15 Dreamy Navy and White Kitchen Ideas That Will Effectively Spruce Up Your Cooking Space

15 Dreamy Navy And White Kitchen Ideas

Clean, crisp, and classic. The combination of navy and white creates a bold yet timeless appearance in kitchens.

Mixing navy cabinets with a white island, and vice versa, is a really effective idea for creating a dreamy kitchen with a two-tone look.

Known by many as a combo that promotes a clean feeling, a navy and white color scheme is an excellent combination to be used in a kitchen. This color scheme suits various kitchens, especially beach-style kitchens, effectively creating a nautical palette.

A fresh, polished feel is a guarantee in a kitchen that combines navy and white. Better yet, the combo of these two colors never goes out of style. This is perhaps why it’s considered a timeless combination.

Navy gets a lively lift when put against white, a color known as its classic contrast partner. A juxtaposition of the two can create an energizing effect, the kind that space meant to be used to make appetizing meals would benefit from.

A number of kitchens below, painted using various paint products such as Sherwin Williams’ Commodore Navy and Benjamin Moore’s Hale Navy, among others, will show you the effects navy and white can create. Enjoy your scroll.

1. A Kitchen with Sherwin Williams Commodore Navy Wall Cabinetry and White Dining Wing Chairs

a kitchen with sherwin williams commodore navy wall cabinetry and white dining wing chairs
a kitchen with sherwin williams commodore navy wall cabinetry and white dining wing chairs. image © luludesigns.com

Wall cabinetry painted using Sherwin Williams’ Commodore Navy really calms the length of this eat-in kitchen, whose lower cabinetry painted in greige goes well with the navy ones. All made of hardwood, the cabinets are durable on top of being eye-pleasing.

The navy wall cabinetry against white countertops on the greige lower cabinets gives a strong character and a charming presence to the kitchen.

A similar effect is repeated when four white wingback chairs, 30x30x35 tall in size and surrounding a round top table with a 42-inch diameter, are put against navy walls.

Hanging above the white chairs is an 11″ wide chandelier purchased from Sundance Catalog, which is versatile and brings elegance into the kitchen.

Functioning as covers for the wide window on the navy walls near the chandelier are navy Michael John fabric curtains, sold to-the-trade products the window is proud to have.

This kitchen is both relaxing and fresh with a combination of cabinet-furniture-wall-curtains in navy and white.

After all, a study has proven that navy is the most relaxing color, whereas many experts agree that white is a color that embodies freshness.

2. A Kitchen That Houses a Benjamin Moore Hale Navy Island and White Wall Cabinets

a kitchen that houses a benjamin moore hale navy island and white wall cabinets
a kitchen that houses a benjamin moore hale navy island and white wall cabinets. image © coryconnordesigns.com

Even though there are more white shaker cabinets in this kitchen, the presence of the Benjamin Moore Hale Navy island doesn’t diminish in the slightest.

It’s due to the fact that navy blue is a color that evokes feelings of authority, power, and importance, so it won’t be overpowered by neutrals or consider itself less essential.

With a white marble countertop on top and navy and white serena and lily stools accompanying it, the island finds its color scheme interestingly reversed on the base cabinets close by.

The white base cabinetry with navy countertops gets paired with a white Walker Zanger backsplash, creating a clean contrast instilled with the classic chemistry of the two colors.

Lit by globe pendants, the u-shaped kitchen with a dark wood floor is a kitchen full of softness and warmth due to the shades of white used to paint its cabinets.

The soft and warm whites combine exceptionally well with the sophisticated appearance created by Hale Navy.

3. A Huge Floor to Ceiling Navy Cabinet Painted with Benjamin Moore Van Deusen in a Kitchen with White Subway Tile Backsplash

a huge floor to ceiling navy cabinet painted with benjamin moore van deusen in a kitchen with white subway tile backsplash
a huge floor to ceiling navy cabinet painted with benjamin moore van deusen in a kitchen with white subway tile backsplash. image © studiodearborn.com

Spaciousness allows the navy island and floor to ceiling cabinetry of this kitchen to sit comfortably in the room.

Painted using Benjamin Moore’s Van Deusen, they’re balanced by perimeter cabinetry painted in Benjamin Moore’s Chantilly Lace, a bright shade of white that helps highlight the presence of the navy island and cabinets.

Adding aesthetics to the kitchen are a stylish suspended fireplace, gold and white lights from Rejuvenation, a Subzero fridge, an oven and range from Viking, Soho Concept light gray and brown stools, and Bosch dishwashers.

All of these pieces of stuff look wonderful as they’re put against a white oak floor stained in a darker color, perhaps Jacobean.

The bright white quartz composite countertop with a mitered edge that brings it up to 2″ by PentalQuartz, which is known as “super white”, comes to provide further evidence that the combination of navy and white works in this kitchen.

The white subway tile backsplash with Laticrete grout in raven connects with white glass-front cabinets and the whole wall to take the hands of the navy floor-to-ceiling cabinets.

The inevitable result is an effect that gives the spacious kitchen an uncomplicated yet very cool appearance.

4. A Kitchen with Matching Navy Base Cabinets with White Marble Countertops

a kitchen with matching navy base cabinets with white marble countertops
a kitchen with matching navy base cabinets with white marble countertops. image © alisonkandler.com

Totally matching are the navy island and the base cabinets in this eat-in kitchen, each having white marble countertops that set off the deep hue of the island and cabinetry.

The combo looks fascinating as it symbolizes whitecaps that break atop navy blue waves.

Intriguingly, the navy island and cabinets are on the lower parts of the kitchen. In contrast, the upper parts are dominated by white, creating a totally white upper area and virtually all navy lower area with brown hardwood floor at the base.

Pendants with white covers, white glass-front corner wall cabinets, and a window with a custom-made red and white treatment dominate the upper part of the kitchen, stating that the top of the room is theirs for the taking.

Comfortably occupying the space in between are ceramic subway tiles forming a clean and, at times, shiny backsplash.

Joining the rest to contrast heavily against the navy island and base cabinets, they contribute to giving a sleek and bold look to the traditional kitchen.

5. A Kitchen with a Navy Island and White Shaker Cabinets Accentuated by a Grey Backsplash

a kitchen with a navy island and white shaker cabinets accentuated by a grey backsplash
a kitchen with a navy island and white shaker cabinets accentuated by a grey backsplash. image © adesigninteriors.com

Predominant in this large L-shaped vinyl floor kitchen is shaker cabinets, existing both on the walls and at the perimeter, with a set of white dining chairs helping them state the dominance of white in the meal-making space.

Still, the superior number of the white cabinets is effectively balanced by a single navy island, quite large in size and evoking feelings of great importance, with a white quartz countertop.

The light grey porcelain backsplash in the background looks great in the kitchen because the color is complementary to both navy and white.

The manner in which navy and grey are used in this kitchen is one that color experts would deem excellent, as they agree that picking shades that contrast heavily, such as light and dark, is a way to combine these two colors.

While the white cabinets create a clean look and the navy island exudes a cool aura and strong presence, the grey backsplash brings elegance into the kitchen.

This combination works on so many levels and, despite being simple, is what many people dream of having.

6. A Really Modern-looking Kitchen with Side by Side Navy and White Walls

a really modern-looking kitchen with side by side navy and white walls
a really modern-looking kitchen with side by side navy and white walls. image © tamaraeatondesign.com

More often than not, people would love their wood floors to at least retain their natural appearances, even if there are only traces of them left.

However, the owners of this bungalow-style kitchen chose to have their floor painted in white to match the color of the walls and ceiling.

The addition of white raised-panel base cabinets seemed to become the herald of white’s supreme dominance in the kitchen, but that’s not the case.

The wall with a long shelf above the base cabinets got painted in navy, creating a side by side navy and white walls, balancing out the white parts since navy is a bolder color with a stronger presence.

The rest of the kitchen is almost predominantly metal, as we have a chest freezer, a bottom freezer, an oven, and a movable metal island, all in their unpainted metal color, giving the kitchen a modern look.

It’s fortunate that the color of the stainless-steel appliances in this kitchen is complementary to the navy and white walls, resulting in a modern and eye-catching appearance that looks incredibly natural.

7. Countertop Stools with Navy Upholstery are Perfect Additions to an Almost All-white Kitchen

countertop stools with navy upholstery are perfect additions to an almost all-white kitchen
countertop stools with navy upholstery are perfect additions to an almost all-white kitchen. image © deaneinc.com

An abundance of white can never be bad because it’s a color that can act as a canvas that showcases other colors.

The white walls, base cabinets, Carrara quartzite backsplash, island, and hood, which allow some silver cameos, in this kitchen are prime examples of this as they dominate the room, effectively making any other colors stand out in it.

Put against a white island with a white marble countertop below white hanging lights, four countertop stools with navy upholstery and small black legs continue with the navy trend and steal the show in the kitchen.

Readily there in front of the cooking area, the stools are perfect for a quick snack or even a breakfast.

Standing firmly on a medium tone brown wood floor, the stools provide one of the only colors aside from white in the kitchen, along with light green and orange flowers functioning as decorations, among others.

Fortunately, being in a color that embodies authority, the stools still holds the most imposing presence of all, despite not being too massive in size, making them perfect additions to the almost all-white kitchen.

Even with the other colors in the kitchen, the space is still essentially a navy and white room, one that’s bright yet not too blinding.

8. A Kitchen with a Navy Island and White Beaded Inset Cabinets Accentuated by an Aqua Backsplash

a kitchen with a navy island and white beaded inset cabinets accentuated by an aqua backsplash
a kitchen with a navy island and white beaded inset cabinets accentuated by an aqua backsplash. image © jacksonpaige.com

Predominant in this timeless mid-sized L-shaped kitchen with a medium tone wood floor are white beaded inset cabinets that offer additional decorative details to the space.

Known as cabinets that have frames within frames, these units enhance the appearance of the kitchen thanks to their unconventional designs.

Coming in the forms of wall storage units, base cabinets, and floor-to-ceiling cabinetry with glass-front tops, the beaded inset cabinets rule a lot of territories in the traditional kitchen.

Contributing significantly to enabling the cabinets to look both firm and beautiful is cabinet hardware the designers got from Restoration Hardware and efficiently made use of.

Paired with the beaded inset cabinetry is a navy island with a countertop that’s mostly white marble and seemingly has a small fragment of the wooden surface. Used only at the lower part of the kitchen, the navy island doesn’t feel empowering at all.

Still a relative of the navy island, an aqua backsplash built using 3″ x 6″ tiles from Waterworks Grove, which accentuates navy and white in a simple yet result-guaranteeing manner.

A bright, refreshing, and uplifting kitchen is the product of the incorporation of the backsplash into the navy and white space.

9. Glass-front Cabinets That Combine Navy and White are Innovative Additions Any Kitchen Would Love to Get

glass-front cabinets that combine navy and white are innovative additions any kitchen would love to get
glass-front cabinets that combine navy and white are innovative additions any kitchen would love to get. image © houzz

Never shying away from using too much white or blue, this u-shaped eat-in kitchen with a wood floor looks so bright with all the white walls, ceiling, wall-mounted cabinetry, base cabinets, and even hanging lights.

Balancing all the brightness created by white are navy base cabinetry with a white countertop and a totally matching navy island surrounded by dining stools with cream upholstery, which complements the island well.

Thrown into the mix is a navy hood sandwiched by white wall cabinets above a chevron backsplash, creating a stark contrast that looks mesmerizing despite being unornamented.

Sandwiching the windows with dark frames are glass-front cabinets that even combine the two main colors of the kitchen. They store things away, showcase decorative items, and become innovative additions to the transitional kitchen.

10. A Navy Island with Bookshelves Painted to Match Sherwin Williams Naval in a Kitchen with White Cabinetry

a navy island with bookshelves painted to match sherwin williams naval in a kitchen with white cabinetry
a navy island with bookshelves painted to match sherwin williams naval in a kitchen with white cabinetry. image © wynterhousedesigns.com

Cooking and reading are two activities that can be conducted conveniently in this kitchen with an exposed beam thanks to the bookshelves on its navy island with a white quartz countertop.

Whenever it’s lit by modern black 1950s Paris Street Lamp Pendant from Restoration Hardware, the Ranier Quartz island countertop, which is a Carrara lookalike, shines beautifully in the kitchen.

Getting sandwiched by white wall shaker cabinets and wooden wall shelves above white base cabinetry is a set of Wolf range, riser, splash, and hood that contributes to adding a modern appearance to the space.

Navy glass-front floor to ceiling cabinets with exposed wooden shelves near a navy bench with grey cushioning make the kitchen look richer.

Imitating the look of the navy cabinetry in this kitchen is easy because all of them were painted using a custom paint color that’s uncannily similar to Sherwin Williams’ Naval #6244.

11. A Beach-Style Kitchen with White Cabinets and a Big Navy Island Matched by a Blue Subway Tile Backsplash

a beach-style kitchen with white cabinets and a big navy island matched by a blue subway tile backsplash
a beach-style kitchen with white cabinets and a big navy island matched by a blue subway tile backsplash. image © rlhstudio.com

Navy and white are a pair well known as the definer of a beach-style kitchen.

A big navy island with a white granite countertop and white cabinets that reach the ceiling and come with an integrated bottom freezer and oven gives this beach-style space its precious identity.

Although not as bright as the cabinets, the white shiplap ceiling further states the obvious; that the mid-sized single-wall kitchen is a beach-style one.

Wooden dining chairs with dark orange cushioning sitting fittingly before the island agrees with the statement made by the shiplap ceiling.

Even the medium tone wood floor, stainless steel appliances, and shiny metal hanging lights are there to reiterate the beachy soul of the kitchen in a convenient yet highly efficient manner.

There to more or less match the navy island, the blue subway tile backsplash is a part of the kitchen, thanks to which the essence of the beach style is conveniently captured and held captive in the room.

12. A Balanced Combination of Navy and White in a Kitchen with Flat-panel Cabinets

a balanced combination of navy and white in a kitchen with flat-panel cabinets
a balanced combination of navy and white in a kitchen with flat-panel cabinets. image © archea.co

With all of its flat-panel cabinets being in the navy, this L-shaped kitchen with a light wood floor boasts a balanced combo of navy and white that leads to the creation of a sleek, clean, elegant and sophisticated look.

Interestingly, nothing aside from the cabinets is navy; white countertops, walls, and ceiling are primary examples, whereas a beige floor and white hanging lights are secondary ones.

Contrast is used without holding back in this kitchen, helping the designers to avoid a rather muddied-up palette and effectively supply the eyes of the beholders with resting places.

A quite large window quickly brings natural light into the kitchen, letting the white walls, ceiling, and countertops shine, whereas the navy flat-panel cabinets make sure that the kitchen doesn’t look too flashy and blinding for one’s liking.

13. Additions of Red, Brown, Black, and Yellow Beautify a Contemporary Navy and White Kitchen

additions of red, brown, black, and yellow beautify a contemporary navy and white kitchen
additions of red, brown, black, and yellow beautify a contemporary navy and white kitchen. image © pataross.com

The light-colored backdrop created by the white walls and ceiling supported by the concrete floor in this kitchen is used to maximum advantage by the navy base cabinets and island with a brown wooden countertop.

The perfect backdrop lifts the navy cabinets and island along with the navy cupboard integrated with a refrigerator and oven, making them stand out in the L-shaped open concept cooking space.

Being put against navy, a color that’s clearly their opposite, the red stools in front of the island pop whereas the brown countertops add an antique appearance to this kitchen, which is a part of a 1920s bungalow.

The modern black hanging lights create an appealing contrast with the navy island, partly thanks to the inner parts of the lights that fortunately got born colored bright yellow. Beautifying the kitchen is a simple thing for these things.

14. A Barn Door is a Unique Addition to a Kitchen with Navy Walls Put Against White Cabinets

a barn door is a unique addition to a kitchen with navy walls put against white cabinets
a barn door is a unique addition to a kitchen with navy walls put against white cabinets. image © belisacorral.com.br

Alluring is the appearance created by walls painted in navy put against white cabinets and countertop in this kitchen.

One of the ultimate classic combinations, navy and white rendezvous to identify a personality for the very sociable area with a wooden dining table surrounded by white dining chairs.

Drama and mystery are a guarantee in this kitchen since it’s what navy brings but at the same time, a refreshing ambiance is present in the space as well, thanks to the uplifting white paired with the color.

A white glass-front sliding barn door incorporated into the kitchen is an unexpected addition to the room and oftentimes, unexpected means interesting.

Not needing additional clearance spaces for swinging open a regular door, this door helps save space and gives the kitchen an alluring look.

Contrasting with the navy wall behind it, the sliding barn door is true to the philosophy of the kitchen, which wants to stay navy and white at all costs and give it a modern look despite basically being a traditional door.

15. Recessed-paneled Navy Cabinets Beautifully Pop Off White Granite Kitchen Countertops

recessed-paneled navy cabinets beautifully pop off white granite kitchen countertops
recessed-paneled navy cabinets beautifully pop off white granite kitchen countertops. image © freshairdesignsnc.com

A cozy breakfast nook is incorporated into this transitional kitchen that is shaded by a white ceiling, looking cute because of its size and the lovely design of the low, round-top wooden dining table.

Having a strong commanding presence in the kitchen, navy floor to ceiling cabinets with open walnut shelves, wall cabinetry, base cabinets, and an island in the same color beautifully pop-off white granite countertops.

The conjunction between the navy recessed-paneled cabinets and the island with the white countertops represents one of the oldest and most tried partnerships.

While many believe that this pairing may create a nautical motif easily, it doesn’t necessarily need to.

Different from the high-contrast appearance that can be created by combining black and white, the combination of navy and white creates a slightly subdued contrast that gives birth to an inviting atmosphere, as evidenced by this kitchen.


A navy and white combination is a tried formula that has worked in countless kitchens due to the strong affinity between the two colors, which dates back to classic times.

These tips might be useful to you in your quest to incorporate the two colors as the primary colors of your kitchen:

a. Use Floor-to-ceiling Cabinets along with One of Your Kitchen Walls

Navy works exceptionally well on kitchen walls, cabinets, tiles, appliances, and accessories. Many kitchens have navy floor-to-ceiling cabinets put against white walls and ceilings because the combination works in an unbelievably effective manner.

The key is to use the floor-to-ceiling unit along just one wall to draw attention and instill life into the area, creating a powerful statement. Complementing it with an island in a totally matching color, in this case, navy is a common yet result-guaranteeing trick.

b. Use Lighter Flooring

It’s one thing to put navy against its partner in crime, the bright white, but using the flooring in a lighter color helps as well. It helps keep a balanced look and make the kitchen feel brighter and livelier, preventing it from looking gloomy being dominated by a dark color.

c. Use White Surfaces

This is the reason why navy islands and base cabinets usually have white countertops, be it marble, granite, or quartz. A white countertop stops a navy island or base cabinet from overpowering the kitchen they’re in.

d. Consider Using Wood

Wooden materials can bring out the warmth within a navy and white kitchen. It works especially well with finishes like warm oak, reclaimed teak, and maple.

e. A Glamorous Touch Helps

It’s important to note that the navy can easily turn ordinary things into sensational ones. For example, adding a chandelier to a navy and white kitchen can help significantly improve the overall looks of the space.

f. Paint Your Wall in Navy

Navy cabinets might be too permanent, so one of the better options to achieve a navy look in your navy and white kitchen is painting one of your walls in the dark blue color instead.

g. Only Use Navy at the Base

Using navy only on the low-level cabinetry is another way to prevent the color from becoming too overpowering in a kitchen. It also helps create a more balanced look of a navy lower area and a white upper area.

h. Elevate Your Color Scheme

Using navy up top isn’t necessarily bad. If used in a limited amount at the top of your kitchen, navy can elevate your color scheme without overwhelming the room. Some kitchens use small wall-mounted cabinets in navy against white backdrops, and it works.