18 Outstanding Metal Roof Patio Cover Designs for Any Kinds of Patio

18 Outstanding Metal Roof Patio Cover Designs

Metal roof patio covers offer various benefits.

They are versatile as they come in various styles, colors, and textures.

They suit all kinds of the patio. They also require low maintenance costs because they don’t rot, crack, peel, or grow mushrooms like wood roof patio covers. They also don’t burn, and they’re termite-proof.

Here you’ll find many metal roof patio cover designs to be inspired by.

There are so many to see, from a copper awning to an aluminum patio roof with horizontal steel I beam.

There are patio roofs from varying types of metal, such as steel, waterproof corrugated metal, galvalume aluminum, and more.

Check these metal roof patio cover designs and see if you want to adopt or adapt some of the designs as you try to install your own metal patio roof.

1. A Large Standing Seam Metal Roofing Patio Cover Design

a large standing seam metal roofing patio cover design
a large standing seam metal roofing patio cover design. image © marcuswillers.com

This contemporary patio is a mid-sized backyard patio with a concrete paver.

The structure is custom-made, so they made construction drawings before building the patio. The patio paver is concrete, and it is in a natural concrete color.

The patio cover is a metal standing seam roof painted blue on the underside. The paint color used to paint the underside of the roof is Benjamin Moore’s Watercolor Blue 793.

This patio benefits a lot from the use of its standing seam metal roof.

After all, standing seam metal roofs have a resistance to moisture, wind, and UV rays. They have longer lifespans than other metal roofs. They’re very flexible and lightweight. Interestingly, despite being lightweight, these roofs are very durable.

Standing seam metal roofs are energy-efficient, and they are fire-resistant.

In addition, due to the fact that standing seam panels are coated with Kynar, which can help prevent the metal from rusting, standing seam metal roofs are rust-resistant as well. The fact that they’re eco-friendly just makes it better.

2. A Steel Roof Patio Cover Design on a Timber-framed Structure

a steel roof patio cover design on a timber-framed structure
a steel roof patio cover design on a timber-framed structure. image © absoversa llc

This traditional patio is timber-framed. It has a grooved ceiling and a vaulted cedar exposed truss.

The patio has a concrete paver, on which a built-in refrigerator and wooden storage lie.

This patio also has a roof extension. The metal roof used to cover this patio is made of steel. The steel roofing is colored green. If you want to imitate the color of the roof, you can try painting your roof in Benjamin Moore’s Iris Clover

Coloring a steel roof is wise because rust is the greatest enemy of steel, the bare one, at least.

However, despite the risk of rusting, steel offers clean, architectural looks that match modern or classic designs. Steel offers longevity and durability, being a material that is a hard substance by nature.

Steel is also impact-resistant, fire-resistant, and wind-resistant. It’s also energy-efficient as radiant heat coming from the inside (in winter) and from the outside (in summer) simply bounces off a steel roof, helping heating systems and air conditioners to work a lot less, thus, saving energy.

Steel roofs offer a lot of benefits other metal roofs don’t.

3. A Corrugated Metal Roof Patio Cover Design Surrounded by a Japanese Garden

a corrugated metal roof patio cover design surrounded by a japanese garden
a corrugated metal roof patio cover design surrounded by a japanese garden. image © paradiserestored.com

Traditional in style, this brick patio is surrounded by a Japanese garden.

You can find a lot as you spend time at this mesmerizing patio, including an outdoor bench, firepit stools, lattice, an outdoor dining area, and a trellis. With bamboo benches also in the mix, the patio looks really timeless.

This patio has a corrugated metal roof attached to a wooden structure. The size of the structure from post to post is exactly 12 x 12, and the height is 9 feet at the highest point.

The corrugated metal roof is on a slope, so rain slides off it when it’s raining.

The structure and the metal roof receive support from the screen on the backside. The screen prevents the structure from swaying when a strong wind gushes.

Well, this is possible because corrugated metal roofs are incredibly lightweight. Despite being extremely lightweight, corrugated roofs are very durable as well. In addition, they’re also very flexible.

Corrugated metal roofs are leak-proof as well. They’re also long-lasting, and they can survive virtually any weather condition.

They don’t rust, and because they’re lightweight, they’re so easy to install. They’re also recyclable, which means that they’re totally eco-friendly. Wonderful!

4. An Aluminum Roof Patio Cover Design Combined with Horizontal Steel I Beam

an aluminum roof patio cover design combined with horizontal steel i beam
an aluminum roof patio cover design combined with horizontal steel i beam. image © laird jackson design house, llc.

This structure is a classic space that comes with a roof extension.

The area is a traditional outdoor space full of elegant furniture pieces covered in white. The outdoor area even has a chandelier hanging from its metal roof.

The patio roof is an aluminum one, which takes up a very large space in the upper part of the area.

The aluminum roof is combined with horizontal steel I beam.

The beams, naturally, are extremely heavy, but that’s why they can support the large aluminum roof with little to no problems. It’s worth mentioning that using an aluminum roof benefits this patio in various ways.

First of all, with optimum maintenance, aluminum roofs can last for more than 50 years. They also come in various lovely styles that match various architecture styles.

Compared to non-metallic roofs, aluminum roofs also have better wind resistance. The fact that they’re also highly fire-resistant is a plus as well.

On top of that, aluminum roofs are also very energy-efficient. They can help keep your home cool despite it being really hot outside.

Aluminum roofs are also lightweight. The fact that they’re lightweight means that they can help any home designers preserve structural integrity. Aluminum roofs are definitely amongst the best choices for a patio.

5. A B-Decking Metal Roof Concrete Patio Cover on a Warm Pergola

a b-decking metal roof concrete patio cover on a warm pergola
a b-decking metal roof concrete patio cover on a warm pergola. image © lindseyschultzdesign.com

This warm area is a southwestern backyard concrete patio protected by a pergola.

The patio has a metal roof covering it from the sun during the sunny days and from the rain during the rainy days. The roof of this backyard patio with a concrete paver is a b-decking one.

B-decking, also known as type B deck, is a common structural metal decking.

There are a number of benefits that b-decking roofs offer. First of all, they’re lightweight, so it’s effortless to install them on a patio. They’re lightweight also means that they’re safer than some other metal roofs.

B-decking roofs are very strong despite being lightweight. They’re also very affordable, so you don’t need to overthink about buying them for your patio. The material is also totally recyclable. They’re really safe for the environment.

Metal is one of the most suitable materials to build a cover for a patio.

6. A Conventional Corrugated Galvanized Metal Roof Patio Cover in the Industrial Style

a conventional corrugated galvanized metal roof patio cover in the industrial style
a conventional corrugated galvanized metal roof patio cover in the industrial style. image © nickdeaver.com

A patio that becomes a part of an industrial exterior deserves a cover that suits its looks, just like this patio, which gets a metal roof that suits its industrial look.

The metal roof on this patio is made of conventional corrugated galvanized metal. The roof is built at a slight slope. The purpose is to ensure that rain slides off when it touches the surface of the roof.

The corrugated galvanized metal roof on this patio is fire-resistant. It can also reflect solar heat to reduce the temperature on the patio. It’s also long-lasting and very durable.

What else does a roof like this offer? They’re resistant to algae and mold, which always cause trouble for non-metallic roofs.

This type of roof is also lightweight in nature, which means that it doesn’t put too much pressure on any kind of structure.

A corrugated galvanized metal roof is also rust-resistant, and to top it off, it’s also a low-maintenance type of roof. It really offers a lot of convenience to its users.

Corrugated galvanized metal is also recyclable, so it isn’t harmful to the environment. It can even be installed on an existing roof should the need arise. It’s an attractive choice of material for a patio roof.

7. A Waterproof Corrugated Metal Roof Cover Serves a Multi-use Patio

a waterproof corrugated metal roof cover serves a multi-use patio
a waterproof corrugated metal roof cover serves a multi-use patio. image © changeofseasons.net

Built as a part of a remodeled backyard, this industrial patio is a multi-use area that was born from the removal of a thirsty lawn.

The patio was built following the elimination of the lawn during the remodel. It is a perfect patio for anyone who wants to spend their time outdoors all day long.

This patio is a small urban backyard patio with a gazebo. It has a steel ceiling fan and a metal roof protecting its area.

The roof is made of waterproof corrugated metal, and its sturdy aura easily emanates from afar. Durability is one of the material’s strong points, after all.

Well, one of the most interesting questions about this roof is probably this one: How exactly is the roof waterproof?

The material is leak-proof. Roofing shingles are notorious for frequently exposing the building to leaks. However, the opposite can be said about the material used for this patio’s roof.

The material keeps a building dry when installed properly.

The proper installation of this material involves using coatings such as epoxy and ceramic coatings. These coatings improve the material’s waterproof properties, making it a perfect material for a patio roof.

After all, it’ll be problematic if a patio roof starts leaking even the slightest amount of water.

8. A Steel Roof Patio Cover Design on a Side Yard Patio Connecting Two Buildings

a steel roof patio cover design on a side yard patio connecting two buildings
a steel roof patio cover design on a side yard patio connecting two buildings. image © contentarchitecture.com

Two huge metal warehouses were renovated to create this property. The two buildings are now connected by a generous steel canopy. The canopy also functions as the roof of a patio.

This urban side yard patio has concrete pavers, and it connects a studio and a residence for guests or visiting artists.

With a total size of 1200 square feet, the two buildings are connected by this metal roof, which shades the shared patio designed for entertainment.

The property itself is like a large chunk of steel, which is good.

The steel roof is a brilliant choice of cover since it’s really sturdy. Also, the fact that steel is fire-resistant and wind-resistant makes it a material that can help protect anyone spending time at the shared patio.

One would at least rest assured that the roof won’t catch fire or get blown by a strong wind.

The flexibility of steel also translates to this patio. Steel matches any style, even this patio’s industrial style.

How steel constitutes a long-lasting material means that this roof will still be there for so many years ahead as well.

9. A Down to Earth Copper Awning Design for a Tuscan Patio

a down to earth copper awning design for a tuscan patio
a down to earth copper awning design for a tuscan patio. image © austinarchitect.com

This Tuscan patio has weathered wooden furniture and is decorated with beautiful flowers in large pots. The furniture pieces include four wooden chairs and a wooden table with a table patio umbrella.

The down-to-earth patio is protected by a copper roof patio awning.

Made out of copper, the awning matches the looks of the patio. It also adds personality to the home’s exterior and offers protection against the sun. Nice, isn’t it?

Copper itself is a magnetic material. It’s a metal that has a resistance to corrosion, and it’s also very durable.

If you treat this material with a sealant, it will stay shiny for a very long time, but if you leave your copper untreated, it will just develop a patina that is distinctively green in color. It looks beautiful either way.

Additionally, copper is maintenance-free, and it complements any materials be it bricks, wood, or stucco. In the case of this patio, the materials appear to be paired with stucco and wood.

Copper is a perfect material for an awning. No wonder copper has been used to build canopies and awnings for centuries.

10. A Galvalume Aluminum Roof Covering a Tropical Patio

a galvalume aluminum roof covering a tropical patio
a galvalume aluminum roof covering a tropical patio. image © distinguishedpools.com

The backyard Saltillo tile patio in the mid-sized island style shown in this picture surely offers a tropical ambiance. The concept of this patio is to replicate the typical bar that you’d find in the Caribbean.

The metal patio roof itself is made of galvalume aluminum. There is a fantastic benefit that this material offers. It’s a highly recommended material because it almost doesn’t rust.

One of the best things about galvalume aluminum is the fact that it has a zinc coating that protects scratches on it from rusting. A roof that’s built using this material will always look new.

Traditional barn-style roofs will eventually rust as time goes by, but that’s not the case with galvalume aluminum roofs.

Galvalume aluminum also has a resistance to corrosion. In fact, galvalume aluminum is most valued for its corrosion-resistant properties, making it an attractive choice for patio roofs, which will be exposed to the sun and the rain.

Galvalume aluminum roofs are twice as corrosion-resistant as galvanized steel roofs.

Therefore, galvalume aluminum roofs suit environments with a lot of exposure to extreme weather and high humidity. It will be really convenient to have these roofs on your patio.

11. A Contemporary Corrugated Metal Roof Patio Cover Supported by Wood Beams

a contemporary corrugated metal roof patio cover supported by wood beams
a contemporary corrugated metal roof patio cover supported by wood beams. image © norwoodarchitects.com

This contemporary patio has undergone a ceiling treatment with excellent results. The ceiling treatment saw the patio receiving cedar beams and corrugated galvanized metal for the ceiling.

How did they remodel the patio?

The corrugated metal roof at this patio is attached to the bottom side of the 2 x 8 rafters. The designers then attached exposed wood beams to the bottom of the said rafters. The purpose is to hide the edges of the corrugated metal.

Pretty sophisticated, isn’t it?

All of the mechanisms mentioned above were possible because corrugated metal roofs are very flexible and super lightweight.

These two properties of the roofs are some of the main reasons why numerous homeowners prefer to use corrugated metal roofs. They’re effortless to handle, making them very easy to install.

Don’t forget that in addition to being flexible and lightweight, these roofs are incredibly durable as well. It suits a patio really well.

A patio usually doesn’t have the privilege to get thick walls supporting its roof. It helps that these roofs aren’t heavy, so they don’t put a burden on a patio’s structure.

12. A Super Wide Steel Roof Cover Design was Protecting a Mountain Style Patio

a super wide steel roof cover design was protecting a mountain style patio
a super wide steel roof cover design was protecting a mountain style patio. image © wright-built.com

The mountain-style patio offers a lot and one of the exciting details in the design of the outdoor space is the inclusion of a Coca-Cola machine into the scheme. Naturally, the super-wide steel roof covering it is also an attention grabber.

The roof can function as a natural cooler as well.

After all, other roofs, such as asphalt shingles, will absorb radiant heat, but it’s not the case with steel roofs. These roofs possess steel’s physical properties, which cause radiant heat coming from outside the house, usually during summer, to bounce off the roof panels.

Once you’ve installed steel roofs, your air conditioner won’t need to work too hard anymore. The roofs will provide the tool with much-needed help.

It’s not the last benefit that steel roofs can offer, obviously. Don’t forget that these roofs look good and suit any home style.

The durability of steel roofs is also such that they can be considered superior to many other roofs made of different materials.

Steel roofs suit hail-prone areas as they’re impact-resistant, suit areas with risks of forest fires as they’re fire-resistant, and suit homes in hurricane zones as they’re wind-resistant. A steel roof definitely suits this mountain-style patio.

13. Slightly Pitched Welded Steel Patio Roof

slightly pitched welded steel patio roof
slightly pitched welded steel patio roof. image © nickdeaver.com

This concrete patio in contemporary style has an enormous metal roof covering it.

If you want to try building a roof like this, you should know that the entire framework is made of welded steel. You should consider taking your plans to your local steel fabricator to start your project.

The canopy at this patio appears to have galvanized steel panels that have been bolted on.

It’s worth noting that this patio roof doesn’t drip condensation. It’s because the roof is pitched slightly, and water from the top of the roof will drain off onto the roof of the main building, which fortunately has a gutter.

If you consider building a roof like this one, you have to know that connections and beams must be designed to be able to deal with the weight being carried and shear forces such as earthquake and wind. Also, the roof panels are subject to uplift from the wind, which can be quite harmful.

Consult a professional if you can.

In case you wonder, there are benefits of using welded steel roofs.

First of all, entire welded steel roofs are covered by seamless roofing. It means you’ll be less concerned about air leakage or water penetration.

Welded steel roofs are also virtually uplift-resistant, so they perform brilliantly under the menace of strong wind.

14. Insulated Aluminum Patio Cover Exclusively for Sunny Days

insulated aluminum patio cover exclusively for sunny days
insulated aluminum patio cover exclusively for sunny days. image © affordableshade.com

If you don’t mind spending time at your patio only when it’s not raining, this small backyard patio with a pergola can give you some ideas.

This patio has an insulated aluminum patio cover that doesn’t totally cover the area. It’s true that rain will still reach the area underneath the cover, but at least it looks cool, right?

While this patio prefers its roof to be aesthetic, it won’t hurt to know the benefits of installing an insulated aluminum patio roof that completely covers your patio.

An insulated aluminum roof can protect a patio from temperature changes, for starters. It means that such a roof keeps the cold and the heat out. You’ll stay comfortable as you spend time at a patio with a roof like this.

An insulated aluminum roof also protects a patio from moisture and humidity.

You won’t need to worry about the growth of mold and mildew on parts of your patio once you’ve insulated your aluminum roof. Naturally, this implies that you don’t need to think about the spread of mold and fungus that can also induce allergy.

It’s fantastic that an insulated aluminum roof protects you from noise pollution as well. It’s the kind of roof that can function as a barrier to sounds that travel in the air or touch the roof’s surface.

It’s the kind of roof that you have to prioritize if you think that comfort is more important than anything.

15. A Standing Seam Metal Roof with a Galvalume Finish Shading a Country Patio

a standing seam metal roof with a galvalume finish shading a country patio
a standing seam metal roof with a galvalume finish shading a country patio. image © semmesco.com

This country patio has a simple 4 gauge, standing seam metal roof cover with a galvalume finish.

If you care a lot about sizes, the panels are 18″ wide, and they’re paired with seams that stand off 1-1/2″.

It’s also worth mentioning about the tall seams because the designers used clips to successfully mount the solar hot water and electric panel racks.

The purpose was to avoid the typical perforations necessary for mounting systems like these on other kinds of roofing materials.

Note that there are a number of benefits from using a standing seam metal roof with a galvalume finish.

Let’s start from the standing seam metal roof itself. It’s the kind of roof that weighs less than, let’s say, asphalt shingles, so we know that it’s not heavy. It also provides a patio with better protection against hail, ice, wind, and snow, which is excellent.

Now let’s move to galvalume finish.

Galvalume is a coating that helps protect the primary metal from oxidation. This patio’s case protects the standing seam metal roof from rusting.

In short, when you have a standing seam metal with a galvalume finish, you don’t have to worry about your roof rusting. Great, isn’t it?

16. A Standing Seam Metal Patio Cover with a Gazebo at a Timeless Stone Patio

a standing seam metal patio cover with a gazebo at a timeless stone patio
a standing seam metal patio cover with a gazebo at a timeless stone patio. image © dabneycollins.com

This timeless traditional backyard stone patio is one of the things you should check out if you’d love to build a metal patio cover with a gazebo.

The roof that covers this patio is a standing seam metal roof. The remarkable thing about the roof’s design is that its color perfectly matches the color of the columns. Nice, huh?

Aside from looking nice, this timeless stone patio is also resistant to ice, snow, and blizzard.

Why is that?

Well, standing-seam roofs are known to be resistant to these things. They’re resistant to ice formation. Ice will simply slide right off these roofs, never forming ice dams on the surface. They also withstand strong winds well, making them blizzard-resistant.

These roofs are very low-maintenance products as well.

Because they’re coated in the zinc-aluminum alloy, they can resist corrosion for almost an indefinite amount of time. You don’t need to worry about spending too much on doing maintenance on these roofs, which is fantastic.

These roofs are also fire-resistant, making them really safe to have. You can sleep sound at night.

Additionally, they’re also very light, so patio structures, which normally are weaker than their main homes’ structures, do not need to deal with heavy burdens shouldering the roofs.

17. An Aluminum ¼” Plate Patio Cover was Guarding a Small Gravel Patio

an aluminum ¼” plate patio cover was guarding a small gravel patio
an aluminum ¼” plate patio cover was guarding a small gravel patio. image © exteriorworlds.com

This small backyard gravel patio in a contemporary style combines elements with a number of custom structures meant to emulate particular aspects of Zen gardens.

The homeowners wanted the space to withstand tough weathers that frequently strike the space.

The patio has a beautifully crafted metal roof made out of aluminum1/4″ plates. The roof doesn’t block all of the sunlight that comes. The designers stated that it blocks around 60% of the sun’s rays depending on the time of the day.

One thing to note is that the patio cover helps cool the area. The designers said that if heat rises, the radiance from the metal shade will go up into the air above. They also said that installing fans in the area to add a breeze helps.

Well, aluminum roofs are known to help homes cool despite it being really hot outside. It makes them the perfect choices for patios. We bet you don’t want to spend time at your patio trying to deal with the heat.

18. A Hollow Structural Steel Patio Cover on a Large Tuscan Patio

a hollow structural steel patio cover on a large tuscan patio
a hollow structural steel patio cover on a large tuscan patio. image © jennabayergardendesign.com

This big Tuscan backyard patio with a gazebo has a concrete paver and a roof that looks incredibly stunning. The roof covers the patio and is a sweet combination of steel and cloth.

The steel used to build the roof is hollow structural steel, also known as HSS.

The HSS steel was combined with cedar wrapped steel posts in concrete. The cloth used to create the shade is commercial 70% shade fabric that the designers got from AM Leonard. Very interesting!

Installing a roof using HSS gives any homeowner a lot of benefits.

After all, HSS is very economical, so there’s that benefit related to saving money. Then there’s that benefit related to looks. HSS are favored because they have smooth sides, closed sections, and rounded corners that make them perfect choices when exposing structures is the stated desire.

Also, HSS can be combined with other materials to make roofs look even better. In the case of this patio, the metal is combined with a cloth. The final result is as you can see from the picture above.

You definitely have to consider using HSS if you plan on installing a metal roof to cover your patio.


Designing a metal patio roof to cover your patio is undeniably not a simple task.

You have to know about the various types of metal you can use to build a patio roof. Also, you have to know which type of roof suits which type of patio to pinpoint which design is the best for your patio.

Anyway, we have provided you with lots of metal patio roof designs to get ideas and inspiration from.

Did you find any that you thought were incredibly stunning that you’d love to adopt for your patio? Well, we hope you did.