16 Loveliest Pink and White Bedroom Ideas You Should Definitely Try

16 Loveliest Pink And White Bedroom Ideas You Should Definitely Try

Are you interested in creating a bedroom that houses innocence, hope, and comfort? If you are, you should try combining pink and white in the bedroom you’re currently designing. These two colors can give what you want. They can even give you more than that and there are some very convincing reasons for that.

First of all, pink is a color that is associated with softness, compassion, and kindness. Additionally, it’s also a very feminine color. While often associated with love and romance, it’s also largely associated with being a sign of hope. The fact that it’s also a positive color that inspires warm and comforting feelings makes it perfect for a bedroom.

White, on the other hand, is a color that represents innocence or purity. It’s also a color that represents cleanliness, simplicity, and freshness. It’s definitely a color that’s, just like pink, perfect for any bedrooms. The fact that it symbolizes a fresh start means that it’s also a color that can help you rejuvenate yourself as you sleep in your bedroom, waking up fresh the next morning.

Pink and white are undeniably two of the best colors to pick for a bedroom. If you decide on incorporating the two into your bedroom, we’ve got 16 of the loveliest pink and white bedroom ideas here. The ideas are presented in details so hopefully, you get lots of inspirations from them. With that said, good luck finding the best ideas for your pink and white bedroom below!

Light Pink Walls and Rosy Lamp Covers are Perfect Companions for a White Bed

light pink walls and rosy lamp covers are perfect companions for a white bed
a white bed will benefit from the presence of companions such as light pink walls and rosy pink lamp covers because together, they define the adjective lovely. image © barclaybutera.com

Pink and white sure get along well and you can actually try various tricks to combine the two. One of the tricks you can try is making a white bed the centerpiece of your bedroom and letting a lighter shade of pink surround it. Look at the bedroom in the picture above if you demand an example.

This bedroom’s walls are painted in a light shade of pink. What makes it work is the fact that the walls aren’t alone. Pay close attention and you’ll also find lovely lamp covers in light pink in the room. The lamp covers look like a bunch or lovely roses put together. They’re really beautiful.

Located in Orange County, this lovely bedroom also has various decorative items in pink near a white couch in front of the bed. The decorative items are placed on large shelves beside and above the couch. They really add a lovely touch to the already stunning bedroom.

A Bedroom with a White Bed, Pink Walls and a Matching Sloping Ceiling is Such a Cozy Sleeping Space

a bedroom with a white bed, pink walls and a matching sloping ceiling is such a cozy sleeping space
creating an extreme contrast between your siding and your roof will help you create a brilliantly stunning ranch style house. image © encoreco.com

Do you want your bedroom to be extremely feminine? Then consider coloring not only the walls, but also the ceiling in pink. Use this bedroom in Boston as an example. The pink surrounding is an appropriate resting place for the white bed.

Beside the bed, which also has white bedding on it, there’s a cute bedside table decorated with various flowers in a vase. Of course, you might wonder what color can you use to paint your bedroom walls and ceiling in order to imitate this bedroom. The best option would be innocence by Sherwin Williams.

Pink Chandelier Covers and White Furniture Make a Pretty Transitional Bedroom

pink chandelier covers and white furniture make a pretty transitional bedroom
you’ll only get a pretty transitional sleeping space by combining pink chandelier covers, pink curtains and white furniture in your bedroom. image © thomasbaioarchitect.com

When it comes to incorporating certain colors and making them the primary colors of a room, it’s better not to hold back, as shown by this bedroom in New York. This bedroom has a chandelier that has a set of pretty pink covers. The pink covers really steal the show in this transitional bedroom.

The bedroom itself is mostly pink and white with a big wooden bed as the centerpiece. The bed has white bedding and sits calmly on a gray carpet. Behind the bed, there’s a wall with pink patterns. The wall itself is white and the pink patterns, preventing it from looking plain, make it look so pretty.

Also present in the bedroom is a massive white cabinet with large shelves near the window. There’s a white bench with a pink cushion in front of the window. The window itself is covered by pink curtains during the night. Overall, the bedroom looks so pretty with all the pink and white that call it home.

Ballet Slippers Walls and a White Bed for an Elegant Bedroom

ballet slippers walls and a white bed for an elegant bedroom
ballet slippers are perfect for your walls if you want to combine pink and white to create an elegant bedroom. image © refinedllc.com

There are so many shades of pink and if you want to create a bedroom that’s not only girly but also elegant, you can choose ballet slippers. This shade of pink is awesome, as you can see from the picture of an elegant bedroom in Minneapolis above. This bedroom has one of the best combinations of pink and white, with a white bed and ballet slippers walls that surround it.

If ballet slippers is your choice of color, you can get Benjamin Moore’s Ballet Slippers for your bedroom. Don’t forget to use a bed that suits it in the room. The one in this picture is a nice example of such bed.

Allow us to tell you that the headboard on this bedroom’s bed was from Martha O’Hara Interiors in case you wonder where you can get it. If you’re intrigued to imitate this bedroom’s design, you might also need to know that the carpet used in this bedroom was from Builders Carpet. Well, now you’re ready to remodel your bedroom into a ballet slippers and white one.

A Pink Wallpaper and a Lovely Savannah Stripe Headboard Can Easily Beautify a Girl’s Bedroom

a pink wallpaper and a lovely savannah stripe headboard can easily beautify a girl’s bedroom
let a pink wallpaper join hands with a savannah stripe headboard in white and pink if you’d love to have a beautiful white and pink bedroom. image © christophermayainc.com

Sometimes it’s a great idea to use wallpaper instead of painting a bedroom wall. It’s easier to do and if you’re lucky, you can get a wall that looks a lot more charming. This girly bedroom in New York can tell you that. It has a pink and white wallpaper that looks so pretty.

The wallpaper used in this bedroom is an Alan Campbell wallpaper. It’s matched by a savannah stripe headboard, also in pink and white. The headboard is by Christopher Maya and you can try purchasing it at Holland and Sherry. Don’t forget to give the headboard a lovely touch in the form of a juju hat over it as well.

In case you wonder, the desk and chair in this bedroom are from Chelsea Editions. They fit in so well in the room. Well, there you go! You can actually get these items quite easily if you want to create a similar bedroom at your residence.

Big Pink Flowers on the Wall Can Beautify a Bedroom So Much

big pink flowers on the wall can beautify a bedroom so much
flowers really are beautiful and decorating your wall with them, especially the big-sized ones, guarantees you access to one of the loveliest bedrooms. image © houzz.com

You can do a lot of things to make a bedroom look lovely. However, when it comes to the items that you can use to beautify a girl’s bedroom, some items are just more effective than others. Some of the things that can effectively beautify a girl’s bedroom, turning it into a lovely sleeping space, are flowers.

How can you use flowers to decorate your bedroom? Well, of course, you can use real flowers, but then you’ll need to replace it every day. On certain days, you might feel tired of doing so. The solution? You can use fake flowers, but what kind? This bedroom in Dallas can share you some very nice secrets.

You can use wall decorations in the form of large pink flowers in your bedroom. Place the flowers above your headboard to make a statement that the room is undoubtedly girly. Of course, it would also help if you use a white and pink bed in the room.

A white bed with pink bedding will make a perfect master for your large pink flowers. Don’t forget to use pink curtains as well if you really want the souls of pink and white to dominate your bedroom. It will beautify your bedroom to the point where you fall in love with its atmosphere every time you spend your time in it.

A Pink Bed and a Matching Carpet Look Astonishing in a Bedroom with White Walls

a pink bed and a matching carpet look astonishing in a bedroom with white walls
if a classic look is what you aim for, installing summer nights siding should be something that you prioritize over many other things. image © pinemar.net

Currently trying to remodel a mid-sized bedroom in traditional style? Considering using pink and white as the main colors for the room? First of all, you can paint your bedroom’s walls in bright and clear white. Make sure that the ceiling matches the wall as well.

Using this bedroom in Boston as an example, you can then place a pink bed in the room. White bedding and pillows will look good on the bed so it’d be a wise thing to do to get such items for your pink bed. What more can you do? Well, try putting a pink carpet under the bed.

A pink carpet will be perfect for the room and if that’s enough, you can also get curtains with beautiful floral patterns with lots of pink on them. The curtains will be the ultimate additions to the room, which is undeniably girly. It’s not hard to get such curtains so you should consider adding them to your traditional bedroom.

A Pink Floor Area and a Wall with Pink Patterns behind a White Wooden Bed

a pink floor area and a wall with pink patterns behind a white wooden bed
a floor area that’s completely pink and a wall with classy pink patterns are perfect for a wooden bed painted in white. image © coastalhomephotography.com

It’s actually a quite simple thing to let pink and white dominate your bedroom. This bedroom in Tampa can tell you why. This bedroom’s designers effortlessly had pink and white play the most important roles in the room. They turned the floor pink. You can do it too by, for example, placing a floor-wide carpet in pink.

Using what the designers did as an example, you can then color your walls in white. To contrast the floor color, you can then place a white wooden bed on it but not without using bedding and pillows with pink stripes on them. Two bedside tables in white will fit in seamlessly so adding them won’t hurt either.

To make it even better, you can turn the wall behind the back into one that sports classy patterns in pink. The wall will add a classy touch to your bedroom, which is a good thing. You’d better use professional services to do this in order to get the best results possible.

White and Pink Can Benefit from Sparks of Black and Gray

white and pink can benefit from sparks of black and gray
black and gray are amongst the colors that will only make a white and pink bedroom look a lot more beautiful than it already is. image © osmonddesigns.com

Nobody says that when you’re trying to create a pink and white bedroom, you should stick only to the two colors. You’re allowed to add sparks of other colors as well. In the case of a pink and white bedroom, sparks of black and gray can be nice additions to its space, as proven by this bedroom in Salt Lake City.

This bedroom has a big bed with pure and lovely white bedding. The bed was actually black underneath the white bedding and it’s what makes it cool. When you sleep on the bed, you face a white ceiling with an artistic chandelier hanging on it. The walls that support the ceiling are actually light gray but it’s okay if you want to use them rather unfaithfully as inspirations. As you remodel your bedroom, you can decide on white as the color of your walls because it’ll still look as great.

The highlight of this bedroom is, of course, the pink rug under the bed. The rug really grabs your attention as you enter the room. It’s highly visible and it looks awesome when put together with the black and white bed. Naturally, the gray floor-to-ceiling curtains and the black glass-front door frames help beautify the room as well. Marvelous!

Pink Curtains and Bedside Table Lamps Make a Cute Bedroom

pink curtains and bedside table lamps make a cute bedroom
pink curtains and pink bedside table lamps get along well with a white bed to create a cute white and pink bedroom. image © suzannekasler.com

Pink doesn’t need to be flashy to help make a bedroom look cute. This bedroom in Atlanta proves that even a very light shade of pink won’t go unnoticed and will add a cute look to any bedrooms. The bedroom has white walls, ceiling, and furniture.

The white furniture pieces that you can find in this bedroom are a white bed, a white chair with a pillow, and a white ottoman table. On each side of the bed, there are bedside tables on which stand lamps with pink bodies and white covers.

The pink lamps look really cute in this bedroom, as do the floor-to-ceiling curtains that, when it’s nighttime, covers the three windows in the room. Similar to the lamps, the curtains are in light pink and they overflow with cuteness.

White Walls, White Bedding, and Pink Furniture are Great for a Bright Beach Style Bedroom

white walls, white bedding, and pink furniture are great for a bright beach style bedroom
beautifying a bright beach style bedroom isn’t that hard to do because you can successfully do so by painting the walls in white, using white bedding, and incorporating pink furniture into the room. image © trilliumarchitects.com

Speaking of remodeling a beach-style bedroom, it’s better if you can make sure that the room is quite bright. One way to make it bright is painting its walls in bright white. Paint the ceiling in white as well. Look at this bedroom in New York to see what the final results would be like.

To match the white walls, place a massive bed with white bedding in the room. Now your room is dominated by white and what you’re going to need to do next is incorporating some pink into the room. Use pink furniture if you think you can find some.

A pink chair and a modern table in pink can provide an easy solution. Aside from pink furniture, a table lamp with a dark pink cover will be nice, too. The combination of pink and white will turn your beach-style bedroom into a pleasant space to spend your free time in.

Create a Serene Bedroom with a Rosy Blush Wall and Matching Pink Headboards on White Beds

create a serene bedroom with a rosy blush wall and matching pink headboards on white beds
a serene atmosphere is one you can easily create in your bedroom by combining a rosy blush wall, pink headboards on white beds, and dim lighting. image © adlsf.com

Because a bedroom is a space where you want to sleep peacefully, it’ll help if you can give it a serene atmosphere. You can learn one or two things from this bedroom in San Francisco to create such atmosphere. This bedroom is mostly pink and white, with dim lighting that helps create its serene atmosphere.

This bedroom’s walls are painted in rosy blush. The pink walls are matched by beds with pink headboards. If you want similar headboards, either use the services of a local upholsterer or get the services offered by Ballard Designs.

The classic bedding and the pillows also help make this bedroom awesome. If you wonder what the print on the pillows is called, it’s called paisley. We’re sure your bedroom can benefit from the presence of these patterns, as they look cool.

Overall, aside from having a serene atmosphere, this bedroom also look trendy thanks to the existence of all the aforementioned cool items.

Decorating Your White and Pink Bedroom with Shells? Why Not?

decorating your white and pink bedroom with shells? why not?
shells are beautiful and you can turn them into marvelous wall decorations in a traditional white and pink bedroom. image © rbhomedesign.com

Various things can help you decorate a bedroom. For example, you can decorate your pink and white bedroom with shells. It’ll look great! Just look at this bedroom, which is located in DC Metro. One of its walls is decorated with shells, which are attached to notecards.

The bedroom itself is so pink and white, with a white bed between two white bedside tables and a unique, pink window. The window has two pink curtains, which look lovely. The room also has beautiful nightstands, which are from Bungalow 5.

If you wonder the paint color used on the wall, its sand dollar. Looks nice, right? Other things you can find in this bedroom is a custom made desk supported by steel brackets and a lovely rug from Dash & Albert.

Pink Wallpapers Inside Box Moulding Give Artistic Values to a Bedroom

pink wallpapers inside box moulding give artistic values to a bedroom
decorating your wall with pink wallpapers inside box moulding is an effective way to make your white and pink bedroom look beautifully artistic. image © roseabbydesign.com

Adding some artistic items to your bedroom will only make it look better. This bedroom, located in New York, will agree with that. It’s a really wondrous pink and white bedroom. Just look at the decoration on the wall behind the headboard.

The decorations are actually wallpapers inside box mouldings. They really add an artistic touch to the room’s design. Used to decorate a white wall, they become very nice pops of pink in the room. It also helps that the bed is so white because the contrast created by the bed, wall, and wallpapers looks so stunning.

Here are some pieces of information that might be useful if you plan on creating a bedroom design similar to the one in this picture. The throw pillows in this bedroom are custom made. They’re fabric and the gold banding was done by Kravet. The bedding consists of a ruffled bed skirt by Rachel Ashwell shabby chic, the blanket is a cashmere one by Bella Lux Fine Linens, and the comforter is just a simple plush down.

The bed itself is from Ragazzi Fine Furniture. Also, if you wonder what color was used to paint the wall, its Benjamin Moore pale oak. It’s a perfect match for the pink wallpapers.

A Big Painting of a Pink Flower Complements a White and Pink Bedroom Perfectly

a big painting of a pink flower complements a white and pink bedroom perfectly
if your bedroom is almost completely white and pink, why don’t you add a painting of a pink flower in large size to make it look even lovelier? image © carolslighting.com

“The more the merrier!” is undeniably one of the best phrases to associate with designing a pink and white bedroom. This bedroom in Houston knows what it means. It’s not afraid to embrace lots of different items in pink and white. And it works!

This bedroom has a white bed that offers a lot of comfort. It’s between two bedside table and is in front of a well-finished white wall. There are lots of things in pink accompanying the bed. Starting from pink pillows to pink lamp covers and bedside table decorations, there are just so many lovely items in the room.

The one that steals the spotlight is probably the painting on the wall behind the bed. The painting is large in size and it’s beautiful. It depicts a beautiful flower, pink in color, and it helps make the bedroom look even lovelier.

Soft Pink Walls and Pink Bedding Combine Seamlessly with a White Floor and Bed

soft pink walls and pink bedding combine seamlessly with a white floor and bed
let pink take charge in your bedroom by painting all of its walls in soft pink and placing bedding on its white bed, which sits comfortably on a white floor. image © Page 2 Design

What crosses your mind when you hear the phrase “a combination of pink and white”? Do you think that a pink and white bedroom must show equal portions of the two colors? Well, this bedroom in Miami will certainly tell you the opposite.

With walls painted in soft pink, this bedroom sure lets pink dominate its space. Yes, it has a white floor and cute beds with white bedding but it makes a bold statement that pink is the one taking charge in the department. Not only does it have soft pink walls, it also has pink pillows lie comfortable on the beds.

Additionally, the room also has lovely pink comforters draped onto the beds. The comforters match the pink pillows and suit the beds perfectly. Overall, all the pink shades in the room combine seamlessly with the white beds and floor, giving the room a lovely look that it thoroughly deserves.


Pink and white are like natural partners fated to work together with no trouble. They’re both perfect for bedrooms and look lovely together. After reading the ideas we’ve shared earlier, did you get a lot of ideas to apply in your own sleeping space?

As you prepare to remodel your own bedroom into a pink and white one, please note that the two colors can be used to create various kinds of bedroom. You can incorporate them into your bedroom in various ways. For instance, you can paint the walls and use furniture or decorative items in either colors, or maybe both. There are just so many things you can try.

Also, you can combine the two colors with unexpected things such as, for example, shells. You will have an almost unlimited number of ideas to work on. The key is to give yourself a lot of freedom as you design your own pink and white bedroom. Be free! Be creative in your own way and hopefully, you can create a pink and white bedroom that represents all of the things that you value highly on top of looking lovely.