15 Amazing Grey and Brown Bedroom Ideas That Will Make Your Bedchamber Gorgeous

15 Amazing Grey And Brown Bedroom Ideas

A massive benefit that one can get from creating a grey and brown bedroom is the fact that combining the two colors is way easier than it seems.

They’re natural pairs and are guaranteed to look fabulous together.

Teaming grey, a neutral color, with brown can create more depth in a bedroom and maintain brown’s subtlety at the same time.

Using grey in a bedroom dominated by brown or vice versa is an effective idea to make a bedroom look more dynamic, one that has an attractive appearance that shoos monotony away.

A grey and brown bedroom is almost always guaranteed to have a balanced look. Grey is a cooler color and has a sophisticated look, whereas brown is a warmer color that suits a traditional look, and it’s good to use them together in a bedroom.

A large number of grey and brown bedrooms can be your sources of inspiration if you’d love the two colors to grace your sleeping and relaxing space.

We’ve listed some of them, including one with Sherwin Williams’ Loggia grey paint, Sherwin Williams’ Griffin brown paint, and more. Happy digging.

1. A Light Brown Wooden Bed in a Bedroom with Sherwin Williams’ Loggia Grey Walls

a light brown wooden bed in a bedroom with sherwin williams’ loggia grey walls
a light brown wooden bed in a bedroom with sherwin williams’ loggia grey walls. image © randywisehomes.com

A mindful gray, Sherwin Williams’ Loggia #7506 plays a significant role in defining this mid-sized farmhouse master bedroom with a carpeted floor as the paint is used on walls that envelop the space.

A light brown wooden bed with a padded headboard purchased from Hank’s Fine Furniture is Arriving inside the bedroom. A grey and brown soul is born in the bedroom thanks to the addition of this bed to the space.

The small wooden bedside tables in a color that perfectly matches the bed’s help fill the quota for brown stuff to be used in the bedroom.

As the paint color used in the bedroom isn’t the lightest shade of gray, the room with a 10′ ceiling needs the help of 32″ wide by 36″ tall windows over the bed.

Bringing in plenty of natural light, the small windows help highlight the beauty created by the combination of grey walls and brown furniture pieces organized to make the bedchamber look neatly beautiful.

2. A Bed with Grey Drapes Ensures Privacy in a Brown Bedroom

a bed with grey drapes ensures privacy in a brown bedroom
a bed with grey drapes ensures privacy in a brown bedroom. image © diedre shaw interiors

The dark brown wood floor in this transitional bedroom rules the bottom part of the space, whereas grey furniture pieces put against it, including a grey loveseat and a matching armchair, contrast elegantly against it.

The dark brown wooden bed that functions as the centerpiece of the bedroom represents a combination of brown and grey as well, as it has lovely gray drapes the designer designed and had fabricated by a seamstress.

The drapes ensure more than enough privacy to the homeowners on top of looking so classy, beautiful, and unique, being one that the designer made an effort to design exclusively for the project.

In case you wonder, the walls of this bedroom were painted using Benjamin Moore’s Muslin, which looks lighter in reality compared to how it looks in the photo. It’s not really brown since it is actually classified as a shade of beige.

However, for your own project, you can replace the color with light brown, and the end results will look really similar.

In fact, one of the aliases of beige is a light-grayish yellowish-brown, so it’s fair to say it is still part of the family. The color really suits the classy and beautiful bedroom that offers a lot of privacy.

3. Sherwin Williams’ Griffin Brown Walls Love the Accompaniment of a Grey Floor and Furniture

sherwin williams’ griffin brown walls love the accompaniment of a grey floor and furniture
sherwin williams’ griffin brown walls love the accompaniment of a grey floor and furniture. image © falconehybnerdesign.com

This bedroom doesn’t shy away from expressing its love for brown since all of its walls are painted in brown using Sherwin Williams’ Griffin.

Still, the amount of affection the room has for grey equals its love for brown, as shown by the use of a soft grey carpet on the floor.

Everything else in the room is a medium for expressing the space’s affection for the two colors, as evidenced by the addition of dark brown wooden nightstands from FH Design, a light grey armchair, and grey bedding.

While the dark brown nightstands have similar wavelengths to the griffin walls’ and both bring elegance to the room, the bright brown drapery on the wall behind the headboard chooses to bring energy to the space instead.

The harmony of brown and grey is evident in this bedroom, showing that the brown walls that dominate the room really love the accompaniment of a grey floor and furniture pieces, as well as the smaller stuff that happens to also be brown in color.

4. Murphy Beds with Grey Bedding are Excellent Furniture Pieces for a Bedroom with Wooden Ceilings and Walls

murphy beds with grey bedding are excellent furniture pieces for a bedroom with wooden ceilings and walls
murphy beds with grey bedding are excellent furniture pieces for a bedroom with wooden ceilings and walls. image © designsnw.com

Very large in size, this grey and brown bedroom really focus only on the two colors, with its floor coming in the form of a gray concrete floor and its ceilings and wall coming in brown because of the timber used to build them.

Both of the grey and brown parts of the bedroom have a slight sheen that makes the space beautiful because the natural concrete that forms the floor is a polished, no-stain one, whereas the wooden ceilings and wall also shine a little, just enough to bring beauty into the bedroom.

Sitting calmly in the bedroom are a pair of murphy beds with gray bedding purchased by the homeowner after the completion of the construction.

They’re excellent furniture pieces for the bedroom because they’re known as beds that offer lots of comforts.

Sandwiched by the beds is a brown wooden cupboard that magnificently matches the colors of the ceilings and wall, further underlining that a pure combination of grey and brown is the only thing that the contemporary bedroom wants.

5. A Grey Couch is a Nice Addition to a Bedroom with Brown Walls

a grey couch is a nice addition to a bedroom with brown walls
a grey couch is a nice addition to a bedroom with brown walls. image © tollbrothers.com

Surrounded by brown walls, the grey bed with a headboard in this transitional bedroom sits comfortably, knowing that the solidness represented by the brown walls always keeps it safe.

The grey couch in front of the bed is an excellent addition to the bedroom because, thanks to it, the bedroom now has an additional space, which is a carpeted sitting area where the homeowners can enjoy the time when it’s not time to immediately go to bed.

Together with the grey bed, the grey couch really suits the space they’re in, which is a bedroom, because they’re in a color that represents settlement.

It’s a color that’s not too mysterious like black or too pure like white. It’s in between, and it’s almost perfect for a bedroom, being one that creates a feeling of settlement and all.

Put against a brown backdrop, the grey couch and bed don’t look out of place because grey and brown can be a virtually perfect pairing, one that even nature approves, evidenced by the fact that the soil and grey stones look perfect together.

6. A Magnificent Bedroom with a Brown Fir Ceiling and a Grey Tiled Floor

a magnificent bedroom with a brown fir ceiling and a grey tiled floor
a magnificent bedroom with a brown fir ceiling and a grey tiled floor. image © monticellocabinets.com

Shaded by rigid and strong genuine fir panels on the ceiling, this magnificent bedroom is one that benefits from the fact that its ceiling has resistance to decay.

The ceiling is connected to a mahogany wall to form the major brown parts of the mid-century modern space.

Similar to the true fir ceiling, the mahogany wall, and cabinets that become its extension, are durable, and they’re resistant to rot.

Both have attractive wood grains and looks, and, in this bedroom, their colors, majorly beautiful red-brown, appear to be perfectly matching.

The uniform color of the ceiling and walls envelops the upper parts of the bedroom, whereas a grey tiled floor rules the lower part of the space while preventing it from looking plain thanks to the patterns created by the joined tiles.

Durable and adding timeless beauty to the bedroom, the tiled floor contrasts gorgeously with the brown fir ceiling and mahogany wall and cabinets. The same combination also exists on the brown wooden bed with grey bedding.

This bedroom is certainly a magnificent grey and brown space.

7. A Brown Bedroom with Log and Chinking Walls and a Grey Bed

a brown bedroom with log and chinking walls and a grey bed
a brown bedroom with log and chinking walls and a grey bed. image © liv4arch.com

An authentic look is what this rustic mountain style boasts, thanks to its walls of half logs with chinking and the conventional framing used in it.

The carpeted mid-sized bedroom is predominantly brown because of these parts, but it’s open to the addition of some grey.

A huge and comfy bed with grey bedding and pillows accepts the offer made by the log and chinking walls to give the room a grey and brown soul.

While the bed offers comfort, the log and chinking walls make a strong and reliable fortress that protects the bed and the homeowners.

Sealing the gaps between the logs and significantly reinforcing the structure, the chinking used in this brown bedroom makes sure that the space is weatherproof, one that’s able to withstand even the harshest of weather.

No amounts of air and water or even animals like bats, mice, or bees are allowed to enter the gaps between the half logs.

The grey bed offers a place to relax, whereas the log and chinking walls provide the homeowners with a great sense of security.

8. A Bedroom with a Brown Floor and Walls and Various Grey Furniture Pieces

a bedroom with a brown floor and walls and various grey furniture pieces
a bedroom with a brown floor and walls and various grey furniture pieces. image © vitta homes interiors & design

Dashing is the adjective that describes this master bedroom with a dark brown wood floor and matching wooden walls well.

Easy to clean and durable at the same time, the brown floor and walls make life easier for homeowners.

A timeless charm is a bonus of having the floor and walls of this kind, while the material’s resistance to everyday wear and tear makes it exponentially better to have them in a bedroom.

Various pieces of grey furniture are scattered throughout the bedroom as wherever there is a brown backdrop, there’s almost always a piece of grey furniture in front of it, including a grey bed, a grey sofa, and a grey chair.

The manner in which the grey furniture pieces are scattered in the bedroom creates a balanced look that’s possible to achieve thanks to the balanced portions of grey and brown in the bedchamber.

9. A Brown All Cedar Bedroom with a Grey Slate Floor

a brown all cedar bedroom with a grey slate floor
a brown all cedar bedroom with a grey slate floor. image © buildredrock.com

Cedar envelops this beautiful master bedroom almost completely as it exists on the ceiling and walls.

Absorbing noise, it’s a material that provides excellent privacy to the owner of the large rustic bedroom with a two-sided fireplace.

Termites, ants, mosquitoes, moths, and even cockroaches don’t dare come near this bedroom because the oil in cedar has natural insect repellent properties. Undisturbed sleep is a guarantee in this bedroom.

A bed with grey bedding and a bench with grey cushioning found their home in this all-cedar bedroom, but there’s a bigger grey part of the bedroom that really catches the eyes of those who observe the room closely; the slate floor.

Extremely durable, the slate floor is resistant to scrapes, dents, and scratches thanks to the fact that it’s made of a type of metamorphic rock formed over very long periods of time, the formation being caused by pressure and heat that exist within the earth.

This is an excellent private bedroom for homeowners.

10. A Bedroom with Two Different Types of Walls Sandwiching a Grey Concrete Floor

a bedroom with two different types of walls sandwiching a grey concrete floor
a bedroom with two different types of walls sandwiching a grey concrete floor. image © twisttours.com

A pleasant-looking space, this guest bedroom with brown walls embraces the combination of grey and brown with much love.

A more raw-looking wooden wall behind a wooden bed with grey bedding and a wall with a more modern-looking wall with a TV in front of the bed.

Sandwiched by the two different types of walls is a grey concrete floor that seems to be gorgeously polished. Stain-resistant, the floor has a slight sheen and offers better reflectivity that benefits the bedroom in terms of visuals.

The floor is also one that fits a contemporary bedroom as it represents an improved use of old material. While the polished concrete floor offers all these, the wooden walls in the bedroom add a warm and pleasant look to the space.

Having a low conductivity of heat, the wooden walls help make the bedroom heat up or cool down more gradually, contributing to reducing energy consumption.

The brown walls and grey floor offer benefits to the bedroom both in terms of looks and functions.

11. A Bedroom with Brown Cabinetry and a Grey Bed That Boasts a Peculiar Look

a bedroom with brown cabinetry and a grey bed that boasts a peculiar look
a bedroom with brown cabinetry and a grey bed that boasts a peculiar look. image © buildnow.nyc

A peculiar look is what this bedroom boasts, thanks to the brown cabinetry whose surface isn’t completely covered, giving hints of what’s inside and creating a fascinating look with plenty of uniqueness.

The other furniture pieces that accompany the peculiar cabinetry are as attractive as it, especially a coffee table that appears to be made of a barrel cut in half.

The light brown wall and dark brown wood floor add layers of brown, adding depth represented by a gradation of colors, although not a systematic one, in the bedroom.

A grey bed sits comfortably, partly on the wood floor and partly on a carpet with leaves and branches as patterns on the floor, to easily instill a grey and brown soul into the bedroom.

The contrast isn’t too heavy, but it’s undeniably effective because, in a glance, the room can easily be seen as a grey and bedroom space that offers a homey atmosphere to any guests spending their nights there.

12. A Grey and Brown Poster Bed Suits a Contemporary Bedroom Magnificently

a grey and brown poster bed suits a contemporary bedroom magnificently
a grey and brown poster bed suits a contemporary bedroom magnificently. image © bossarchitecture.com

The gray floor in this bedroom provides a comfortable lap for a poster bed to comfortably sit on.

With brown wooden frames and posts, the poster bed hosts a grey bed accompanied by small brown bedside tables, effectively making the bedroom a grey and brown one.

The modern design of the footless grey bed and the way it’s combined with more traditional wooden frames and posts, as well as the organization of modern lamps above the headboard, really suit the contemporary style of the bedroom magnificently.

Although this poster bed, in particular, doesn’t have curtains or drapes on it, it still has all the properties that make its identity; a bed that offers excellent privacy and exclusivity, a room within a room.

Constituting a haven for privacy, this poster bed is surrounded by a brown wooden wall and a peculiar wooden ceiling that contrast against the grey floor.

In short, this is a grey and brown bedroom that looks magnificent and never compromises privacy.

13. Brown Wall Shelves and a Big Grey Bed Comfortably Exist in a Bedroom That Welcomes the Surroundings

brown wall shelves and a big grey bed comfortably exist in a bedroom that welcomes the surroundings
brown wall shelves and a big grey bed comfortably exist in a bedroom that welcomes the surroundings. image © pellaluxury.com

A combo of grey and brown is one that even nature offers in abundance, and it’s not surprising that this bedroom, which combines these two colors, really welcomes the surroundings in with the help of glass window walls.

The light brown wooden ceiling of this bedroom extends past the large piece of glass on the wall, connecting the bedroom with a seating area with a wooden floor just outside it.

Connected with the ceiling is a wall of the same material and color that offer built-in wall shelves innovative storage spaces for the dwellers.

What sits in the center of the bedroom is a big grey bed with grey bedding on a grey carpeted floor, one that gives a statement that the room it exists in is indeed a grey and brown space for sleeping and relaxing.

When it gets too bright during the day, the large glass window walls can be covered by a curtain, seemingly also grey in color, that really suits the color scheme of the innovative bedroom.

14. A Concrete Floor Bedroom Housing Low Brown Storage Bed with Grey Bedding

a concrete floor bedroom housing low brown storage bed with grey bedding
a concrete floor bedroom housing low brown storage bed with grey bedding. image © destination photographers

Although predominantly brown in terms of the number of colors used in it, this bedroom is never a fully brown bedroom since the low wooden storage bed with grey bedding used in it prefers the room to be called a grey and brown one instead.

Offering an additional storage space, the bed seems to be integrated with brown wooden bedside tables with a unique design that sandwich the grey bedding and pillows to create a very modern look in the room.

On a larger scale, brown walls and ceiling contrast against a grey concrete floor down below, looking so naturally attractive around each other. The integration of grey and brown in this bedroom proves that the two colors are natural pairs.

The fact that the built-in bench with grey cushioning on the big window doesn’t look out of place being surrounded by an expanse of brown on the wall proves that turning a bedroom into a grey and brown one is a charming idea.

15. A Brown Bedroom with a Tall Grey Bed and a Barn Door

a brown bedroom with a tall grey bed and a barn door
a brown bedroom with a tall grey bed and a barn door. image © rebarn.ca

The wooden walls in this bedroom look gorgeous, coming in a lighter shade of brown compared to that of the floor, which seems to have the natural colors of raw wood.

What they surround is a tall dark grey bed with bedding that perfectly resonates with its color.

Brown wooden furniture pieces are all over the bedroom, taking the forms of a wooden cabinet with drawers, a wooden cupboard with twin mirrors, and what appears to be a wooden study desk, all contributing to instilling a brown soul into the interior.

A dark brown barn door has a strong presence due to the fact that its color is darker than its surrounding, and it adds a beautiful look to the bedroom. Luckily, the barn door flawlessly suits the rustic style of the bedroom.

While the wood all around the bedroom brings warmth and rustic looks into the bedroom, the tall grey bed embodies elegance, creating a grey and brown scheme that turns the room into a warm and elegant rustic space.


You’ve seen that combining grey and brown in a bedroom isn’t a complicated thing to do, as shown by the bedrooms we’ve included in our list.

The easiest way to achieve the task is probably by finishing the walls with wood, installing a wood floor, and using grey furniture pieces.

A grey concrete or carpeted floor accompanied by brown walls and ceiling is an excellent option as well.

Just note that whenever you build a grey and brown bedroom, you can use less gray to lighten brown or use more grey to darken brown.

Using both light shades of grey and brown isn’t a bad idea either, as long as they still create a contrast in your bedroom.

Regardless of the tricks that you use, you’re almost always guaranteed to get a warm and elegant combination by using these two gorgeous colors.