17 Splendid Crushed Stone Patio Inspirations for a More Aesthetic Outdoor Space

17 Splendid Crushed Stone Patio Inspirations

A crushed stone patio offers a homeowner a large number of options because there are various different stones with distinctive looks to choose from when considering having a patio with a crushed stone base.

There are just so many options available, from bluestone to flagstone to granite or other stones.

Below are more reasons why a crushed stone patio is a pleasant thing to have:

a. Improved Drainage

A crushed stone patio base allows water to easily pass through, providing better drainage.

b. Improved Beauty

Crushed stone suits various patio styles. No matter what style your home is, this material can bring out the beauty of the patio you use it at. It is better than many other materials in this aspect.

This is the kind of material that offers an instant curb appeal and easily improves the aesthetics of a patio. This material’s unique appearance can easily draw people’s eyes to any patios it’s used at, too, serving as an effective visual aid that helps make sure that nothing is ever overlooked.

c. Low Cost and Low Maintenance

That crushed stone is easy to install and requires a meager cost, so it is definitely a fascinating fact. The pleasant bonus is the fact that the material is cheap to maintain.

d. Long-lasting

One fantastic fact about crushed stone is how it doesn’t decay. You won’t need to worry about replacing your ground cover too often, which is sometimes the case when you use wood instead.

e. Flexibility

Increased flexibility is a guarantee when you use crushed stone. After all, this material enables you to create patio paths that can curve to adjust to your landscaping instead of a simple straight path. This material can create a ground cover that naturally fits your patio and scenery.

1. Gravel Crushed Stone Patio with Granite Block Curbing Stone Edging

gravel crushed stone patio with granite block curbing stone edging
gravel crushed stone patio with granite block curbing stone edging. image © westoverld.com

Crushed stone patios generally look really natural, and this one isn’t an exception.

Surrounded by greeneries, this classic gravel crushed stone patio has a ground base that doesn’t need much to blend in with its nature.

The ceramic jar from Bali just outside the edge of the patio’s main area becomes an excellent, natural-looking addition to the space.

With a hole drilled at its bottom, which allows for creating a little fountain with the addition of a pump, pipe, and a waterproof plastic pond liner, the ceramic jar brings life to the patio.

Granite block curbing stone, a.k.a Belgian Block, functions as the edging and separates the jar from the main gravel-filled area of the patio.

Laid to a depth of around 1.5 inches, the gravel was in an amount that wasn’t too much to cause unwanted situations such as the gravel getting kicked up and migrating to the garden beds.

The turquoise chairs, painted using a paint color only the homeowners know of, give the patio a memorable color pop that never looks out of place at the patio.

Adding an irregular yet captivating element to the patio are the dry laid stepping stones that don’t shift and are very convenient to shovel in the snow.

The initially flat area under the gravel has a pre-emergent weed deterrent, keeping the 3/8″ native crushed washed gravel patio from facing dire issues related to weed growth.

2. 3/8″ Crushed Rock Makes a Bright and Homey Pulverized Stone Patio

3/8" crushed rock makes a bright and homey pulverized stone patio
3/8″ crushed rock makes a bright and homey pulverized stone patio. image © huettldesign.com

The flexibility of these 3/8″ crushed rocks makes it very easy to install them and have them faithfully follow the shape of the contemporary patio they’re used at.

Their colors make the patio look bright, and their soil-like appearance gives the space a natural look and a homey atmosphere.

These crushed rocks are really friendly to the feet; they won’t get your feet hurt, and they’re very pleasant and safe to walk on.

The unflashy yet attractive look of the crushed rocks easily gives one an important reason to walk through the patio in great spirits.

The pulverized rocks aren’t meant to create contrast on the patio. Instead, their colors resonate with the wooden furniture used on the patio.

The rocks and furniture pieces are in light colors and all to create an almost uniform look that really does the outdoor space a favor by giving it a light-toned appearance that helps calm the mind.

Thanks to the soil-like rocks, the patio feels full of life, making it feel comfortably invigorating to be in the outdoor area.

The flexibility, colors, and the safe-for-walk properties of the crushed rocks make them perfect for the homey pulverized stone patio, all without having to make too many announcements about their existence.

3. Opalite Crushed Stones Give an Identity to a Serene Farmhouse Patio

opalite crushed stones give an identity to a serene farmhouse patio
opalite crushed stones give an identity to a serene farmhouse patio. image © kcsad.com

Stability is one of the main things that this opalite crushed stone patio offers.

With a smaller size than pea gravel, this kind of crushed stone doesn’t get picked up and then carried when people walk on it. It stays in place better compared to pea gravel.

Opalite crushed stone is extremely easy to walk on as the sensation of stepping and walking on it is very pleasant.

Used on a farmhouse backyard patio, the stone majestically suits the style of the outdoor space. After all, a farmhouse patio is supposed to be a utilitarian space that’s spacious, cozy, classic yet fresh, and aesthetically pleasing.

Surrounded by the opalite crushed stone is a fire pit with a flamed Connecticut bluestone table top.

This firepit with a full range bluestone custom top with corners that do not have seams helps give the patio a serene atmosphere that makes it feel so pleasant spending time in the outdoor area.

Steel edging is used to make sure that the crushed stone floor doesn’t erode over time. The edging keeps the stones in their position as well.

In a lighter color than its surrounding, the opalite crushed stone easily gives an identity to the serene farmhouse patio, an identity that stays true to the space’s style.

4. Buckskin Decomposed Granite Flawlessly Complements an Asian-inspired Crushed Stone Patio

buckskin decomposed granite flawlessly complements an asian-inspired crushed stone patio
buckskin decomposed granite flawlessly complements an asian-inspired crushed stone patio. image © interactive-landscapes.com

Many traditional Asian outdoor spaces benefit from the beauty of soil as these spaces are usually kept as natural as possible.

This seems to be one of the things that inspire the design of this contemporary patio, although it’s not really soil that is used at this beautiful mid-sized backyard patio.

What does the job that should be assigned to the soil at this patio is buckskin decomposed granite, which looks so bright and beautiful in the outdoor space with a fire pit.

This material is very soft, and it has a soil-like natural appearance that definitely suits an Asian-inspired crushed stone patio.

The fact that the patio has no covers makes the addition of the decomposed granite even more fitting since the space now becomes an open area with a tight-knit relationship with nature because of that.

The decomposed granite offers the advantages of gravel, including a softened look, permeability, and a crunchy sound.

Decomposed granite doesn’t suffer from the things that can be considered the disadvantages of gravel, though. Unlike gravel, it stays firm underfoot. Additionally, it’s very easy to add more when it weathers and erodes.

This material complements the Asian-inspired patio flawlessly and offers a lot of comforts and convenience at the same time.

5. A Crushed Stone Patio with a Creamy Gravel Floor and a Stone Veneer Firepit

a crushed stone patio with a creamy gravel floor and a stone veneer firepit
a crushed stone patio with a creamy gravel floor and a stone veneer firepit. image © livinggardenslandscapedesign.com

Functioning as the floor of a Mediterranean patio that can accommodate quite a lot of people, the creamy gravel used in this outdoor space faces no difficulties following the ways of the Mediterranean area.

Stone details are among the primary aspects of Mediterranean spaces, including this simple yet classy patio.

The stone veneer firepit at this patio is one of the parts that define the Mediterranean style of the space, and the crushed stone floor gets along really well with it.

The combination of the gravel and stone veneer used to build the firepit enhances the patio’s aesthetics to a great extent.

The creamy gravel and stone veneer are great options for a patio since they can be quite cheap and are safe and convenient to install and use.

Not to mention the fact that the creamy gravel beautifully complements the firepit’s stone veneer; both look like a natural pair that can guarantee the good looks of outdoor spaces.

The circular design of the creamy gravel floor faithfully, followed by the circular firepit, gives the space an organized look that’s free-flowing and isn’t too rigid.

It makes the space look well-designed, and thanks to that, it’s always going to be a great experience spending some time sitting on the patio while being surrounded by olive trees all around.

6. A Crushed Stone Patio with a Carpet of Decomposed Bluestone

a crushed stone patio with a carpet of decomposed bluestone
a crushed stone patio with a carpet of decomposed bluestone. image © vanzelst.com

The carpet of decomposed bluestone at this huge patio easily adds an elegant look to the space due to its color.

Interestingly, it’s paired with a number of terra cotta chairs, whose hot color contrasts heavily against the very cool-toned color of the crushed stone. The resulting effect is one that’s very pleasing to the eyes.

Combined with greeneries in varying shades of green that surround it, the decomposed bluestone floor makes the patio brim with life, making anyone spending time at it feel very alive.

Created using bluestone, an undeniably natural material, the patio’s crushed stone carpet helps bring the space closer to nature.

The fact that there are no covers shading the patio makes it evident that the space is one that’s meant to mingle with the nature that surrounds it.

For this purpose, decomposed bluestone is a very fitting material to be used due to its naturalness and its weather-defying properties.

Decomposed bluestone has a natural ability to effortlessly withstand harsh weather conditions. It’s perfect to be used as a carpet for an outdoor space that doesn’t bother to try to incorporate some kind of protection into its design.

How the material’s cool tone looks so elegant is just a bonus to the functional benefits it so readily offers.

7. Crushed Granite is Perfect for an Open Crushed Stone Patio

crushed granite is perfect for an open crushed stone patio
crushed granite is perfect for an open crushed stone patio. image © streamlineinteriordesigns.com

Crushed granite is a perfect material for an open Tuscan patio with a pergola like this one.

It’s due to the fact that crushed granite has excellent heat resistance, so there won’t be any issues if it’s used in an outdoor space that constantly gets exposure to sunlight.

The crushed granite called Violetta Quartzite by Kafka used on this patio looks beautiful due to its rose and grey tones.

The tones seem to be lighter here, but in reality, they look better and match the overall scheme of the patio, which is dominated by palette colors.

All the palette colors on the patio, including that of the crushed granite floors, make sure that the space isn’t too conspicuous but is still very pleasing to the eyes.

The natural look and feel of the crushed granite floor and everything surrounding it gives the patio a charming atmosphere.

Affordability is another aspect that makes crushed granite an excellent material choice for a patio floor because this material is known to be quite affordable.

Since granite is a natural stone, every piece of stone is unique, and every lot of crushed granite stone is guaranteed to give the patio it’s used a unique, eye-pleasing appearance.

8. A ‘Bird’s Eye Brown’ Pea Gravel Carpet Makes a Crushed Stone Patio Feel Homey

a 'bird's eye brown' pea gravel carpet makes a crushed stone patio feel homey
a ‘bird’s eye brown’ pea gravel carpet makes a crushed stone patio feel homey. image © deboracarl.com

It benefits a patio a lot when it gets a 1/4″-1/2″ ‘Bird’s Eye Brown’ pea gravel carpet.

For starters, a carpet of a natural material like this effectively helps create a homey atmosphere in an outdoor space. The soft texture of pea gravel makes for an excellent footpath as well.

The exciting thing is, that pea gravel prevents the growth of weeds, so it’s a suitable material to be used to form a patio carpet.

How it prevents erosion and improves drainage is another aspect that makes this material perfect for use as a crushed stone patio floor.

The pea gravel isn’t the only stone-based material used at this patio, though, since Cameron flagstone is set on a decomposed granite base, which is then covered by the pea gravel at the patio.

The dynamics of the three feel so natural, and it complements the Mediterranean style of the space with little to no trouble.

This ever-so-natural gravel carpet brings nature inside as the patio feels a bit like a seating area in the wild, thanks to it and the other natural materials used at the patio.

The addition of folding teak chairs to the scheme favors the design as they get along so well with the crushed stone carpet and other things at the gathering space.

9. Tennessee Fieldstone Brings Elegance to a Crushed Stone Patio

tennessee fieldstone brings elegance to a crushed stone patio
tennessee fieldstone brings elegance to a crushed stone patio. image © yourhomearchitect.com

Used to fill a circular area, the Tennessee fieldstone that forms the carpet of this craftsman patio with a firepit brings elegance to the space.

Fieldstone comes in varying colors, making it tricky to create a cohesive look. However, this patio doesn’t suffer from this drawback as the uniformed grey fieldstone gives it a coherent and elegant look.

Crushed fieldstone is a popular material for a patio as it’s easy to lay for this kind of outdoor space.

The way the fieldstone carpet contrasts against the 24″ fire pit gives the patio a mesmerizing appearance. The rather warm tone of the fire pit clashes with the cool tone of the crushed stone carpet in a way that’s visually pleasing.

Being quite soft in nature, fieldstone makes an excellent patio carpet because the sensation of standing and walking on it is an enjoyable one.

The fact that real grass, soil, and wood surround the fieldstone floor and fire pit also make for a visually mesmerizing effect.

Thanks to the generally warm tones of the soil and wood and the calming green that comes from the real grass in the vicinity, the fieldstone carpet really stands out.

It can singlehandedly decorate the patio in addition to functioning as its ground cover.

10. A Classy Crushed Stone Patio with a 1/4″ Minus Gravel Charcoal Carpet

a classy crushed stone patio with a 1/4" minus gravel charcoal carpet
a classy crushed stone patio with a 1/4″ minus gravel charcoal carpet. image © paradiserestored.com

The manner in which the color of this crushed stone patio ground cover contrasts beautifully against the green field of grass beyond is one that’s definitely mesmerizing.

The 1/4″ minus gravel charcoal used to create the surface of this patio absorbs water effectively, ensuring better filtration at the outdoor gathering area.

The cedar fencing protecting the space helps make the dark grey crushed stone floor more visible.

Add to that the fact that the dark grey color of the gravel charcoal ground cover gives a classy and elegant touch to the entire area. The color is known to represent these two things, making it perfect for patios that exude class like this one.

The flagstone hardscaping on the gravel charcoal floor is paired well with the crushed stone, being in the same color but having different textures.

Whenever it’s lit, the fire raging inside the firepit has a strong presence due to its fiery color being highly visible, with the grey crushed stone and flagstone floor functioning as the backdrop.

With a high porosity level, the charcoal ground cover enhances filtration processes excellently, preventing the area from getting flooded by water.

This, in turn, makes the patio a more enjoyable place to spend time gathering at.

11. Small-sized Grey Gravel Suits a Transitional Crushed Stone Patio Flawlessly

small-sized grey gravel suits a transitional crushed stone patio flawlessly
small-sized grey gravel suits a transitional crushed stone patio flawlessly. image © patinahomedesign.com

The small-sized grey gravel floor of this transitional crushed stone patio suits the bright space flawlessly.

With all the sidings near the patio painted in light grey, there’s no way the floor looks out of place at the residence. The fact that it doesn’t cost too much to create this kind of patio floor is one of the most beneficial things about it.

The ease of installation this kind of crushed stone floor offers on top of its low-cost makes it a highly desirable patio floor option.

What gets paired with the gravel is a seating area with a Sunbrella whose floor is built using very light-colored slab stones that bring uniqueness to the patio.

The manner in which the slab stones contrast against the gravel creates a non-monotonous floor that is really pleasant to take a look at. The fact that the materials differ means that they stay true to the transitional style of the patio.

While the gravel does well to prevent overgrown shrubs and weeds from disturbing balance on the patio, the slab stones provide an ever-unique decoration for the patio.

Both are very easy to repair, making them an unmatched pair of materials to be used on a transitional patio like this one.

12. An Open Crushed Stone Patio with a Pulverized Basalt Floor

an open crushed stone patio with a pulverized basalt floor
an open crushed stone patio with a pulverized basalt floor. image © seedstudio.design

Crushed stone is always a perfect option for an open patio since this kind of material makes such a patio more connected to mother nature.

The pulverized basalt used at this mid-sized backyard patio meets this purpose in style as it effortlessly brings the space closer to nature.

Directly in touch with green decorative plants, the crushed basalt patio represents the owners’ love of the beautiful nature that can only be found outdoors when all kinds of covers are removed.

The wooden dining tables and chairs are perfect companions for the crushed basalt as they abide by the ironclad rule of being as natural as they can.

Despite many natural materials, the crushed basalt patio isn’t necessarily a traditional space. It’s a contemporary space that has a pair of long chairs that seem to have plastic frames in addition to the wooden tables and chairs.

The white surfaces of the long chairs are made very visible by the rather dark color of the crushed basalt floor.

They’re a perfect addition to the pulverized basalt patio as their light-colored surfaces keep things pleasant when one has to sit comfortably on the open patio.

13. A Crushed Stone Patio That Combines 3/4″ Crushed Rock and Decomposed Granite

a crushed stone patio that combines 3/4" crushed rock and decomposed granite
a crushed stone patio that combines 3/4″ crushed rock and decomposed granite. image © ericbrandongomez.com

A concrete paver leads the way to this stunning crushed stone patio whose light color creates a happy mood in the area.

Open in nature, this patio has highly low-maintenance elements such as concrete, ornamental plums, fortnight lilies, and crushed rock that makes up the majority of its floor, giving it a bright and cheerful look in the process.

The 3/4″ crushed rock is combined with a circular decomposed granite area with a John T. Unger brown firepit.

The combination creates a sense of place that easily balances feelings of joy, serenity, and retreat from the city with theatrical looks that really takes the breath away.

The colorful cube ottomans accompanying the firepit make a fresh addition to the bright yet quite monotonic color of the bright crushed rock.

They add color pops that bring variations to the space and prevent it from looking too plain, although beautiful.

The space the crushed rock occupies makes the patio look quite spacious, making it a place that doesn’t feel too restricting as one spends time at it.

Used at a place where trees are allowed to grow big, the material is one that follows the principles of the space strictly and in a magnificent manner.

14. Crushed Granite Makes a Nice Carpet for a Patio Full of Wooden Furniture

crushed granite makes a nice carpet for a patio full of wooden furniture
crushed granite makes a nice carpet for a patio full of wooden furniture. image © marichomes.com

The borders of this crushed stone patio were built using sunken fir beams, which were trenched and set to define the space that eventually became the patio.

The crushed granite used to cover the floor makes a nice carpet for the patio as it combines well with and acts as a lovely backdrop for the wooden furniture sitting on it.

The light brown seating units made of raw cut logs all around the patio benefit a lot from the fact that their colors are highlighted by the contrasting color of the crushed granite.

The same can be said about the stone firepit with a wooden top as it functions as a beautiful visually contrasting pair for the crushed stone floor.

Thanks to the sunken fir borders that keep it in place, the crushed granite won’t go anywhere when the rain pours.

The crushed stone is pleasant to step in and provides excellent cushioning for stepping or walking feet that spend time on its surface.

Always staying firm under your feet, the material is one that you will always feel pleasant to step or walk on.

Possessing a natural appearance, the crushed granite elevates the style of the whole property as well, giving it a much more appealing look to be so proud of.

15. A Traditional Stone Patio with a Crushed Slate Base

a traditional stone patio with a crushed slate base
a traditional stone patio with a crushed slate base. image © elements-landscape.net

Supported by boulder retaining walls, this traditional crushed stone patio offers access to its main area via large slab stone steps.

A stacked stone firepit becomes its centerpiece, and it is all thanks to the crushed slate that fills its main ground area, adding a cool color in the middle of warm tones.

A crushed slate is perfect for a sloping area, making it an appropriate material for this traditional patio, which slopes a little. It’s all due to the fact that crushed slate can help prevent erosion.

The way the crushed slate floor takes advantage of the dark brown soil around it gives the patio a distinctively attractive appearance.

A slate is a popular material to be used as an outdoor surface, it’s fair to say that crushed slate is a perfect material for a patio floor.

It’s a material that resists heat, so an open patio won’t have a floor that’s too hot to walk on when this material is used.

Longevity is another factor that makes crushed slate great. It’s a material that, technically speaking, you don’t need to replace in the span of a lifetime. You simply need to replace it when you consider other options.

As long as you think it’s beautiful, you can just let it be there without having to do maintenance to allow its beauty to shine.

16. Old Savannah Gray Bricks and Mortar Make a Sleek Base for a Crushed Stone Patio

old savannah gray bricks and mortar make a sleek base for a crushed stone patio
old savannah gray bricks and mortar make a sleek base for a crushed stone patio. image © ellisconstructionhhi.com

When it comes to using crushed bricks to fill a patio floor, it’s probably wiser to use gray bricks instead of red ones.

This patio with a base made of Old Savannah gray bricks and mortar can show you why. Not made of clay, crushed gray bricks can make a more solid floor compared to red bricks.

The floor cover that crushed gray bricks and mortar create makes a sleek base for a patio. The circular floor circles a natural gas firepit, which is 6′ across and is laid with a double wall of bricks.

The 8″ brick border defines the form of the patio, giving it its cool circular look.

The crushed brick floor gives the patio a clean appearance that helps make the natural gas firepit stand out. The dark brown wooden patio chairs benefit in a similar way from the clean look of the floor as well.

As the area outside the patio is dominated by brown soil and green leaves, the gray brick and mortar patio has a distinct look in the middle of all the natural life surrounding it.

Its color and the way the material was installed give the space a strong identity as it exists in the open.

17. A Seaside Pebble Tile Ground Makes a Nice Mediterranean Crushed Stone Patio

a seaside pebble tile ground makes a nice mediterranean crushed stone patio
a seaside pebble tile ground makes a nice mediterranean crushed stone patio. image © amslandscapedesign.com

The Seaside pebble tiles, also quite popularly known as Indonesian pebble tiles, make the floor of this Tuscan patio really appropriate materials for the space’s Mediterranean style.

After all, stone details are among the things that make Mediterranean properties, making the pebble perfect for the patio.

The smooth pebble that makes the patio floor come in a 12″x12″ mesh and is a brilliant material for the outdoor gathering area.

The material is incredibly sturdy and able to withstand quite heavy footfall, making it more than an appropriate option for use in the building of a floor, especially one that many people step on as they gather.

Extremely light in color, the pebble floor makes a magnificent frame for the firepit in the heart of the patio due to the contrasting color.

The footless chairs surrounding the firepit have a stronger presence due to their dark colors becoming more visible, with the pebble floor giving them a backdrop to utilize to the fullest.

Able to withstand moisture and heat, the pebble makes a pleasant floor for virtually any condition. It’s super easy to maintain and can last very long, too.

It’s a great addition to the crushed stone patio, being a material that offers the space many beneficial properties on top of making it visually crisp and very pleasing to the eyes.


There undoubtedly are a large number of inspirational crushed stone patios out there.

However, to successfully create your own patio with a pulverized stone ground cover, you might need to know the tricks to install one in addition to getting some ideas from other patios. Here are some steps that you can follow.

  1. First of all, you have to measure and mark your patio’s outline using a measuring tape and marking paint.
  2. Drive wooden stakes into the corners. You can use a hand maul for this.
  3. Attach a mason’s string between your stakes. Make sure that you create a perfect rectangle or square. Note that you can always adjust your stakes whenever necessary.
  4. Excavate your outlined area with a depth of 4 inches at the very least. You can do it using a standard shovel.
  5. Start raking the area using a garden rake. Be very sure that you rake the area as smoothly as you can.
  6. Tamp the bottom of your excavated area to the point that it’s really firm. You can use a hand tamper or a plate compactor for this purpose.
  7. Start digging a trench and make sure that it’s wide enough so that it accommodates the edging around the perimeter of the area that you tamped. Also, it needs to be deep enough to make sure that there are 2 inches of edging below the patio.
  8. Make sure to extend the trench to two more inches below the bottom of your excavated area as well. You can use a square-nose shovel for this step.
  9. Lay out a landscape fabric over your entire patio area in order to keep the stones above the ground and to prevent weed growth. For solid edging materials, make sure you extend your fabric into your trench. Then, overlap the fabric sections 6 inches at the very least.
  10. Fill your trench with 2 inches of gravel to effectively support solid edging materials and then directly install plastic edging into your soil by taking the manufacturer’s instructions into account. Make sure that the edging can extend 1 inch above the adjoining ground level and ½ inch above the top of your finished patio surface.
  11. Install your solid edging material in your trench and make sure to keep each piece level with the next one. For this purpose, you can use a standard level and hand maul to successfully make any needed adjustments.
  12. Fill 4 inches of your excavated area with crushed stones, and then level the area out as much as you can using a garden rake.
  13. To finish your project, you simply need to tamp across your patio surface to the point that your crushed stone is firmly compacted. To achieve this goal, you can use a hand tamper or a plate compactor. To ensure perfectly even compaction, you should make a minimum of three passes over your entire patio.