15 Fabulous Garage Door Trim Ideas for a More Eye-catching Parking Space Facade

15 Fabulous Garage Door Trim Ideas

Garage door trims are always essential because they’re what virtually all garage doors need.

It’s true that many garage door trims look like parts of the doors, but sometimes it’s alright to paint them differently to make them stand out, let them frame the doors, or simply showcase their styles.

Trims on garage doors are both functional and decorative. Here are the benefits offered by these trims to your garage that you definitely have to know.

a. Unsightly Spot Concealer

Also known as casings, trims on garage doors can hide unsightly spots such as construction gaps left between the frames and drywall. They’re things that are there to make garages look good.

b. Door Shaper

A trim is there to frame a garage door, essentially creating the shape of the door or at least giving it a frame that makes its form look firm and pleasant. A garage should always look nice and not just stop at simply being a place where vehicles are parked. When its door has an excellent shape, it increases the value of the space.

c. Aesthetics Enhancer

Adding trims to the doors of a garage is an easy way to quickly enhance its aesthetics. Known as both decorative and utilitarian parts of any garage, trims improve the looks of doors while hiding the transitions between parts of the wall and the jamb at the same time.

d. Richness is Key

When trims are incorporated into a garage door’s design, they add richness to the door’s design and the garage itself. The details behind the design of the trims, even if it’s subtle yet quite noticeably distinct, can add depth and richness to the exterior.

These benefits are undoubtedly alluring. Get inspired by these garage doors with appealing trims to create your own garage door trims and get the benefits as you do so.

1. A Colonial Garage Door Trim Suits a Craftsman Property

a colonial garage door trim suits a craftsman property
a colonial garage door trim suits a craftsman property. image © affordablelightingcenter.com

It’s never a bad idea to combine two styles at the same property. It means that when a garage is a craftsman one, it doesn’t necessarily have to get a craftsman door trim.

The fact that this craftsman garage gets a colonial door trim and still looks fantastic is undeniable evidence of this.

The classic look of the colonial trim suits the craftsman garage to make the two styles look like a destined pair.

The differing colors help make the pairing of the two styles create a dazzling. The simple ivory trim frames the dark brown wooden doors, letting them take the spotlight and enchant whoever is looking at them.

Although not having the simplest of designs, the colonial trim doesn’t have the most complicated design at the same time. This helps it bring elegance to every garage it becomes a part of.

A garage isn’t a simple parking space anymore when a trim of this kind is present.

The colonial trim is known to complement many home styles, and it explains why it looks so natural being incorporated into the design of this craftsman garage.

The trim’s simple yet exquisite appearance without any excess frills singlehandedly adds a touch of class to the exterior of the mid-sized garage.

2. A White Craftsman Garage Door Trim Freshens Up a Garage Siding of Browns

a white craftsman garage door trim freshens up a garage siding of browns
a white craftsman garage door trim freshens up a garage siding of browns. image © alanclarkarchitects.com

Large and dominated by shades of brown on the outside, this craftsman garage probably would have needed something to freshen it up should the craftsman door trim not be there to accomplish the task.

Even something as simple as the color of the trim effectively freshens up the big vehicle parking space.

The bright white color of the trim easily pops as it’s surrounded by dark brown siding and big light brown garage doors.

The small yellow sidings sandwiching the doors add a nice touch to the exterior design of the garage. They don’t contrast as much as the brown siding and doors against the trim, but the different colors look nice nonetheless.

The typical, thick craftsman trim doesn’t face any difficulties blending in with its surroundings since virtually everything is craftsman style at this garage.

The much-loved craftsman trim design is highlighted by the trim’s own sleekly, cleanly, and clearly colored white body for everyone to see.

Incredibly easy to install, the craftsman trim instantly adds style and equity to the garage.

The fact that it’s thick means that it’s a stable trim in addition to one that adds so much in terms of visuals, a trim every craftsman garage deserves to have.

3. Twin Minimalistic Garage Door Trims for a Big Parking Space

twin minimalistic garage door trims for a big parking space
twin minimalistic garage door trims for a big parking space. image © lhopkinsarch.com

Framing garage doors made by Hahn’s Woodworking Company, these twin minimalistic garage door trims are effective frames for the doors.

Uncomplicated in appearance, the trims effectively showcase the shapes of the doors, which welcome people to a big parking space that can hold at least a few cars inside with little to no trouble.

The simple and effective design of the trim gives the garage a minimalist look with a hint of elegance that’s really captivating without having to rely on an overly complicated design with so many minute details.

Put side by side with a siding that features gradations of palette colors, the trim looks smooth and commanding.

The clean design of the door trim creates a sophisticated feel to the mid-sized two-car garage with a roof built using natural cedar shakes.

Its smooth form and color break the flow of irregularity of colors present on the things around it, including the siding and the roof.

In a way, the minimalistic yet smooth and elegant trim adds a personality to the garage’s exterior.

It represents the idea of the garage wanting to become a tidy and organized space with twin gates that make sure order is kept at the garage starting from even outside the property.

4. Navy Blue Garage Doors Deserve Light Grey Craftsman Trims

navy blue garage doors deserve light grey craftsman trims
navy blue garage doors deserve light grey craftsman trims. image © uniquehomesia.com

This two-car garage gets one of the best combinations of doors and trims as its navy blue doors are framed by light grey craftsman trims.

Navy blue is a shade of blue considered to be a color that works effortlessly with any shades of grey, and the light grey present on this garage’s trims isn’t an exception.

When navy blue doors are paired with a soft light shade of grey like this, the result is a cool look that exudes stability and class.

Considering the fact that the navy blue doors are the darkest things in the garage, the light grey trims are effective frames for them as their contrasting colors make each other more visible.

Light grey is perfect for a working environment, and it just means that door trims in this color are among the most appropriate colors for a garage, where people often work with their vehicles in addition to parking them.

The cool tones of both the light grey trims and navy blue doors help make the garage a pleasant place to spend time.

Many agree that the combination of light grey and navy blue gives birth to a beautiful color scheme, and this garage makes it evident.

This garage is definitely an attention grabber despite the fact that it’s supposed to function as a place to park vehicles, not an exclusively decorative one.

5. Curving Ripple Trims are Perfect for Victorian Garage Doors

curving ripple trims are perfect for victorian garage doors
curving ripple trims are perfect for victorian garage doors. image © brandesmaselli.com

Adding a smooth flowing look to the exterior of this detached Victorian garage, these curving ripple trims framing brown wooden doors are undisputedly fantastic additions to the property.

Light blue in color, the trims are perfect for the brown Victorian garage doors since both blue and brown are among the traditional colors of Victorian properties.

The combo of the light blue trims and dark wooden doors blend naturally with the siding and the whole house itself.

This combo looks so natural as well as blue and brown, which are colors that nature loves to combine with a combo of the sand on the shore and the water on the beach as one of the best examples.

In terms of complementary colors, blue and brown are always known to go together. It’s due to the fact that on the color wheel, blue is on a location across brown, making them complementary to each other.

Used together, these two colors give the garage a classy traditional look that greatly suits its Victorian style.

The ripple effect on the trims adds lovely details that make the area on the exterior where the doors and trims look even more eye-pleasing.

6. Unique Celtic Garage Doors with Dark Grey Trims

unique celtic garage doors with dark grey trims
unique celtic garage doors with dark grey trims. image © celticcustomhomes.com

The custom wooden doors, these dark grey trims frames are really unique doors, and the designers decided to call each one of them ‘the Celtic Door’.

These doors benefit from the addition of the thick dark grey trims as the trims distinguish the shapes of the doors from their surroundings.

Utilized as gates that welcome people into the interior of a three-car garage, the light grey doors with dark grey trims look so sleek, engaging, and unique at the same time.

The combination of a lighter shade of grey with a much darker shade of the color is known to be very effective, and it’s made evident by this garage.

The standard light grey used as the house color was obtained from a stucco color wheel, though the designers didn’t mention which light shade of grey they used.

The dark grey trims were already there when the doors were painted using the light grey color as they were painted to match the trims.

The Colonial Slate roof acts as a continuation of the harmony created by the doors and trims as it’s a darker shade of grey in color. It helps create a garage that boasts a light grey exterior with dark greys guarding its edges.

7. Special Cream Corner-less Colonial Garage Door Trims Enhance a Rustic Parking Space

special cream corner-less colonial garage door trims enhance a rustic parking space
special cream corner-less colonial garage door trims enhance a rustic parking space. image © sdgarchitectsinc.com

Special trims are what this mid-sized rustic garage got as corner-less colonial trims; cream in color was incorporated into its design.

These trims enhance the looks of the rustic parking space since they form an excellent shape that frames the dark and cool-toned garage doors, contrasting against them in a pleasant manner.

What’s nice about the contrast between the garage doors and the trims is the fact that the doors are very cool-toned, whereas the cream trims are warm-colored.

The corner-less design of the trims gives the garage a quite sophisticated look that makes it look exceptional.

Interestingly, the cream is a color known to encourage new ideas because it takes one’s new ideas to come up with an excellent corner-less colonial trim design like the one used at this garage.

The color itself offers warmth and comfort, making it perfect for a space where vehicles are allowed to rest.

As cream represents purity as well, it adds something that helps make the garage look cleaner as well. As a color that calms the mind and exudes elegance, cream complements the door, whose color is also soothing and elegant, incredibly well.

This garage has one of the sleekest, most calming, and soothing combos of doors and trims.

8. It’s a Wise Idea to Use a Butted Door Trim in a Traditional Garage

it’s a wise idea to use a butted door trim in a traditional garage
it’s a wise idea to use a butted door trim in a traditional garage. image © hicklindoors.com

The simple yet stunning design of this traditional attached garage with 16′ x 7′ 8 lite panoramic windows is one that easily captivates the eyes.

It’s thanks to the traditionally appealing red brick wall on its exterior, whose huge ice white door gets framed by a butted trim that really does the property a great favor.

Although in the same color as the door, the butted trim of this mid-sized garage doesn’t fail to amaze.

The combination of casing boards with a head cashing wider than the rest, directly resting on top, makes the huge door looks even more dazzling.

The wide casing on top draws the eyes upward, grabbing attention and making the exterior of the garage function not only as a wall that guards the area inside but as an almost instant attention grabber as well.

It’s an excellent choice of trim for a garage with a big and tall door like this one.

The decorative and detailed design of the head casing creates a more dressed-up feel that really helps the exterior of the garage look more alluring.

It’s not that hard for the butted trim of this garage’s door to add a tremendous visual appeal despite not having an overly ornate head casing.

9. A Mitered Door Trim on a Light Blue Garage

a mitered door trim on a light blue garage
a mitered door trim on a light blue garage. image © independentdockanddoor.com

Being a part of a mid-sized traditional garage with a light blue siding, this mitered door trim framing a large garage door in white is the perfect option for the property.

The simple design of the garage’s exterior doesn’t ask for an overly intricate door trim since it won’t be too consistent with the garage’s style.

Mitered garage door trims can be either plain or elaborate with some intricate details, and this one is more of the former instead of the latter.

The soft color of the trim, which appears to be ivory, goes quite well with the light blue color of the siding.

This is understandable since light blue is known to go well with neutral colors.

The neutrality of the ivory trim balances out the cool tone of the light blue wall. The resulting effect is a balanced look that doesn’t look too elaborate yet is very easy on the eyes.

How the trim frames a bright white garage door is fitting as well since the trim creates a clear border between the door and the siding.

Although the difference between the door and the trim is a bit subtle, it helps create a cohesive look on the exterior of the garage, making it look enticing despite not having an overly elaborate design.

10. A Simple Blue Door Trim for a Timeless Garage

a simple blue door trim for a timeless garage
a simple blue door trim for a timeless garage. image © freshcoatpainters.com

When trying to give the exterior of a garage a timeless look, it’s always wise to use blue trims, especially when the shade of blue used is something along with the range of navy blue, a popular, quite dark shade of blue.

This color suits traditional garages really well, almost always able to allow such spaces to have sparks of class.

Whether it’s used in a garage with a white door and wall or in one with a bit darker door and wall, navy blue is a great color to use on the door trims. This color is considered the ‘new black’.

A lot of us know that black and white have long been considered the main colors when it comes to creating a timeless feel.

Despite its alluring richness, navy blue can be very elegantly neutral, easily giving a timeless look to a garage in the way black does.

It’s a soothing color that has a quite classic sense to it that can help make any garages get a timeless appearance.

The simple design of these blue trims further helps the color maximize the potential to become a minimally designed, timeless-looking spaces that the garage exteriors have.

It was the right call to use navy blue on the trims of these traditional garages.

11. Simple Green Door Trims for a Natural-looking Garage

simple green door trims for a natural-looking garage
simple green door trims for a natural-looking garage. image © fairviewllc.com

There are various tricks to create a natural-looking garage, and one of them is using simple green door trims and pairing them with brown doors, preferably wooden ones.

These earth-toned garage exteriors get the perfect trims they could ever get since the green trims invited the brown doors to go back to nature.

It’s fitting that the bright-colored flowers are in the vicinity of the garage because these decorative plants can help symbolize how the door and trims are in colors that are eternally connected to nature itself.

It helps that green is the easiest for the human eyes to perceive because it means that these trims are very easy to notice.

The trims are easy to notice, making it convenient for them to frame and shape the doors, giving a personality to the large attached two-car garage.

The pairing of the green trims and brown doors is destined to look great as it’s a pairing that nature offers in the form of the soil and green-leafed plants, and many other things.

Almost always associated with nature, the green color of the trims is one that’s considered fresh, natural, and restful.

It gives the garage’s exterior a fresh and natural look while creating a cozy feel that helps make the space a more pleasant place to be at.

12. The Idea of Using Black Trims on Craftsman Garage Doors is Definitely an Exciting One

the idea of using black trims on craftsman garage doors is definitely an exciting one
the idea of using black trims on craftsman garage doors is definitely an exciting one. image © trotteroverheaddoor.com

Using black trims on these light-colored craftsman garage doors was definitely an exciting idea since it boldly creates frames that really define the looks of the door due to the fabulous presence of the trims.

Black is considered a color that has total control over others, and that’s why.

Thanks to incorporating the black frames into its design, the large craftsman’s three-car garage gets a sophisticated look.

After all, black is widely known as a non-color that easily adds a sophisticated feel to virtually everything that it touches. The sleek black trims of these garages help maintain order in the vicinity.

The exposed bricks of the attached garage, although well organized, in a way create an illusion that the exterior is not that perfect in terms of the order.

The trims really break the flow of the varying colors of the bricks, creating an orderly look that gives off a non-emotional yet powerfully alluring look to the exterior.

As black is symbolic of elegance, these trims help add an elegant look to the large garage’s exterior.

It suits the style of the craftsman garage since elegance in simplicity is something that craftsman properties are always willing to embrace.

13. Using Simple Trapezoid Light Brown Door Trims for a Rustic Garage is a Brilliant Idea to Try

using simple trapezoid light brown door trims for a rustic garage is a brilliant idea to try
using simple trapezoid light brown door trims for a rustic garage is a brilliant idea to try. image © silver mountain construction, llc

Garage door trims can be designed in any way, and deciding to let them take the form of trapezoid trims in light brown can be a brilliant idea to try.

It gives a garage a quite unusual look since, although not the most unique one, trapezoid trims are used in fewer garages compared to other trim designs.

Made of wood and retaining their natural light brown color, the trapezoid trims to suit the large rustic garage flawlessly.

The large detached two-car garage has a dark brown door, making the trims very visible due to their brighter color. This allows them to easily give the door a form that looks quite unusual and interesting to many.

It’s all due to the fact that trapezium is among the lesser-known shapes, making it very easy for it to create a look that won’t be found on too many garage exteriors.

This is what gives this rustic garage a special personality that helps increase its value, especially in terms of visuals.

It’s quite fitting that trapezium is a shape that can be utilized to show stability, making it an excellent shape to use to frame a garage door. Stable-looking trims are always preferable, after all.

14. A Dark Green Trim Makes an Excellent Frame for a Farmhouse Garage Door

a dark green trim makes an excellent frame for a farmhouse garage door
a dark green trim makes an excellent frame for a farmhouse garage door. image © nicholsonbuilders.com

Boasting an enchanting exterior, this farmhouse detached garage sports a very light grey door that suits the farmhouse color scheme.

The two-car garage gets even luckier when it gets a dark green trim framing its door. This trim makes a perfect frame for the door since it goes well with the very light shade of grey the door is in.

Much darker in color, the dark green trim is woven into the overall color scheme of the garage’s exterior in a manner that instantly gives it a classy look.

Thanks to its inclusion, the garage gives off an aura that’s so pleasant to be engulfed by, even though it isn’t exactly the most cheerful one.

The dark green trim adds an extra classic feel to the exterior as well since it’s among the colors that create such an effect, along with blues and browns.

It’s especially so when paired with a very bright shade of grey like the one present on the door.

The combination of the dark green trim and the light grey garage door somehow gives a modern spin on the exterior’s traditional color scheme.

It also helps create an extra cozy atmosphere at the garage, making spending time at it even more enjoyable.

15. Simple Red Door Trims Capture the Soul of a Craftsman Garage Well

simple red door trims capture the soul of a craftsman garage well
simple red door trims capture the soul of a craftsman garage well. image © jzerrer.com

Although not designed in an overly complicated way, these red garage door trims capture the soul of a craftsman property really well.

Despite not being the main color of craftsman houses, red is a color that suits the body of a craftsman’s exterior, making it an excellent choice for craftsman garage door trims.

Large craftsman garage doors will benefit a lot from the addition of red trims.

If the doors are much lighter in color, a red trim’s more vibrant color will pop and define its form. However, when the doors are brown, a red trim won’t pop but still adds an exciting frame that makes the exterior look captivating.

A great thing about red trims is the fact that they attract attention because red is a color that’s considered to be able to attract the most attention in almost any color scheme.

Red is a great color choice for trims since it signifies strength, something that can make a garage door look firm, stable, and well-built at the same time.

Red trims are also stimulating, able to entice the mind of almost whoever is looking at them.

These trims can become exciting additions that create a more vibrant mood in a garage, creating a more positive atmosphere for everyone to happily be engulfed in.


Indeed, you’ve seen quite a number of fabulous garage door trims to be inspired by, and it won’t hurt if you get some tips for creating your own trims.

First of all, when you paint your garage door trims, it’s better that you dip not more than an inch of your angled paintbrush into your paint and make sure to wipe away any excess.

Use short strokes to effectively cover a few feet of your trims as you paint. You should smooth every section of your freshly painted trims with one long stroke in the next step.

Make sure to repeat this with every other next section in your list until all of your trims are painted.

The next tip will be for installing the trims. You should do it slightly away from your jamb edges as you install a trim. It’ll help conceal any discrepancies. Note that the intentional gap between your trim and the edge is called a reveal.

Also, it’s important to note that you need a set square to calculate your trims’ side lengths. You should always adjust your blade on the set square to 1/8 inch and then firmly put the body against your door jamb.

Hardwoods are always the best option in terms of materials to use for your trims. It’s because they resist cracking and warping. Additionally, they can be stained to a stunning finish, too.

Speaking of applying the stain to a hardwood trim, it’s best to do so before you install the piece, and then you can touch up the cut edges and beautifully apply the final finish.

Always consider natural wood as your first material option since it’s really versatile, comes in multiple different sizes, and can be painted to match the color schemes of your garage doors and the exterior of the garage itself.