rustic trims are free to become any shapes, after all. They’re not constricted by design clichés. As long as they’re made of natural materials, all is well.

These wooden trims take the rustic home back to nature. The windows connecting the inside of the house and nature are framed by these trims. Trees and grass are among the natural things that the windows offer to homeowners.

The most surprising things offered are stones. The exterior is surrounded by stones. The number of stones outside the home is pleasantly staggering.

The stone stairs and natural stones all around help give the home its rustic soul. The big raw wooden trims resonate with these stones. They’re so rustic and are excellent trim choices for the rustic residence.

15. Rustic Window Trims Make a Brilliant Addition to a Treehouse

rustic window trims make a brilliant addition to a treehouse
rustic window trims make a brilliant addition to a treehouse. image © missybrowndesign.com

One of the main principles of rustic properties is the importance of connecting with nature. These rustic wooden window trims follow this principle without fail. Made of natural unpolished wood, they’re very rustic.

The design is simple because they’re simple rectangular trims. However, simplicity is sometimes a part of the rustic style. There’s nothing wrong with the minimalistic design of these trims. In fact, it’s what gives them their rustic looks.

The treehouse is a perfect host for the rustic trims. Treehouses usually become one with nature. It mirrors the rustic style’s principle perfectly.

These rustic trims blend in with the exterior flawlessly. It appears both the rustic trims and the walls are made of the same wood species. Thus, their looks are really uniform.

The uniform look makes them look like one big natural structure. They almost look like a natural addition to the trees around them.

These trims contribute a lot to making the exterior rustic-looking. They play a big part in bringing the house closer to the natural surroundings.

These rustic trims are a brilliant addition to the treehouse.

16. Rustic Weathered Window Trims on a Barnwood Board and Bat Siding

rustic weathered window trims on a barnwood board and bat siding
rustic weathered window trims on a barnwood board and bat siding. image © trestlewood.com

No one will deny that these window trims are really rustic. They’re made of weathered timbers. Everybody knows that weathered timbers make excellent rustic trims.

The trims and the overall exterior of this house aren’t polished at all. Their aged, unpolished looks really represent the idea of a rustic property. They make the home look like a building built by nature itself.

These rustic weathered trims are made of totally renewable materials. They help reduce landfill waste and are really safe for the home’s natural surroundings.

They pair well with the Barnwood board and bat siding in terms of design. The woods used for the siding may look too damaged for many people. People may think it’s hard to repair them and make them look brand-new.

However, the slightly damaged looks of these materials are what make them great. They become perfect for a rustic home. These weathered trims and siding are the best things a rustic home can get.


Without a doubt, you’ve learned a lot about rustic window trims. It’s time you learn some little tricks to make your rustic trim design work. The first trick is matching colors.

Matching the color of your trims and the siding can help make your exterior look more rustic. You don’t need to do this all the time, though. Your rustic trim will still look great on a contrasting wall as long as the materials are all-natural.

The second trick is applying custom finishing. The rustic style is about custom designs; they don’t need to follow any design styles. For instance, you can apply a stain that makes your trim look traditional.

Even if your rustic trims are made of raw natural material, such as wood, it’s important to care for them as well. For this purpose, you can use a mixture of white vinegar, olive oil, and water. This mixture can help clean untreated reclaimed wood trims.

If your wooden trims have been treated, there’s still another trick. You can just use a damp cleaning rag and a gentle soap to care for it.

Another trick is needed if your rustic trims have crumbs or maybe another buildup on them. To care for rustic trims in this condition, use a soft brush. Hopefully, these tricks help you as you give your rustic home some rustic trims of your choice.