11 Most Fabulous Teal and Purple Bedroom Inspirations to Draw Ideas for Your Bedroom From

11 Most Fabulous Teal And Purple Bedroom Inspirations

What would you do if somebody told you to try combining teal and purple in your bedroom? Would you agree to do so? Well, first of all, do you think that these two colors complement each other well? Fortunately, it’s a ‘yes’ for you.

Teal does look good alongside purple and it’s nice that they suit bedrooms really well. After all, teal, being the color that blends blue and green, offers both tranquil stability and healing properties. Additionally, teal is also the color of spiritual and mental balance, as well as the color of restfulness.

Purple, on the other hand, is a color that can calm and stimulate our bodies. It’s also the color that is believed to create a balance of peace and awareness. Purple is also adolescent girls’ favorite color so if you have a teenage girl, you should consider choosing this color for her bedroom. She’ll definitely love it!

Anyway, we’ve compiled a list of fabulous teal and purple bedrooms from which you can draw some creative ideas for your bedroom remodel plans. You can see said bedrooms below and dig into the details about the bedrooms we’ve provided you with on each number. Well, then, let’s start exploring!

1. A Girly Bedroom That Lets Largo Teal Marry Purple and Create a Beautiful Private Oasis

a girly bedroom that lets largo teal marry purple and create a beautiful private oasis
largo teal and purple are fated to be together as evidenced by this girly bedroom that combines the two to create a beautiful private oasis for the girl who owns it. image © Interiors by Natasha

Are you the parent of a teenage girl? Are you considering building the best bedroom possible for her? Then you can definitely benefit from this girly contemporary bedroom. Located in Atlanta, this bedroom is the house of a seamless combination of teal and purple that creates a beautiful private oasis, as the designer put it, for the girl it was built for.

According to the designer, the bedroom was remodeled when the girl who owns it was about to turn 13. The designer’s idea was to create a room where the girl would love not only to sleep in but to hangout, lounge, entertain, and do homework in as well. The bedroom, of course, turns to be just that.

In this girly bedroom, teal exists on various parts of the room. The most notable example is the ceiling, which is painted in Benjamin Moore largo teal #742. Teal also exists on the walls and on the rug, which means that it beautifully surrounds the room.

Teal, naturally, is not the only color that steals the spotlight in this room. After all, the room also has catchy purple sparks in it. One of the most notable examples will be the fuchsia comforter, which looks so good when used together with all the teal shades in the room. Fuchsia itself is a color that is both purple and pink, so it definitely suits a girl’s bedroom.

One of the most interesting details about this bedroom is the fact that the designer also incorporated a teal glass and crystal chandelier into the room. It also has a set of sheets that really matches the room’s tone. The sheets were purchased from PBTeen, by the way. Photographed by Haigwood Studios, this girly bedroom sure looks beautiful and we hope that you were able to draw a lot of ideas for your girl’s bedroom for it.

2. Teal Walls and an Artistic Purple Lamp Cover Create a Stunning Craftsman Bedroom

teal walls and an artistic purple lamp cover create a stunning craftsman bedroom
every craftsman bedroom deserves something like the simple but fabulous combination of the teal walls and artistic purple lamp cover this bedroom has. image © plekkenpol.com

Are you a fan of craftsman bedrooms? If you are, then this fabulous bedroom might help you create some ideas for building your own craftsman bedroom. Located in Minneapolis, this bedroom has walls painted in teal, which easily gives it a relaxing atmosphere.

This bedroom also has a very unique bed with bedding that has patterns in gray and teal. On the bed, there is a teal pillow, which are put together with a teal and white and a yellow pillow. The room also has a cute white bedside table on which a table lamp with a teal cover silently sits.

One of the highlights of this bedroom is the ceiling light, which is covered by an artistic cover that looks like a heap of leaves, or maybe flower petals. The leaves, or the petals, are colored in gradations of purple that make them look artistically eye-catching. Surely, incorporating a similar item into your bedroom would help you turn it into an appealing craftsmen bedroom.

3. Design an Eclectic Bedroom with Teal Walls and Iris Bedding

design an eclectic bedroom with teal walls and iris bedding
an eclectic look can conveniently be achieved if you combine teal walls with iris bedding in a traditional bedroom. image © jbalisinteriors.com

Fancying eclectic bedrooms? Well, if ‘eclectic’ is the word that never fails to trigger you, you might need to take a look at this charming bedroom in Boise. This bedroom has a beautiful bed with a wooden headboard and a bedside table that really suits it. However, the combination of teal and purple in this bedroom is probably what makes it look as charming as it is.

Teal exists on this bedroom’s walls and the shade of teal used to paint this wall is quite dark. If you’d love to paint your bedroom walls in this shade of teal, you can try Benjamin Moore Dark Teal 2053-20. We think that it’s the color used in this bedroom. The color is paired with iris, a lighter shade of purple.

Iris is brought into the room by the bed, bedding, and one of the pillows. It’s really prominent and when put side by side with teal on the walls, it makes the room look nice. The colorful comforter, naturally, helps give the bedroom its charming, eclectic looks as well.

4. Sangria Walls and Teal Accents? Awesome!

sangria walls and teal accents awesome
a master bedroom deserves colors that complement its size and a dominant sangria with some teal accents can do the work just fine. image © outline-interiors.com

Currently designing a master bedroom? If you love a combination of teal and purple, why don’t you try teal and sangria, a darker shade of purple. Sangria suits a master bedroom quite perfectly and when you pair it with teal, it will make any master bedrooms look amazing. Just look at this bedroom, which is located in Chicago, to see the effect for yourself.

This bedroom’s walls are painted in sangria and the color really dominates the room. However, the color’s domination is not the main reason why the room looks amazing. It is how the color is combined with other colors in the room, most notably teal. The teal bench in front of the bed, for example, complements the sangria walls really well.

We also love how the sky bedding suits the combination of sangria and teal in this room. Of course, you can’t deny how the teal bedside table lamps also contribute to making this mid-sized master bedroom look so amazing. You should definitely try something similar if you want to design a master bedroom with teal and purple as its primary colors.

5. Heather Plum Walls Could Benefit from Teal Accents

heather plum walls could benefit from teal accents
heather plum walls and teal accents will ensure your success if you plan on building a contemporary bedroom for your little girl. image © jlsdesignstudio.com

Trying to design a cute kids’ bedroom for your little girl? There are so many things you can try if teal and purple are your top choices when it comes to colors you’d love to use in your beloved girl’s bedroom. If it’s a cute look you’re going for, you can, for starters, try heather plum on the walls. Look at this cute bedroom to see what it’d look like if you paint your girl’s bedroom walls in this particular shade of purple.

What do you think about the heather plum walls? Looks awesome, isn’t it? Benjamin Moore Heather Plum #1396 was used to paint the walls. Teal, being a light color itself, is used as an accent color for the heather plum walls. As you can see, the combination of heather plum and teal proves to be good for this bedroom given how cute it looks.

Teal, comes in the form of the bedding and the chair behind the girl’s desk, really stands out with heather plum in the background. Of course, you can’t diminish the contributions of the colorful floral bedding and the lights behind the headboard as well. After all, together with the combo of heather plum and teal, they successfully give the bedroom its cute and girly appearance.

6. A Trendy Master Bedroom with Darker Purple and Teal Shades

a trendy master bedroom with darker purple and teal shades
darker shades of purple and teal will be very effective when it comes to creating a trendy master bedroom that exude luxury. image © houzz.com

Considering remodeling your master bedroom into one that embraces a combination of purple and teal? There are many tricks you can try and using darker shades of the two colors is amongst the best of those tricks. It will give your master bedroom a trendy look, which it surely deserves. Behold this trendy master bedroom for some inspirations.

This contemporary bedroom in San Francisco has dark purple walls and to match the walls, large curtains in the very same color are used in the room. In addition, the bed is also in the same color as the walls and curtains. There’s also a chair in the same color near the bed. The chair sits on a rug with floral patterns. There sure is a lot of dark purple in this bedroom.

However, dark purple isn’t the only thing that gives this bedroom its trendy look. After all, the dark teal incorporated into the room helps achieve the task as well. In this room, dark teal comes in the form of dark teal pillows, a dark teal chair and a table of the same color. It is also worth mentioning that the decorative items such as the flowers in a transparent vase on the dark teal table, the stone bedside tables, and the beautiful paintings of flowers on the dark purple wall behind the bed all contribute to turning the bedroom into one as cute as it is as well.

7. A Timeless Look Can be Achieved by Mixing Teal Tone, Purple, and a Bit of Pink

a timeless look can be achieved by mixing teal tone, purple, and a bit of pink
be flexible and throw a bit of pink into a mixture of teal tone and purple if you are building a bedroom for your little girl and a timeless look is what you want to achieve. image © Suzan J Designs

If you’re going for a timeless look and it is a girl’s bedroom you’re designing, you’d better consider throwing a bit of pink into your combination of teal of purple. This bedroom can teach you one thing or two if that’s what you’re trying to do. Located in Milwaukee, this bedroom has walls painted in Benjamin Moore Teal Tone #663.

The teal tone walls are decorated by lovely paintings that help give the room its timeless look. Near the bed, there’s also a purple chair that contribute to giving the space its timeless appearance as well. Notice that there’s also a teal bedside table lamp sitting on a wooden bedside table next to the bed.

The bed itself is decorated by lovely floral bedding purchased at Kohls department store. At the end of the bed, there’s a pink bench, which compliments the teal tone walls and purple chair really well. On the bench, there’s a pair of pillows, each in purple and pink, respectively. Overall, the combination of teal tone, purple, and pink doesn’t fail to create a timeless feel in this traditional kids’ bedroom.

8. Pair a Purple Bed with a Teal Bed to Create an Elegant Kids’ Bedroom

pair a purple bed with a teal bed to create an elegant kids’ bedroom
a bedroom that belongs to more than one kid will never look boring if you let a purple bed sit side by side with a teal bed in the room. image © alinadrugainteriors.com

Do you have more than one kid but you have just one room left at your house? Well, you can just try to remodel the room into one that can accommodate both your kids at once. For instance, if the room is not too small in size, you can cram two small beds into the room. You can separate the two beds using a bedside table. The bedroom shown in the picture above is a good example of this trick.

Once you’re done with setting the two beds, you can start incorporating the primary colors that you have selected for the room. If they’re teal and purple, you can try using teal bedding on one of the beds and purple bedding on the other. For your information, if you’re interested in the bedding used in the picture above, it’s from Pottery Barn Teen.

After setting the bedding in place, don’t forget to place pillows in the same color as the bedding as well. You don’t want pillows whose colors crash with the bedding, do you. Well, anyway, now that you have two beds, each in teal and purple, respectively, it’s time for some additional details. If it’s an elegant look you’re trying to achieve, you can hang a clear chandelier on the ceiling, a white ruffled floor to ceiling curtain, and a mirror with a baroque frame on the wall. They’ll look absolutely wonderful in your kids’ teal and purple bedroom.

9. A Mauve Bed and Some Teal Accents Will Steal the Spotlight in Your Traditional Bedroom

a mauve bed and some teal accents will steal the spotlight in your traditional bedroom
nobody says that your bedroom must be crowded with various different things to look stunning since a simple mix of a mauve bed and a few teal accents can easily do the job. image © tomjenkinsfilms.com

Sometimes it’s better to go simple and this bed is proof of that. Located in Atlanta, this bedroom doesn’t need to perform complexed tricks to get its astonishing look. It’s not crowded with various different items but it looks awesome nevertheless. The centerpiece of the room is, of course, its large mauve bed with gray bedding covering it.

Sitting peacefully in a bedroom with stone walls, the mauve bed finds little to no trouble stealing the spotlight from any other parts of the room. It’s easily visible and looks good in any way. Naturally, it’s not the only thing that steals the spotlight in the space.

In addition to benefitting from the mauve bed, this timeless bedroom also benefits from the teal accents that complement the bed. Those teal pillows and the teal bedside table lamps are undeniably beautiful. It’s true that mauve and teal don’t dominate the room since the color that covers the biggest area in the room is stone, which is used to paint the wall. However, it doesn’t matter because the mauve bed and those teal accents are the ones that run the show in this bedroom.

10. Teal Walls and Purple Bedding with Lovely Sparks of Yellow

teal walls and purple bedding with lovely sparks of yellow
sparks of yellow will breathe energy into a bedroom that mainly relies on teal walls and purple bedding. image © thedesignprojectobx.com

One of the things to note when it comes to remodeling a bedroom is the fact that you can take as much liberty as you want in the process. Thus, you can actually throw any colors into the mix whenever you’re trying to combine two colors in your bedroom. If you want to pair teal with purple, for example, you can throw yellow into the mix.

Yellow is the most attention-grabbing color and it will surely create some lovely sparks in your room. This midsize eclectic bedroom can give you one or two ideas on how to incorporate yellow into a mix of teal and purple. When you have teal walls and a large bed with purple bedding, you can, for example, use a yellow comforter and don’t forget to place a yellow pillow on the bed as well.

You can also place a yellow dressing table in the room. Sparks of yellow that come from these items will surely add a lovely appearance to your bedroom. This bedroom is proof of that. The good news is the fact that any shades of yellow will do the trick just fine so you don’t need to worry too much about which shades will fit in your teal and purple bedroom.

11. Focusing Only on Teal and Purple? Why Not?

focusing only on teal and purple why not
it’s still nice to decide on focusing only on teal and purple because even with only the two of them, you can still create beauty. image © elawrencedesign.com

It’s also okay for you to focus only on the two primary colors that you’ve picked for your bedroom. This traditional bedroom in Orange County can tell you that. This is a midsize girl bedroom and you can see that it loves teal and purple so much that white is almost the only other color that made it into the room.

If there’s anything this bedroom can effectively teach you, it’s the fact that it’s easy to combine two colors in a room. The key is to make them overlap! For example, you can let a teal bed sit on a purple rug and then give the bed purple bedding.

You can also decorate a table with both a teal decorative item and a purple one. A teal ottoman will also be a nice addition but don’t forget to paint the wall in light purple and decorate it with a painting with an image that is totally teal. In short, it won’t be a problem at all if you just focus on teal and purple without considering other colors when you remodel your bedroom. In fact, it’s a really good idea! Just look at this bedroom and you’ll know why.


Well, then, what’s your take on the teal and purple bedrooms above? Do you find them fabulous? Did you draw lots of creative ideas from them?

If you’d love to use the bedrooms we’ve shown you as sources of information, it’s important for you to note that no matter which bedrooms you want to base your bedroom on, you can be sure that the colors will suit your bedroom perfectly. After all, teal and purple are both colors that suit bedrooms, especially the feminine ones.

Here’s another piece of good news for you! Teal and purple can welcome other colors to their club so you can incorporate other colors into your teal and purple bedroom. It won’t cause you any trouble at all. Pink and yellow are two of the best colors to throw into a mix of teal and purple. Additionally, floral patterns also look good in a teal and purple bedroom. Anyway, there are lots of thing to try so, have fun experimenting on various creative ideas as you remodel your bedroom into one with a teal and purple soul.