11 Most Marvelous Blue and Yellow Bedroom Ideas for Comfy and Beautiful Sleeping Environment

11 Most Marvelous Blue And Yellow Bedroom Ideas For Comfy And Beautiful Sleeping Environment

What crosses your mind when the phrase ‘blue and yellow bedroom’ reaches your range of hearing? Well, you might think that the combination of the two colors should look good in a bedroom. But are you totally sure? Are you aware of the reasons why these two colors are amongst the best to throw into any bedrooms?

Well, first of all, the combination of blue and yellow does look good in a bedroom. After all, blue is associated with feelings of calmness. It is frequently described as secure, tranquil, orderly, and peaceful, which are the adjectives you would surely associate with the act of sleeping.

On the other hand, yellow, being the most visible color, is considered the most attention-grabbing color. It will surely give your bedroom its dose of eye-catching looks. In addition, yellow is also described as warm and cheery. Nobody will deny that having a warm color in your bedroom will help you sleep a lot better.

The combination between blue and yellow, naturally, suits any bedrooms and it looks fabulous to top it off. If you are considering pairing blue and yellow in your bedroom, we have listed 11 marvelous bedrooms that consented to be the houses for beautiful combinations of blue and yellow below for you. We have also included some details that can help you build your own marvelous blue and yellow bedroom using these bedrooms as sources of ideas and inspirations.

Without further ado, let’s start drowning ourselves in the creative ideas provided by the marvelous bedrooms below.

A Comfy Sleeping Environment with Blue, Yellow, and Green Color Scheme

it turns out that green does suit a traditional bedroom with combo of blue and yellow
It turns out that green does suit a traditional bedroom with combo of blue and yellow! image © storybook interiors

Feast your eyes on this fabulous traditional bedroom. It combines three primary colors: blue, yellow, and green. The shade of blue exists on one wall of the room is navy. Another wall is painted in yellow. Navy is also present on the room’s bedding and one of the pillows.

In this room, blue and yellow is combined with green. A very light shade of green, chartreuse exists on one layer of the bedding while a darker one, parakeet, is present on the bedside table. It goes without saying that this bedroom looks incredibly fabulous, despite not being too flashy. Naturally, we would love to share what we love the most from the room.

First of all, the fact that green is a mixture of blue and yellow makes it combine seamlessly and naturally with the two colors. It is like green is fated to be there among all the blue and yellow in the room. It fits the combination really well.

The fact that the colors do not only come from the paint is also great. We really love the way the designer of this bedroom play with colors by placing pillows in different colors such as green, yellow, navy, sky blue, and admiral, a darker shade of blue. There are no two exact same pillows in this bedroom.

We also fancy the sky lamp cover. It is gorgeous and it suits the parakeet bedside table really well. This bedroom shows that you do not always need paint to mash up colors and beautify a room. After all, colors are present in everything and you just need to work smart to mix them.

In this bedroom’s case, the designer did brilliantly to combine paint, furniture, and various items to create a fabulous traditional bedroom that offers a lot of comfort. Well, it also offers style as the wall decorations on the yellow wall are simple but really stylish. They come in the form of three white frames with big yellow letters. It can be anything from the initials of one’s name to the short for one’s favorite phrases or anything. The one thing that is obvious is the fact that it makes the room look even better.

Create a Lively Solar System-themed Bedroom with Blue Walls and Ceiling and Pops of Yellow

a stellar contemporary bedroom that lets you explore the solar system centering on a yellow and orange sun in the middle of a sky of blue walls and ceiling
A stellar contemporary bedroom that lets you explore the solar system centering on a yellow and orange sun in the middle of a sky of blue walls and ceiling! image © spacecoastconstruction.com

Are you planning on building a bedroom for your kid? If yes, then you should try building a solar system-themed bedroom. This is one of the best themes that you can use when trying to combine blue and yellow. Just look at the picture above to get some awesome inspirations.

This bedroom is surrounded by blue walls, which represent the sky. The walls were actually base-coated in blue, satin-sheen paint in a mid-tone level. The paint was picked according to the bedcover. After being base-coated, the walls then get an application of a glaze in navy blue. The process was also applied to the ceiling. If you want to create something like this, one important tip to note is how it is important to start with the ceiling. This way, you can easily wipe off any drips along the wall.

As the room is solar system-themed, it is only natural to have a lot of yellow in addition to black. In this room, yellow is really prominent as, along with orange, it is the main two colors of the sun painted on the center of the ceiling.

For your information, everything you see on this bedroom’s ceiling was hand-painted. Jeff Huckaby was the artist that hand painted the entire thing. You might wonder what drywall finish was used for this bedroom. It was the industry standard finish and a light knockdown was done for the textured finish.

Obviously, the comets, planets, moons, and asteroids, were not hand-painted. They are suspended objects. If you would love to add some suspended planets for your kid’s bedroom, you can try getting some hanging planets from The Land of Nod.

Yellow, along with orange, is also present on the lower part of the walls. They combine beautifully with sky, a lighter shade of blue. Another thing you might notice is Stitch, who sits peacefully on the bed and fits the space theme perfectly. It was purchased online so you can find one easily if you are interested to add one to your kid’s bedroom as well.

A Combination of Banana Yellow Walls and a Loyal Blue Wooden Door for a Luxurious Look

a combination of banana yellow walls and a loyal blue wooden door for a luxurious look
when you successfully combine banana yellow, loyal blue, and open seas in a farmhouse bedroom, incomparable luxury is what you will get. image © virgetemme.com

Considering building a mid-sized farmhouse bedroom? Well, this farmhouse bedroom can be your source of inspirations if you are. The designer of this bedroom did extremely well to combine yellow and blue and create an identity for the room.

Seeing the room, you might wonder what is the color used to paint the wall. From the looks of it, the paint color seems to be the banana yellow. Planning on painting your bedroom wall in this color as well? You can try Benjamin Moore’s banana yellow 2022-40.

The aspect that we love the most about this bedroom is how the banana yellow on the wall looks really good among the other colors in the room. The room itself is special because of the hand-painting. There are beautiful hand-painted spots around the house. One of the most notable is the door. It is painted in loyal, a dark shade of blue, and suits the wall so well.

The hand-painting, naturally, is not the only thing that makes this midsize cottage master bedroom located in Milwaukee beautiful. There are also plenty of things that host the soul of blue in this bedroom. The most prominent examples are the bedcover with aegean patterns and an open seas pillow on it. There is also an antique chest painted in aegean in front of the bed. Together, the combination of yellow and blue in this bedroom manages to effortlessly cram luxury into the space.

Combine a Blue-yellow Comforter, a Blue Pillow, and Sun Porch Bedside Tables for a Homey Bedroom

combine a blue-yellow comforter, a blue pillow, and sun porch bedside tables for a homey bedroom
when a band of blue and yellow shades consisting of sky, bumblebee, daffodil, banana yellow, aegean, butterscotch, and sun porch marches in the town, other color combinations barely stand a chance. image © houzz.com

Is being homey your main criterion when it comes to deciding on what kind of bedroom you would love to build?

Well, it is not that hard to build a homey bedroom, as long as you know where to get inspirations from. And believe me you don’t need to go too far to get those inspirations. Just look at this simple yet astonishing transitional bedroom! It has everything you need if blue and yellow are the colors you’d love to dominate your bedroom.

This bedroom doesn’t fancy the ideas of being to overcrowded with various colors to look astonishing, and this is what we like about it. It focuses on the primary colors it demands necessary for its makeup. First of all, it has a bed with a sky sheet and a bumblebee and banana yellow.

To contrast the light sky, bumblebee, and banana yellow, there’s a blue-yellow comforter dominated by aegean, which is a darker shade of blue constitutes its main color, on the bed.

The comforter also has patterns in a lighter shade of blue, sky, and a darker shade of yellow, butterscotch on it. To compliment them, there are three pillows on the bed. One of the pillows matches the comforter perfectly whereas another one is sky in color with the last one comes in daffodil, a slightly darker yellow-colored than the banana yellow that exists beneath it on the bedcover.

Located in San Francisco, this bedroom also has two sun porch bedside tables. These bedside tables match the bed perfectly. If you are interested in having similar tables, you can either search online or paint your own bedside tables in sun porch. You can purchase Benjamin Moore’s Sun Porch 2023-30 if you like the idea.

Why Don’t You Consider a Combo of Farrow and Ball Light Blue Paint and Yellow Vases?

why don’t you consider a combo of farrow and ball light blue paint and yellow vases
let farrow and ball light blue and yellow marry if you want to have a child in the form of a simple yet coolly modern bedroom. image © lucyharrisstudio.com

Wanting to give each of your guests a great experience when they sleep over? Get some ideas from this cool guest bedroom. The key aspect of this bedroom that makes it work is its unapologetic way of using colors. After all, it simply uses farrow and ball light blue paint on its walls and that’s it. There’s no need to ponder on whatever many colors to cram into the room beside this light shade of blue.

Instead, the room focuses on bringing a small amount but flashy yellow into the room. The yellows are really catchy in this room. It comes in the form of, for starters, a yellow tube vase from Raymor, which really stands out despite its small size. The other vase is a yellow stripped vase, also from Raymor. There are other decor elements in the bedroom but you cannot ignore the yellow flowers on a transparent jar beside the yellow stripped vase.

The other decor elements you see in the picture are ALT for Living’s merino wool blanket in grey and yellow, burnished brass pivot sconces from Gentner Design, and Bourgeois Boheme Atelier’s concorde chandelier, and a clear glass bedside tables with floating drawers from DDC, among others. If you like simple but coolly modern bedrooms as much as we do, this New York bedroom should offer more than enough ideas to work on.

Achieve the Masculine Look by Combining Blue Walls with Yellow Accents and Hints of Gray

achieve the masculine look by combining blue walls with yellow accents and hints of gray
a masculine look is surprisingly easy to achieve if you just know how to pair blue and yellow and throw a bit of grey into the mix. image © jgid.co

What kind of bedroom are you trying to build? A feminine one? A masculine one? If the latter is your choice, this transitional bedroom located in San Francisco should be your textbook for this session. Pairing blue and yellow, this bedroom makes it look easy to bring masculinity into a bedroom.

First of all, this bedroom has an indigo and aegean wall behind the bed. A custom wall treatment was done to the wall so that it has some indigo blocks whereas some others are in aegean. This wall easily brings masculinity into the room. With the help of large floor-to-ceiling navy curtains, more sense of masculinity is brought into the room.

The room now has a lot of blue in it but it seems that it is not enough. After all, there is a strong presence of blue on the bed exuded by the denim comforter and pillows. They are adorned by cool patterns in the form of organized ‘L’ letters in yellow.

The one thing that we love from the design is the smart use of gray in the room. Gray is thrown into the mix by using a big gray bed in the heart of the space. The bed is between two stone bedside tables with yellow tops. In front of the bed, there is a bench with storage space in the form of gray and yellow boxes below it. Overall, the combination of blue, yellow, and gray in this bedroom doesn’t fail to achieve its objective, which is to create a masculine feel in the room.

A Sapphire Bed with a Stone Headboard Combine Seamlessly with Yellow Bedside Lamps

a sapphire bed with a stone headboard combine seamlessly with yellow bedside lamps
go to a tropical island without leaving your bedroom by combining sapphire, stone, and yellow in it. image © webb-builders.com

If you are a fan of tropical islands, bringing one of such islands into your bedroom is probably an idea you should try. Do you need some inspirations to accomplish the task? If yes, just behold this marvelous tropical bedroom located in Miami.

This bedroom’s heart is absolutely blue as it has a beautiful sapphire bed as its core. The bed is surrounded by walls painted in stone, a slightly different shade of blue. The bed has a bedcover with lovely patterns in sky and a pair of blonde pillows on it. The collaboration between blue and yellow can clearly be seen from this bed.

The sky bed is guarded by two bedside tables with cute bedside tables with yellow lamps. These yellow lamps really catch everybody’s attention despite being quite small in size and that’s what we like from it. Well, you’d be wise to use this as a source of inspirations if you truly wish to have a tropical bedroom to spend your relaxing nights in.

A Denim Wall and a Standing-out Canary Chair for a Cool Coastal Bedroom

a denim wall and a standing-out canary chair for a cool coastal bedroom
denim doesn’t only suit jeans because it’s also a color that beautifies a bedroom, especially when you pair it with canary. image © abode.design

Nobody denies the fact that denim is the best color a pair of jeans could ever have. However, it does not belong exclusively to jeans. After all, bedrooms can also benefit from the use of this color. Just look at this bedroom! It has a denim wall and it looks super awesome.

This bedroom is located in San Diego and it can be your well of ideas if you want to build a beach style bedroom. The room, aside from having a denim wall, also has a large bed with a denim comforter. It also has a white and denim curtain on its large window.

Denim isn’t the only shade of blue that makes it into the room, though, since there’s also a painting of a beach with lots of blue shades decorating one of the walls. Blue, however, isn’t the only color that dominates the room because there’s also a canary chair that really stands out at a corner of the room.

The one thing that has a really catchy look in this bedroom is probably the wall decor in the form of a school of fish above the bed’s headboard. It really compliments the beach theme used in the room. All in all, blue and yellow really dominate this bedroom and makes it one of the loveliest beach style bedrooms you can draw ideas from if blue and yellow are the two colors you want to let marry in your sleeping chamber.

Yellow Walls with Various Blue Shades Makes a Room Marvelously Eclectic

yellow walls with various blue shades makes a room marvelously eclectic
it is when various shades of blue are thrown together into a room dominated by yellow walls when a marvelously eclectic look can be achieved. image © willeydesign.com

An eclectic look is probably what you should aim for if you’d love to incorporate a lot of different shades into your bedroom. In case you wonder what you can do with blue and yellow, you can look at this marvelous eclectic Bedroom located in New York.

This bedroom has calm yet gorgeous walls painted in yellow. Some people say that the color is Lemon Sorbet from Benjamin Moore. However, we think that the color is more of banana yellow instead of lemon sorbet.

We really like the fact that the designer of this bedroom opted to use various blue shades throughout the room. For example, you can find sky and navy on the bed and bedding. Then you can find a spark of cobalt on the curtain, which is mostly yellow and matches the wall perfectly.

Of course, you can’t ignore the rug as well. The rug has stripes in yellow, blue, and gray. The yellow shade on the rug seems like tuscan sun while the gray shade is cloud. As for the blue shade, it looks like denim but the color looks a bit weathered, which ends up making it fabulous, actually. By the way, the rug itself is a custom-colored rug that the owners got from Vanderhurd. Anyway, the eclectic sense is strong in this bedroom and you should pin this photo if you want to build an eclectic bedroom.

Make a Big Statement with Navy Grasscloth and Yellow Accents

make a big statement with navy grasscloth and yellow accents
sometimes you can just rely on something portable like navy grasscloth and combine it with yellow accents coming also from portable things like a lamp and flowers to state what you have in mind. image © racheloliverdesign.com

You don’t always need to paint your wall whenever you want to include a color into your bedroom! If you love something but you don’t want it to be there forever, you can, for example, simply use a wallpaper. You can take this bedroom as an example.

This Atlanta-based bedroom has a navy grasscloth wallpaper, which has some sparks of lighter blue shades on it. The wallpaper looks really good in the room. It really helps that there are some yellow accents, which fortunately don’t fail to stand out, complimenting the navy grasscloth.

The yellow accents come from the table lamp, which has a lovely yellow cover, and the pretty yellow flowers beside the lamp. Near the bedside table on which the lamp sits, there’s a cobalt chair that really suits the wall. Together, all these things give the room a nice traditional look, which it deserves.

Swimming Walls and Tuscan Sun Paper Lanterns for a Girly Kids Bedroom

swimming walls and tuscan sun paper lanterns for a girly kids bedroom
many girls love light colors and giving your little girl’s bedroom swimming walls and tuscan wall accessories is probably the best thing to do if blue and yellow are her favourites. image © lakeshorecottage

Does your little daughter love blue and yellow more than any other colors? Then you might consider combining a lighter shade of blue with yellow in her bedroom. This kids bedroom located in Kansas City can give you some tips to draw ideas from. Just look at this charming space!

This bedroom’s walls are painted in Sherwin Williams’ Swimming. On one corner of the wall, there’s a beautiful set of tuscan sun paper lanterns, whose yellow spark complements the swimming walls brilliantly.

The room also has bedding that perfectly matches the swimming walls. The bedding was all handmade with the exception of the sham, quilt, and round pillows, which are from Cynthia Rowley. The beds themselves have already been in the house for quite a long time, though, since they were passed on to the family from an older generation. The father of the kids who use the room refinished the beds for them.

Another interesting thing in the room is a lantern rack near the bed. It’s from kidcraft and it is equipped with a sliding dimmer switch, which you can operate using your foot. As for the wall art, you can purchase the white allium at Cutting Edge Stencils. By the way, it is the allium grande. Try creating a room like this if your daughter like blue and yellow. She’ll love it!


So, do you find the blue and yellow bedrooms above marvelous? Did they provide you with enough ideas to play with the two colors in your own bedroom?

One thing for sure, you can take as much liberty as you want when you combine blue and yellow in your bedroom. After all, the two colors suit each other quite perfectly. They will naturally make each other look good in any types of bedroom.

Still, it is important that you consider the fact that yellow is the most attention-grabbing color. Make sure you wisely use the color so that it does not diminish the beauty of blue. This way, you can create the best possible bedroom that does not only offer great sleeping comfort but also unparalleled, marvelous looks.